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EMG / SAI GRY AR-15 AEG Training Rifle w/ JailBrake Muzzle w/ GATE ASTER Programmable MOSFET (Configuration: Carbine / Black Non-ITAR)

6 Customer Reviews

by Hudson D. on 09/03/2020
"Great gun easily the best looking nit sure how to connect the app to the gun but that’s an easy fix the orange tip is really easy to take off shoots really well but the hop up is a bit stiff as well as the jailbreak muzzle. But over all the most clean gun I’ve owned strait out of the box
by Jacky W. on 07/03/2020
"Been wanting to own this airsoft gun since the movie "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" in 2016. Unlike any of my previous airsoft guns which feel like toys, this one is very solid and heavy. A 6 pounder with full steel body definitely feels like a real gun.

Pros: Very solid gun, the weight and markings made it look like a real firearm, good trigger response, powerful, very cool and unique looking gun.

Cons: The quick detach rail is really tight, took a lot of strength and effort to take it off, i greased it up a bit before putting it back onto the gun (pro is it won't wobble around); the battery compartment is very tight, very difficult to fit the Li-Po battery and all the wiring inside.

Summary: A very solid and realistic airsoft gun compared to the real version. Highly recommend.
by Badden M. on 12/22/2019
"Very solid CQB gun with a 11.1v lipo battery. It chronos in at 33.3 rps at 270 fps with .28g BB's. The gun feels very solid the only thing that is a negative is that the barrel is that it is a 14mm POSITIVE thread where most of your other guns are a negative thread so you will have to buy new accessories or buy an adapter.
by Dan C. on 12/09/2019
"Just recieved this from the black friday deals. Have yet to test on a field, but let me tell you...I'm already impressed. Out of the box, with an 11.1 1300mha 25c/45c lipo, I am shooting 345 fps with .25s at around 33 rps. I am extremely impressed. My only concern would be that this seems awfully powerful, and I hope the internals hold up over time.
by Jason N. on 07/01/2020
"Came with a couple dents and scratches but it probably because I got it on sale on epic deals, the dust cover doesn't close but that doesn't really effect performance. The rail on mine was really tight and I couldn't take it off even though it has a quick detach latch. The metal flash hider that came with it was very rusty. Performance however was pretty good. This gun is nothing special other than looks, if you are just looking for performance look somewhere else.
by Zack D. on 07/28/2020
"Off the bat, the gun is beautiful. I purchased the grey color carbine {full length} version. Flip up sights, Jailbreak Muzzle, Magazine , Black flash hider and the authenticity card were all included inside the box. It is packaged perfectly sound and safe. The rate of fire is absolutely incredible out of the box, has to be over 30rps. According to 2 of the reviews here it chronoed at 33 rps. I believe it. The GATE ASTER mosfet is very impressive and the app you can download is very cool. The hop up is nice and stiff and I was able to dial it in with .28s. Laser beam.

Now onto the not so good. This may have just been my unlucky rifle of the bunch, but a few things were not great for this price point. I did score this on epic deals for $399, so keep an eye out as it does pop up time to time. First off the stock was very very loose/wobbly and felt cheap. Not a big deal as you can replace the stock but I believe it is a G&P Viper stock and it is not that cheap. The buffer tube was slightly bent upwards and to the left if you are facing the back of the rifle. The biggest issue I had and was the reason I returned it was due to the motor grip heating up to a point of needing a glove. Yes this gun has a GATE ASTER mosfet, which is very very cool especially with the app possibilities with monitoring your firmware and creating your own custom firewall with many settings. Regardless of that, like I said, the heat of the motor grip was too hot and at times the rifle would stop shooting. I was using an 11.1 30c 3000mah titan stick lipo. The heat built up in only 2 mags , shooting bursts of auto and majority semi auto shots. Yes this may be normal for these mosfet chips as I am not too familiar with the GATE mosfets, but still the gun stopped shooting at times even when changing selector positions. Evike took care of it for me as I will be purchasing another rifle soon as I make a decision. Best customer service and products around.

Overall, longevity of this rifle lasting, I don't see that being the case, but if you are handy and know how to work on your own airsoft internals, than this could be a possibility if you can get past the hot motor grip and non firing issues for this price point.