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6mmProShop "Stryker" Electromagnetic Cannon Conversion Kit for M4 M16 AEG Rifles (Color: Vader Black)

11 Customer Reviews

by David M. on 06/12/2022
"I love the add on to m4. It is fun to put on and it looks so cool. I like to find more like it.
by Robbie W. on 06/19/2021
"Used on a Matrix "Calico Jack" Metal M4 Airsoft AEG that had gotten in an open box. I'm not sure what type of an outer barrel this would work on, but nothing I have or nothing I see online would work. Designed and 3D printed a mini barrel that included the hop up holder, I was really amazed that it worked the first try. Once I had the barrel problem figure it out the kit pretty much went together easily. I found I did have to disassemble the stock to attach the block to the back of the receiver using the stock buffer tube screw. I was a little worried it would be flimsy until I got it all bolted together but now that it's all together it's very sturdy and feels very well built. I'd give this kit 8 out of 10 Stars due to the need for an outer barrel that I don't think you'll be able to find anywhere. I am very pleased with how the gun turned out.
by Carey B. on 03/14/2022
"Just got it in and as I went through the contents, there was a Barrel Stabilizer right in the box. After reading the description, it says that outer barrel modification required. Which isn't true. You CAN modify your outer barrel only if you didn't get a barrel stabilizer in the box. So it makes the second stabilizer I ordered a little redundant. At least I'll have a spare.

Everything was shipped in a thick cardboard box and cased in nice foam. All the parts are there and even had batteries for the front barrel section already installed, which I wasn't expecting. It has a nice green breathing effect. The Combat Gray is more of a silver, which is still a very nice color. I was half expecting it to be more of a flat gray color, not silver.

If you want something nice, unique, and not the same M4 platform that everyone else has seen a thousand times, get this kit. Plus, the price just can't be beat.

My next upgrades are going to be putting new gears, Titan 40k motor and a Titan gate, tighter inner barrel, upgraded bucking and hop up.

