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EMG SAI BLU Compact w/ EMG Tier One Utility RMR-Cut Slide GBB Airsoft Pistol (Color: Gold)

6 Customer Reviews

by Clifford M. on 11/13/2020
"Review for SAI utility slide. Rose gold barrel

Where do I even start. Wow just getting the box is an experience in itself. The gun was well packaged and well shipped with no damage to the box or contents. Picking up the gun for the first time is just amazing. The slide has an rmr cut for a micro- red dot. I had to modify the holes hot the rmr screws on the slide because no screws were included to attach the Red dot to the slide. I eventually got it installed and it works like a dream. The box includes the gun, one magazine, rmr height iron sights you can switch out for the stock iron sights, all the tools for the rmr plate are included but the screws that hold the plate to the slide are extremely small. There is a slight problem where the slide will stick when the slide is released with minimal effort but a full rack of the slide will properly put the slide in place. I have no complaints with the gun and I would highly recommend the rose gold barrel it is truly beautiful. Pictures really do not do it justice. It is a very nice evenly weighted compact semiautomatic green gas airsoft pistol and it is damn near perfect, some slight modifications could be made to the hopup housing but aside from that it is flawless.
by Calvin N. on 11/12/2020
"Great pistol with an rmr cut out for the price. No need for a rmr plate needed to mount an rmr. The finish on the rose gold comes off really easy. WE/TM mags do work but it’s not as snappy as the stock mag. Overall get pistol.
by Quinten L. on 04/19/2021
"Haven’t had a chance to test it out yet but wanted to get this big point across because I’ve seen conflicting information:


Literally just tested it.
With that out of the way, my first negative ding is that it does not fit the micro dot evike recommended. Other than that, looks and feels like a glock. Good enough.
by Jack D. on 04/03/2021
"This is an ok gun for its price, but it is a pretty bad beginner weapon. The baseplate and mag-well broke off my gun pretty easy and I found that there was always something wrong with it. It’s not worth it to get a compact gun with unique measurements because it’s hard to find holsters, spare parts, etc. I, personally, have not had a very good experience with this gun, but you might
by Leo B. on 01/14/2021
"Bought this guna few weeks ago, came well lubed and looks even better than the photos. Fells great in the hand and has a somewhat heavyweight but a very well-balanced feel. The only issue I have is that it eats through lube very quickly and WILL NOT fit into a Sai blu holster. I tried and the slide was just too wide for the holster, even after grinding I just ended up ruining my holster. I'd maybe try a glock hoster or something like crye precisions "gun Clip". Besides that it shoots great and is an all round great gun.
by Tim L. on 11/02/2020
"Review for the rose gold barrel:

Overall a decent pistol, but there are a couple of things to note:

1) The rmr cutout has no stabiliser, therefore the rmr will have to be centred properly before tightening down the screws, and so changing the battery will need re zero if your battery is located under the sight.

2) the outer barrel finish scratches off easily and so there will be scuff marks, this isn't a big deal in my opinion but the bigger issue is the clearance between the outer barrel and the slide could be causing some accuracy issues. My shots are too much to the left, this could be from this barrel problem or a hop up problem. Currently purchasing a maple leaf set , so we will see.

3) We/Aw glock magazines actually do work, but the seal isnt optimal, but I was able to clear a magazine fine.

Some nice things:
1) Barrel has a drop cut, so hop up / barrel damage seen in older we glocks should be remedied.
2) Mine included supressor height sights, but no thread adapter. Personally I find this a better trade off