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ZCI High Torque Neodymium Motor for AEGs (Type: Long)

6 Customer Reviews

by Armin A. on 01/18/2021
"Is it as good as an asg 22tpa? No, not quite. But the price to performance is pretty ridiculous. I have siegeteks 10.4:1 and this can't cycle it with a 400fps spring, while my asg can, but it handles those same 10.4:1 on a 330 fps spring. Reminder that a regular set of gears is 18:1, so in terms of ratio it's handling almost twice the load and still trucking along. This thing is pretty great. I think asg makes fantastic motors, but this thing is a beast and for half the cost. I seriously doubt you'd even notice a big difference with 18:1 gears. If you haven't changed your gear ratio and want an inexpensive way to up your trigger response this is a no brainier buy
by Viktoriya M. on 01/08/2021
"this is the best motor ever zci is the best company they should rule the world and also zci makes motors for tesla zci is the best i love them so much basically every internal part in my gun is zci oh yeah zci is so amazing jesus christ i wish they would just......
by Anthony B. on 01/07/2021
"This is a fine little motor. I used it as a replacement in my Krytac Rec7 after I stripped the original - it is still super snappy and fires at around 19RPS, compared to 21RPS with the original Krytac motor (that costs more than twice as much). Great value for upgrades and replacements!
by Anthony L. on 12/10/2020
"This motor is an absolute beast. I swapped out the god awful motor in my CYMA XM177 for this bad boy and the difference is night and day. Amazing trigger response and ROF on just a 9.6. This is definitely gonna be my go to motor for upgrading in the future.
by Bill S. on 08/10/2020
"using a m140 spring with 18:1 gears and this thing pulls the spring with 0 issues. excellent budget high torque motor. it does include the spring to press down in handgrip
by Marshall K. on 03/17/2020
"Pros: pulls almost any spring, Great response, solid construction, inexpensive.

Cons: fitment issues with some motor grips (too long for vfc scar grips), plastic endbell, piniongear does NOT mesh well with siegetek bevels (sounds squishy tho I bet it sounds fine on SHS gears)

I'd say buy this if you are building an SHS build.

IG: @iowacobras