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JAG Arms Licensed Taran Tactical Innovation Combat Master Airsoft GBB Pistol

6 Customer Reviews

by Jafer A. on 04/11/2021
"The bad:
I've owned the pistol for about 4 months and have never fielded it and shot about 6 mags until the hammer broke. Don't get me wrong I love this pistol but the hammer is skeletonize and thats why it was weak. (even when it broke it still works) It's a simple hammer replacement and its good to go. The magazine extension can un screw easily (used thread lock). It's heavy weighs about as much as a Desert eagle L6. It sadly does not work with a we extended mag.

The good:
It's got the correct trade marks and a rose gold barrel. It's got a good weight and great gas efficiency (about 1.5-2 mags in cold weather). TM compatible parts. The trigger is phenomenal has 1mm travel to get to the wall and a crisp break with minimal over travel. The stippling is so well done it almost hurts your hands without gloves. The barrel to my surprise does come with treads. Overall for a sub 200 this excellent value!

The barrel IS THREADED
It WILL NOT take any aw or we mags (the valve knocker is to short)
Weak hammer
Amazing trigger
Thread lock extended mag release
by Chris K. on 04/28/2020
"This is by far my favorite handgun I have used in my years of airsofting. First have out of the package it looks so awesome and holding it for the first time it feels light and solid. I feel like it’s not going to effect my capability to run on the field because of it being so light. Second off the accuracy of the gun is on point. No matter whether I used a .25 or .20 gram bb the accuracy was all the same and it was awesome. Third the grip on the gun when you hold it feels kinda rough but that’s okay the way the slide feels and the accuracy trumps this minor flaw. Overall I am very impressed and happy with this weapon. I will be using it as my main sidearm for man airsofting games to come. :)
by Jacob P. on 09/16/2019
"The pistol used by John Wick himself in Chapter 3 and a very fine one at that! The build quality is simply amazing and it feels great in the hands. You've got a CNC Aluminium slide and frame with a hand-molded grip that simply feels amazing. The pistol is also a bit hefty, depending on how you are this could be a pro or con but to me, I like my guns to have a bit of weight to them! Your safety is ambidextrous and the mag release is extended which makes it easy to reach your thumb over and snap the mag out to which you will not struggle to reload this pistol, the magazine has a bit of weight as well so it will not get stuck in the magwell and comes out easy while the flared magwell makes it so you could even reload this thing with your eyes closed. The rear sight is adjustable for wing and elevation if you need it. All the slide serrations you could ever ask for if you're into press checks, or if you just want to feel like the BabaYaga himself. A note for the barrel as well, it comes with a more rose gold barrel unlike the gold you see in the pictures, I think the rose gold looks better and it's the color of the actual pistol's barrel. The performance is also solid with consistent accuracy since the barrel is so thick, the trigger is AMAZING, probably one of the best Hi-Capa triggers you'll ever use, the slide is crisp and the barrel doesn't tilt like traditional 1911s or Hi-Capas.
Overall, this pistol is absolutely worth it, also if you don't like the gloss/matte mixup on the EMG which replicates the real pistol, the JAG doesn't have that. I personally thought the mix looked strange at certain angles but that's just me. This thing is well built, feels amazing, and shoots well.
by Stephen L. on 09/14/2019
"I forgot to add that I chose this pistol over the EMG version because this pistol has actual REAL grip stippling, NOT molded. The only thing this pistol is lacking is the STI International trade marks. This is one awesome looking and accurate shooting pistol.
by Stephen L. on 09/12/2019
"This is an extremely detailed and well built pistol! I was impressed with the build quality and the weight of the gun and the magazine. I would highly recommend this pistol for any John Wick fan.
by Brendan M. on 09/16/2019
"First of all, I have both the Jag Arms version and the EMG version. If I had to give one over the other better build quality, it would easily go to the EMG model, better metal, more steel, and a stainless steel leaf spring. The Jag Arms is by no means bad, I love the stippled grip it comes with, however, the outer barrel is paper thin and made out of low quality metal. I already have a huge crack down the outer barrel. The hop up is actually 100% TM based, no crappy AW customs half Marui crap here. The BBU is looking to be KJW/Marui compatible. The slide is thicker than the EMG model, ever so slightly. The leaf spring on the Jag Arms is of black construction steel, mine came rusted and badly bent out of shape. If you’re going for a cheap JW3 hi Capa, you can’t go wrong choosing this model, however, upgrades may be a pain in the future.