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The " SWAGG Pack" (Edition: 2021 First Edition)

477 Customer Reviews

by Eric A. on 07/18/2022
"Happy i got the cybergun colt m4 sopmod. Also came with the other goodies. Overall wasnt expecting a win out of this box.
by Justin M. on 06/25/2022
"I am satisfied with what I received. Down below, I listed what I got.

1. BAMF 190 midcap (Blue magazine)
2. CamelBak Chute Mag 32oz Water Bottle (The water bottle design I got says "Normal people frighten me")
3. Evike playing card (4 of diamond Kyrtac)
4. Operator Profile" Vinyl Hex Decals (Style: The Matrix)
5. Matrix Tactical Plate Carrier Bottle Beer Cozy (Color: OD Green)
6. A bunch of standard blue face masks (I got about like 50)

I paid 29.80$ in total and saved about 18.15$. My box weighed 5lbs. I am also thrilled that I didn't get the mesh mask lol. All in all, I may buy another and test my luck. I hope to get an awesome aeg or aep.
by Justin B. on 06/09/2022
"good package, i got

M103F (15$)
Tactical shirt (25$)
Evike Headlamp (10$)
Tactical Backpack (8$)
weird evike bracelet thing (?$)
Evike Trading Card (200$)

by Alexander C. on 06/02/2022
"Always worth it/fair value for what you recieve, especially if adding to a large purchase. Anyone who finds the need to complain about what they get should reconsider their finances. Thankyou Evike
by jesse s. on 05/21/2022
"Do it. It’s the unspoken rule. You have to add one to your cart. If you don’t, are you really an “Airsofter”?
I typically get my money’s worth out of these.
5 stars!
by Angel v. on 05/02/2022
"If you think there is a way of getting something good out of it don't buy at the last minute of the deal I've already tried that and got one of the last prizes but at least I got the lights :)
by Julian C. on 04/24/2022
"Pretty decent for what I expected. I was one of the mag package winners (BAMF mag/orange), a patch and light strip. For $20 I'd say it's not bad at all.
by Michael H. on 04/07/2022
"This was definitely better than I expected, although I didn't win big. It was worth a shot though, as it was only $20. Thanks Evike!
by Joesph R. on 03/17/2022
"I got the Black Rain ordinance swagg pack, and am stiil in shock!!! Package arrived early and I couldnt be happier. You guys rock, and made my day!! Now I guess I will be forced to order myself a box of awesomeness....
by Nicolas W. on 03/02/2022
"I didn't expect much when I ordered it but was surprised to find a large box waiting for me when it came in. At first I thought all were shipped in the same size box to build suspense but when I opened it I found a Matrix VSR-10 MB03 Sniper Rifle along with the other items. I was confused because I didn't remember seeing it being a choice so I assume I got one of the 50 people random unopened rifle. I cant be mad at that and since this is my first airsoft bolt action it pushes me to learn about them more and how to upgrade them.
by Matthew B. on 03/01/2022
"This is a great little deal. I was ordering some supplies and was about $20 short of the free shipping price. "What can I buy for $20?" Didn't expect anything great, but for $20 (probably $15 of which I would have spent on shipping otherwise) I figured even the "boring" no-gun packages were worth it. I was pleasantly surprised to find an AEG in my box. It was an open-box CM022 AK-47, basically toy-grade, but in good shape and fully functional. Wouldn't you know it, I handed it to my little girl, who finds the field rentals a little heavy and cumbersome, and she loves it. My boy enjoys collecting the cards, and my wife has already claimed the LED marker. I plan on adding one of these boxes to all future orders. Win!
by Cesar G. on 01/24/2022
"Got lucky, liked what I got.
by Cesar G. on 01/24/2022
"Got lucky and got the Cybergun Deagle, a neck gaiter, aluminum target can and the other goodies. Did notice that the listing got revised versus what people buying get after 1/2022. This is my 3rd Swagg pack and won't plan on stopping on rolling the dice. THX!
by Brandon P. on 11/18/2021
"I was skeptical at first but I just received it today and I got a brand new GSG G14. This sucker packs a heck of a punch. Definitely will be buying this again.
by Jason B. on 11/18/2021
"Got the Swagg Pack in and there was a Socom Gear Double Star 1911 combat GBB in it! Really made my day/year! Received it days ago and still can't believe it. Thanks Evike!