See you on the field.
by Jacob S. on 11/05/2021
"Installed this kit onto one of my already upgraded m4s and wanted to be able to take it on and off depending on what field I went to. Kit seems sturdy and im hoping it lasts for a while but my one BIG Compliant is that they did not include the "Barrel Stabilizer" I understand that they mention it not being included but, its not exactly a cheap kit? the least they could do is include everything you need to actually install it!
by Alex D. on 10/23/2021
"I really like this kit, got a White one in a BOA and the only negative is that the battery compartment is way too small. I purchased three slim stick 11.1 airsoft lipos and every battery stick was an extremely tight fit. I had to cut away a support peg located within the rear of the battery housing in order for the batteries to fit without having to force them in. Since the batteries are LIPO I was very uncomfortable having to force the batteries into the compartment. Even after removing the support peg it is still a tight fit but nowhere near as tight as before. I really think a gun that uses 7.4v stick lipos instead of the 11.1v like Evike uses on their own fully assembled Strykers (and I decided to use as well) would have been a much better option since the batteries would actually fit. I went with the 11.1 option because I read somewhere that 7.4v is not compatible. I purchased a Matrix Aluminum 9.5" / 14.5" Convertible Outer Barrel for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Silver) in order to fashion my own Barrel Plug Hop-up Stabilizer and cover up the too-long inner barrel that was very unsightly after finishing installing this kit. I finished it off with an Acetech Blaster tracer that fits perfectly on this outer barrel. This Aluminum barrel was very easy to cut with an Angle Grinder since it's not a hard metal and the Silver finish looks fantastic, the best part is that this Outer Barrel it's just $20 here on Evike as of 10/21 and solved 2 issues rather easily.
by Alex S. on 06/12/2021
"A little while after getting the kit, I was able to finish putting the gun together. There are some small things that you have to jerry rig to get this fully functional. The biggest one is the hop-up holder that is normally on the outer barrel and partly inside the upper receiver. That isn't included, and you can't put a whole outer barrel in it. So you have to cut up something you already have.
But that aside, there is nothing that isn't easy to figure out even for newbie self tech-ers.
The only real warning I would give is that the battery space is very small. Rather unnecessarily small seeing how they could of easily designed it with more space without taking away from the size of the stock.
All in all, its solidly made, kick ass looking, and super light. You will turn heads.
by julio a. on 05/16/2021
"OK so I preordered this product last year and because of covid 19 it was pushed back on the release multiple times so I didn't get it till a couple days ago When I opened the packaging I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the plastic used in this kit It is quite sturdy and hard it doesn't feel cheap in any way or flimsy the kit mounts to an M4 via the upper rails Uses bolts similar to a lot of Rail accessories such as grips risers and others it also comes with its own Barrel nut which screws onto your receiver like any other It also comes with 4 Set screws I was only able to use 2 of these set screws to hold the front grip barrel assembly onto the barrel nut Many will notice that the outer barrel is very large but as long as your inner barrel reaches the start of the threaded tip this should not be in issue Since the threaded tip is smaller than the outer barrel Now this kit does not include Instructions there are no assembly instructions anywhere But it is straightforward and very easy to do it only took me about 10 minutes or so to install it I only used the front assembly and not the stock I have my own stock which I personally believe Gives it a more futuristic aesthetic than the stock that's included And just a note there are no side rails or lower rails but the top rail is very long allowing you to mount anything you wish on that rail All in all this is a very good quality kids and makes your M4 look very futuristic It definitely gives you a new look that not many other people have I currently have this kid install on a G&G cm 16 raider 2.0 which turned out to be perfect for this kit.
by Jonathan J. on 05/13/2021
"I bought a couple of the "IKAZUCHI Type-0 Mid-Range Battle Rifle Airsoft AEG" to use the Sci-Fi looking "shell" for a couple of real steel AR-15 conversions. (Already finished the 22LR & working on the 556 version now. (Heat being the main issue to deal with on the 556 build.
Anyway, that left me with a couple of incomplete M4 Style airsoft guns which is why I bought two of these kits. Just finished installing one today and without question it took some modifications to work. Along with running the gearbox wire to the rear, and installing a longer inner barrel; I had to cut about an inch off the extension that the buffer tube slides over. (The extension on the IKAZUCHI M4 lower was just too long & would not slide all the way into the new stock)
I also had to cut the end of the metal outer barrel off as it would not slide into the red tube but I needed the rest of the outer barrel as that is what the hop-up slides into.
I think pictures would do a better job showing what I did vs my describing it.
Also, the end of the barrel (for this kit) looks different vs the picture shown. It has a threaded extension vs the cool looking concave design shown in the picture.
NOTE: No instructions are included so not for the novice builder (but could be with instructions)
Even though this took some modifications to get it to fit, I am super happy with this kit. Not only is this kit very inexpensive but it looks pretty amazing and the green LEDs in the front & battery level display in the rear, really adds to the look. I also really like the battery door; very nice design. Still need to find a good Space Force sticker to slap on the m4 mag well to complete the look. Who knows, I just might use the second kit for another real steel AR 15 build. If I could just find a 16 inch pencil 22LR barrel. (Might have to get a custom barrel made to make this project work).
Last note: I bought a black kit & a white kit. The paint on the white kit had some minor imperfections on the visible part of the underside of the top rail section.
by julio a. on 05/13/2021
"I pre-ordered this kit last year and yes it took forever because it kept being pushed back due to covid-19. All in all this kit is great. The plastic is surprisingly good and it mounts up quick and easy. It fits my g&g cm16 raider new model perfectly. No issues on fitment mounted perfectly and it's sturdy. Yes the outer barrel is large but my inner barrel goes to the threaded tip which is smaller than the outer barrel so it doesn't really wobble. Installed in 10 minutes easily. I didn't use the stock instead I'm using the sru stock. In my opinion this looks better and more futuristic then the stock it came with. Only gave it 4 stars because it didn't come with instructions but it's easy to install and straight forward on a raider at least.
by Scuba S. on 05/17/2021
"This kit makes your M4 AEG look very “sci-fi” and unique, but it’s mainly plastic. Basically, it’s a gel blaster kit that’s somewhat cheaply made, but to me, still looks awesome. It’s almost completely plastic and feels slightly toy-ish, but the parts where it connects to the gun are metal and it makes a great base for a sci-fi build...and again, looks awesome imo. Others have said it’s high quality plastic. Well it’s not 3d printed, but it’s also slightly soft. Not high quality, durable polymer. For example, if I stab at my polymer drum mag with some decent force with a screw driver, it’d barely leave a mark. If I did that to this kit, it’d scratch and dent, revealing the white plastic underneath. But once installed, It’s very stable with no wobble. Its super compact and lightweight. Not the most durable thing, but affordable!

