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EMG Noveske Flash Hider w/ Built-In Nano Ultra Compact Rechargeable Tracer (Model: KX5 / Anodized Blue)

11 Customer Reviews

by Kenneth R. on 10/05/2021
"This isn’t technically a review since I’m still researching these, but for anyone looking to compare KX3 & KX5 sizes, this video helped a lot...

Still giving this 5 stars because it looks awesome and I have the tracer its built on and THAT works like a champ!
by Kris U. on 09/15/2021
"Got this in the beginning of this week so needless to say I had to see how good it was. I've got an angel custom tracer with a hive suppressor shell and I like that one, I wrote a review on that one.
This is a very good tracer unit, it makes green bbs very bright and very visible. With my VFC Avalon Saber M4 it shoots a laser beam, I haven't fielded it yet but so far I like it. Granted my inner barrel goes slightly into the tracer but it still lights up the bbs like no tomorrow. Great tracer unit and it looks great, not too expensive, only thing that I dislike is the labeling on the tracer. If it was a blank matte black piece or whatever color you get it in it would look much cleaner, but all in all, I like it, looks great, performs good. 10/10 recommend
by Sam C. on 07/25/2021
"The finish scratches pretty easily but it works great
by Corey L. on 10/30/2020
"fitted for 14mm negative barrels....very easy to use and lights up those bbs. screws and unscrews easy and stays secure. really happy
by Cory M. on 08/03/2020
"Snappy & loud. Works great and the button is MUCH easier to turn on the tracer unit than other Acetech tracers
by Alex S. on 06/17/2019
"Very top quality feel. The shell is all metal and also the front plate that you plug a charger in is also metal. This is different from other tracers I've used that are mostly plastic and often feel fragile. It also has a battery life that's up there with the best. Went all day without a recharge. Though I do tend to be conservative with my shots.

Only negatives I can think of is that there is no small hex screw to tighten its grip when installed on your gun. This makes it pretty necessary that you have an O ring on your barrel or it could shake loose a little. Especially on a GBB shaking the barrel constantly. Also it does not come with a usb cable. Though that's not really a negative, because who doesn't have a thousand of those things lying around.

Overall I found it to be very worth the price and looks really sweet.
by Ken N. on 01/16/2021
"Just to clear up some issues/questions I have seen. This unit fits 14mm negative threads, If your handguard extends beyond your "red tip" or "airsoft tip" you might, probably will have issues accessing the power button. It DOES NOT WORK WITH RED TRACERS. Well, it does for about 8" out of the barrel. Great with green. The charge lasts at least 4 hours. Huge CON for me, these do not include charging cables. At this price point, they should include the micro cable. I would rate it higher, if it included the cable. I have three, none included the cable.
by c von c. on 10/29/2020
"Works well and looks cool. Fits inside most handguards, but does NOT come with thread adapter, or charging cord. Comes with female, -14mm threads.
by Brandon C. on 11/19/2019
"This tracer lasted me a 5 hour session on semi and full auto with plenty of juice leftover afterwards. Lights up well with greens, ymmv using reds depending if you play in low light cqb or somewhere with lots of ambient light.

However, as good as the tracer itself performs.. I wish that this product being such a unique offering would include the extras that other ACETECH products come with such as the USB charging cord and thread adapters. If that would have been included along with the tracer unit this product would be perfect.
by Daniel P. on 11/08/2019
"let me start this off by saying i do like the product but if your gonna get this because you want a tracer and a amp, well its not loud it doesn't do the best job amplifying the sound but hey its still a good looking tracer just not as loud or even close to as loud as my other amplifier. overall i am happy with the purchase.
by Alex S. on 09/09/2019
"This is a very high quality feeling tracer. All metal shell can take a real beating if you are a rough player. Lasts me the entire day of non stop play before a recharge.

Whats holding me back from a 5 star review are a couple things that it feels like its missing. I would love to see a changeable thread like the Lighter BT does. Or a small stabilizing hex screw that most other tracers have to keep it from shacking lose. On my AEG it sits tight just fine, but on a gas blow back I tend to have to tighten it again every so often. I would suggest throwing on an O ring on your barrel if you use this.