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23rd Magazine for Spartan & Elite Force GLOCK Licensed Blowback Airsoft Pistols (Model: CO2)

8 Customer Reviews

by Jonathan F. on 02/15/2021
"Fits perfectly in the Elite Force Glock 19 (hangs out of the bottom of course). No issues yet. Does not leak and lastS fairly long.
by R. H. on 04/17/2020
"Review of both green gas and CO2 mags used in my Spartan Imports Glock 17:

I purchased an extra CO2 magazine and it works great. My Glock came with both a green gas and a CO2 mag and one of them had a spacer/follower beneath the spring that limited the mag to 17 rounds; however, you can disassemble the mag and remove the spacer and achieve 23rds. So ignore the reviewer beneath me that complained about mag capacity. Additionally, a real steel Glock has a 17rd mag capacity, so it's not a big deal. These mags are also a lot cheaper than the ones listed for just the Elite Force Glocks, although I highly suspect that they are almost identical. That version just has Glock trades and a baseplate with no fill valve cutout.

Comparing this CO2 mag to the one that came with the pistol and I can see they updated the rubber seal and piercing pin. The original one leaked CO2 if you kept a capsule in for an extended period of time. This was proven when I tested my mag and left a partially filled capsule inside the mag for ~24hrs. Since the pistol was marketed towards MIL/LE, I wanted to see if it would retain gas if I had to simulate an overnight/extended op. The newer released mag did not leak when I did the same test. Note that the newer mag does not have the two blue painted dots to denote that it is CO2 like the one that came with the pistol (included green gas mag had two red dots). However, the faux extended 2 baseplate and the CO2 side cutouts should make it obvious even in low light conditions which mag you are grabbing.

Green gas mag: My only complaint with the mag (that came with the Spartan Glock) is that the baseplate should not have a cutout for gas fill. As a training weapon, it should be as realistic as possible and be utilized realistically in training. Therefore, the fill valve should be covered and not exposed. During training the shooter may be in a sandy, dirty, and/or windy environment in various shooting positions and have to utilize the pistol and do mag changes. This can leasily lead to damage to the fill valve and the o-ring seal (especially since it should remain lubricated with silicone oil). It is not difficult to pull down the retention notch and slide off the baseplate, therefore the cutout is unnecessary.

All in all, both mags work great. With the CO2 mag, I am able to fire 4-5 mags with 17-19 rds before having to replace the CO2 capsule. Regardless of which mag I use, I leave in the CO2 recoil spring assembly because it is stiffer and gives me a more realistic feedback when I cock the slide. The green gas mag is still able to fire roughly two 17rd. mags before having to be recharged. If I swap the spring assembly out with the green gas version, I suspect I would get even more shots for each green gas fill.
by Jacob H. on 04/15/2020
"I bought 2 of these magazines a few months ago because I really wanted to use my EF Glock 17 for longer durations during games. Carrying more mags is infinitely better than having one mag and a speed loader.

Anyway, during my play time with this I have noticed that previous complaints of mags leaking is definitely valid, both of these mags have started leaking from the top. However, I also have yet to tighten the valves on the back, and this will probably put an end to the problem. So despite leaking ever so slightly, I filled and shot a 23 round mag THREE TIMES, with gas left over in both magazines before it ran out.

I purchased the CO2 mags as I am of the opinion that CO2 is universally better than green gas, so why not? They are also cheaper than the green gas version, and I was more than happy to save additional money by getting these Cybergun mags for $34 as opposed to the Elite Force $45 magazine. Do yourself a favor and save some dollars by skipping out on the Glock trademarked baseplate.

TL:DR.... BUY THESE!!!!!

- save money on mags
- highly efficient on CO2, even while it was leaking
- capacity its still 23, just like out of the box CO2 mag
- CO2 is better than green gas, and your Glock can handle it
- tighten your gosh darn gas valves
by Martin S. on 12/23/2019
"These are identical to the elite force Glock mags, besides not having glock trademarks. They work just as the stock ones do and have no issues.
by matt m. on 04/11/2021
"Works for my EF Glock 17 Gen.5

fits great, I didn’t experience any leaking, but I did follow the other reviewers on here, and purchased some PTFE thread Sealant, and applied it to the three screws on the base plate.
by Austin A. on 10/30/2020
"So I now have 3 of these magazines for my Glock 19. OOTB these magazines are worse then the licensed elite force magazines that will come with your glocks because they all will require fixing due to a poor design of the bottom plate of the gas tank. These magazines WILL start leaking very quickly after you start using them (as noted by all three of my magazines leaking at one point). Out of the three magazines I have, one developed a leak after maybe 7ish magazines worth of bbs while another developed a leak after just the first.
These leaks happen because one of the screws that holds the bottom of the gas tank, the single screw towards the back, directly threads through the gas tank seal and all of my magazines have leaked gas from the same screw. To fix this, you can use PTFE thread sealant on the screw (and the other two screws on the bottom just in case) and simply reinstall the screw. Since Ive done that fix to all of my magazines, none of them leak at all and now they all reliably hold green gas.
Another weird thing about these magazines is that they have a stopper in the bb channel that reduces your capacity of each magazine to only around 20 rounds. You can remove this to increase the capacity of your magazines to around 25-26 rounds and I would highly recommend doing so. These magazines are efficient enough to fire about 40 shots with a 5 second charge of gas so you dont have to worry if youll be able to finish an entire magazines worth of bbs.
Overall these magazines work great for me but I will have to say that you should not get these magazines if you dont know how to work on magazines/dont have the proper tools and materials. You WILL have to tech on these a bit because of the design flaws so keep that in mind when purchasing these. If you dont want any hassle then Id suggest paying the extra money for the officially licensed magazines since they have a better design and havent given me any issues yet.
by Zachary L. on 03/16/2020
"2 of my 3 magazines arrived with broken o ring seals on the release valve. The 3rd works fine but the quality control on these dont seem to be the best.
by Kyle J. on 03/01/2020
"Breaks really easy. Leaks gas