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AW Custom VX7 Series Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol (Model: X80 / Green Gas / Merc with a Mouth)

13 Customer Reviews

by Preston H. on 09/19/2022
"The gun is so awesome and I love the Deadpool design. I am still trying to figure out how to put the compensator on but overall it is fun and it feels real.
by Marisol R. on 04/08/2022
"Has a really good blowback kick and feels nice in the hand
by Tom K. on 02/22/2022
"Out of the box I had to make a slight adjustment to hop.25's and it launched them straight and true!! Then I messed around with different bbs and got this to easily hop .30's with the stock hop-up!!!! I've got an Elite Force Glock 19X and Glock 17 gen 4 and I can say without a doubt, this gun is superior to them both!! The build quality is better, accuracy is wayyyy better and the slide action much snappier and the pistol just plain feels better over all. If you're on the fence between this pistol and one of the Elite Force Glocks, get THIS ONE, you won't be sorry! Plus, this one has a threaded barrel, the slide has been cut to accept an red dot and the internals aren't proprietary and easily upgradable unlike the Elite Force Glocks. Since having this pistol, I rarely get out my EF Glocks anymore! This is truly a great pistol and for the price, I dont think theres anything out there than can compete with it!
by anthony l. on 01/06/2022
"Heavy asf, shoots very good, looks good very good price for a gun so nice
by William C. on 12/20/2021
"This gun is a beast out of the box, but it's snappy, reliable, and powerful with just a few mods. My son won't use any other pistol - we run HPA and at 90 psi it shoots 304-309 fps every shot. You can check out our video of gameplay on youtube and see the gun in use:
by connor a. on 12/01/2021
"i just got it in the mail yesterday and i was so excited to get it after a couple hours of shooting and tinkering i gotta say it’s great seems very well built the grip feel amazing in hand the only issue i ran into was getting the orange tip off it eventually came out but with much work overall money well worth spent because this looks just as good as it feels
by Cris D. on 12/02/2020
"This guns is well worth the 99$ if you’re looking for a Glock styled pistol I highly recommend picking it up

I bought the x80 one with the standard slide (no rmr cut ) and it is 100% compatible with WE & TM parts aswell as magazines (vice versa (currently running WE mags )

-Stock Recoil spring is very snappy
-Aftermarket parts are straight drop in
-Decent gas efficiency
-Feel and build quality is nice
-Mags are compatible with we tech g series pistols
-threaded inner barrel out the box
-nice and snappy blowback with Stock recoil spring

Installed in mines
-maple leaf crazy jet hopup unit
-maple leaf tightbore
-maple leaf bucking
-120% nozzle return spring
-gaurder enhanced spring set
-guarded nozzle with flute valve
-gaurder enhanced slide release
-gaurder tritium sights
by Christian P. on 08/08/2020
"Ok so I just got the gun and it runs like an absolute unit in the cqb arena the only problem I had was it fell out of its holster and pinched in the orange tip but other than that very very solid gun would strongly suggest getting one
by Wyatt E. on 07/07/2020
"Great gun, had it for about a week now and I have had no problems, shooting is smooth and fun, the safety is hard to use but still a great gun
by Peyton B. on 05/03/2020
"Great gun had it for about 3 weeks now. I've Been running propane due to how cheap it is with elite force .25g bbs. Performance is great Highly Recommend.
by Darren C. on 08/18/2022
"I love this gun it works great. Its snappy. Great for indoor games. I just had to say for some reason my slide cracked. I think the cold temperature from the green gas messes with it a bit and then when the slide shuts it cracks. Sorry its hard to explain. Though it seems to be a problem with only my gun. Saying iv never heard of anyone elses gun doing this. I 100% recommend this gun tho
by Angela H. on 02/08/2022
"Let me just start out by saying it's a great p80 replica. My blowback housing broke due to the hammer reset eating into the metal. It shoots great, the recoil is crisp mag is great when warm. I was able to shoot out to 60yds with .23s constantly hitting a 10ft by 10 ft metal sheet. It won't hop .25s my buddy got a aw hi capa and it had the same issues. I got a sai 34 upper kit and i thru that on and it shoots like a dream 60yds in a human sized group no issue. I'm did some custom cutting on the slide and with a different barrel it is super snappy. Overall i would suggest this to anyone who wants a cheap glock to upgrade, or just use.
by Richard T. on 09/01/2020
"Bought this as a really cheap training tool to parallel the glock 19. Also because the magazines were really cheap. This is not a long term review, more like a PSA to people in the same situation as myself.

The biggest thing to note is that this pistol is that it will not fit most glock 19 holsters. It does not fit a safariland ALS or a Crye gunclip. The frame is modeled off a version of the polymer 80 and has a wider frame than a stock glock, but the biggest fitment issue is the trigger guard. This trigger guard is not based on a milled out glock trigger guard, rather a completely redesigned one with different dimensions that exceed the area the regular glock trigger guard goes. This invalidates basically every glock 19 holster. Important to keep in mind if you were intended to practice drawing. Tack on the price of a ~$40 holster to fit a polymer80 pf940v2 frame. If I had to do it again, I would probably just spend the extra $50 on an actual glock replica and not have to bother changing any of my gear to go from one to the other.