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Matrix / Echo1 Full Metal 600rd Hi-Cap Magazine for AK series Airsoft AEG (Set of 3)

8 Customer Reviews

by Joshua L. on 09/07/2015
"Bought for my CYMA CM028, At the time of purchase it was $30 for two, and $35 for 3 mags, so I went with the 3 pack.

They fit very well, also feed good, they're cheap mags but reliable, durable, no problems yet,

I ejected the mag during a game from the magwell and it hit the concrete hard, however, it still functioned perfectly, without hardly any damage.

They're very good mags.
by Max S. on 02/28/2014
"Great Mags, good black finish, all metal, metal mag lip and hasn't jammed yet. Fits my CYMA AKS-74u and looks great but doesn't fit my CYMA big AK74-M!! Big AK needs the mag well filled down a bit and then works no problem. Still like these over Flash Mags for the moment. One mag can last you a whole game with 550rds.

-Metal Lip
-Doesn't Jam
-Easy to maintain
-Easy to disassemble

-None Yet

My only concern, is what happens if i drop my AK with the mag, metal receiver, Metal mag something is going to fail, but we'll see. Hopefully these will last longer than my plastic Bakelite ones that broke when I dropped my gun last weekend
by Bruce C. on 12/01/2013
"These mags are Awesome. The past 2 years i've bought 4 3-packs. Every single one of them have worked flawlessly. I own an Echo1 CPW with a high speed motor and 13.3v of extreme power. I run 35-40rps and have only had an issue with 2 mags. One kept misfeeding, but I after giving it to a friend, we found it was just DIRTY as hell. And the second one didn't start having issues till I fielded it about 10 times. But knowing the way I run around, I probably dove into cover and squished it or something, idk. But regardless, for open play and non-regulated matches, these are awesome mags. I wouldn't mind the price dropping maybe 5 or 6 bucks, but that won't stop me from stocking up. This fit and work FLAWLESSLY with any Echo1 gun. They are hit and miss with Matrix and JG rifles though. I've let some people borrow them and i've definitely have been voiced some concerns, but only mis-feeding issues. But that's with NON-Echo1 guns. I am strictly Echo1 and have put these mags in most Echo1 AKs with no misfortune. Oh and also, Don't put anything over .28g in them, like any high-cap, it will mis-feed like crazy, because obviously the are heavier, and gravity sucks.
by Andres A. on 11/13/2017
"Had to file a little to have them fit a G&G GK99 magwell easy, but no problem at all after that.

Too tight to fit or release smoothly out of the bag, all metal, good built, no feeding issues so far.
by Joel S. on 08/10/2014
"Bought these for my CYMA-48U, they seem like study mags, they all fit really well. One mag did come with the bottom disassembled, ten minutes in the garage fixed that, the bottom end seemed to not want to fit correctly and modification was required. Other than that ordeal these mags seem great for the money.
by Richard S. on 02/03/2012
"Bought to use in an ICS IC-32 AK. Rear tab would not hold when 1st inserted. Took a medium/fine file to it and after thinning down the tab and backplate they fit fine. Have only used 6-7 times but have not had any feeding problems yet.
by Pam S. on 06/06/2011
"Theesework great for a standard ak47. This is one of the most common magazines ive been seeing and the bb capacity is epic. all and all it worth every penny.
by Alejandro C. on 04/14/2011
"ok! its me again.. about what I said last time..

I "modified" the magazine, took me 20 minutes.. I used, sandpaper, knife, swiss knife saw, ruler..

Its works very good now..

thats it..