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*Evike.Com $50 Gift Card - The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion (FOR EVIKE.COM WALK-IN SUPERSTORE)

2 Customer Reviews

by Mary Lou O. on 06/15/2017
"I got this as a gift from a family member about a year ago, and it has been sitting in my wallet for about a year due to the process that out-of-state users have to complete. If you don't live near then you have to mail a print out of your order with the gift card and the $$$ difference, along with your Email, Name, and Address.

I was expecting them to just send me an email and that the order would be completely separate from my account, but since I used the same email as my account it showed up on my orders page. This probably helped up my rating from 3 to 4 since now I can use Evike's intuitive order interface.

Pros: It's usable "online"

Cons: Shipping time, Sending personal information

TL;DR: Get it for someone if they can get to the store easily
by Eric G. on 04/21/2014
"I want very much to be excited about my snazzy new gift card, and I've got a whole bunch of stuff I'm looking forward to buying. I'm learning, though, that using it is far from simple. Why can't I just tap in the numbers, redeem the card, and use it online? It sort of defeats the purpose of online shopping to mail my gift card and print out my order so they can receive it in a few days, process it, then get it to me in a few more days, as if the Internet never existed.

Here are the things I like: The quick shipping, and the cool looking card. Oh, and it's also pretty neat how I can just stroll in and use it at the Evike store (as if I'd ever be lucky enough to be close by.)

Aaand for the things I don't like much:
1. The fact that a gift card purchased from an ONLINE store was shipped at all.
3. In order to use the gift card I purchased ONLINE, I have to wait for it to be mailed to me, then pick out an order, calculate/include any extra money for shipping and tax, print out my order info, print out pretty much all my personal info, then get it all in a box and shipped, so that when Evike (hopefully) gets it in a few days, they'll process it, then (assuming there aren't ANY issues) I'll get my goodies in a few more days.

Unfortunately, thanks to all this process, I've been forced to just use a good old fashioned credit card, because I'm attending a Mil-Sim in 6 days, and I (did) assume that orders with gift cards would be just as fast as any other order. Sadly, they're not. I guess I'll have to wait for the next order, and I'll give myself plenty of time . . .

I can, however, be sympathetic to Evike IF it would be highly complicated or expensive to have online cards. On the other hand, if it wouldn't be all that hard, then PLEASE, for the LOVE OF AIRSOFT, LET US HAVE PURPOSE-MADE ONLINE CARDS.

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