The kit fit the Helios Umbrella Corp M4 just fine and an inner barrel length of about 247mm-250mm fits well.

The green LED’s in front pulse on and off, but I cut/bypassed the circuit board to keep them on. There’s a switch. They’re very bright and could be used as nav lights in the dark. The battery meter hooks up to your 11.1v lipo balance charging cable. The threaded barrel tip is held on by a grub screw, which I flipped around to hide the threads. I drilled a hole on the side under the barrel cap for easy access to the screw so I can flip it around anytime. The barrel rotates freely. There’s a hole on top but it requires you to dismantle the top section to access it.

Also, take a look at the pic and make note of the rear where the top arm of the stock attaches to the top rail. You lose all those rear rail slots, as well as some on the forward rail section (covered by the optics in the pics). The slots do not go all the way back on the forward rail. So it might limit your use of optics. Scopes or magnifiers with poor eye relief probably won’t work out.

The stock clamps on to your buffer tube extension via the four screws under the red washers. No buffer tube screw. So it’ll still work with most QD spring systems. You cannot fit an entire buffer tube in the stock without lots of cutting to make space, so guns with recoil systems or gbbr’s may not be compatible.

It’s super easy to install except the barrel is the hard part, if you’re outer barrel is one piece like mine. You need to cut off the part of your outer barrel that holds the hop unit, then install it under the included barrel nut. Or as another reviewer stated, you can buy that part separately. Then you need to figure out a way to stabilize the inner barrel. The barrel on this is just a hollow tube. So I chopped off a piece of my original outer barrel and fit it inside. Then I padded the threaded tip with electrical tape inside. The grub screw holes on the side of the barrel nut are not tapped, so require force to get in. I used the Allen key provided and it just stripped the heads. Others have had better luck. Keep this in mind and be careful with these screws. Also, it has toy-ish writing on the left side saying Thunder Tactical, so be prepared to paint over that if it bothers you.

Despite any drawbacks, I’m glad I got this for my M4. It was worth the wait. I’m not a fan of the cookie cutter Armalites, but I love this one! If you’re good at painting and modifying guns, this is an excellent base for a killer sci-fi build. Or you can just use it as-is and it’ll still look pretty awesome!
by Alexis D. on 05/12/2021
"Alright, so I preordered this. It took forever to arrive after all this Covid-19 stuff.

Anyways, I have a Tokyo Marui M4 the receiver looks very similar to Item #: 63808(A&K M4 Complete Metal Receiver for Tokyo Marui & Compatible Airsoft AEG Rifles). If your m4 rifle has the lower receiver extension (the tube where the buffer tube goes on) the stock of this kit will be compatible.
As for the front part of this kit, there is no inner barrel and the no outer barrel. The red tube /outer barrel it comes with is big enough to fit maybe 4-5 inner barrels so you might have to fill it up with something to keep your inner barrel from wobbling around. Also, I had to sand down all around of the outer barrel adapter to make the red tube fit. My m4 has something similar to item #: 35783 (Matrix 2" M4 Stubby Outer Barrel w/ 14mm Negative Threads).
Another thing, the top part of this kit tightens onto the top rail just as scope would. I don't know how long the plastic that holds this will last but the 2 screws on top of the charging handle are what keep this kit's rails held down. This way you can add a scope or sight without worrying it will break the rails off.
The kit comes with a silencer/suppressor/tracer adapter that is held by a screw so this might spin or wobble when you receiver it. I had to align mine, so you might also get one that might need this done to it.

Other than spending 2 days to assemble it and make all the necessary modifications to my base m4.....

-Good Quality plastic (not great but not bad either)
-Adds a futuristic look to your plain old m4
-Green accents at the front of the barrel actually light up (includes batteries)
-Shoots laserz if you add a tracer unit :-p
-Lots of rail space for accessories

-Might have to modify your m4 to perfection (worth it IMO)
-Has no inner barrel stability
-Material feels like it might warp if left in the heat/sun TAKE CARE OF IT! I personally wouldn't recommend using this in high heat weather.
-Battery Display has no protector (it's basically an exposed chip)

If you get this..... TAKE YOUR TIME TO INSTALL IT!