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Matrix Hardshell Adjustable Holster for Glock G19, G17, ATP ACP Series Airsoft Pistols (Type: Black / No Mount)

30 Customer Reviews

by Caleb T. on 05/06/2020
"It's a great holster! I bought it for my ICS BLE XAE. It was super stiff and when I put the gun in the holster and was almost impossible to pull out when it's on your hip, but after some hot molding it fit just right. It's really easily moldable if you're gun is too tight. Great holster!
by Reilly S. on 02/08/2020
"It's a great holster overall, and works

Snug fit
works with my Elite Force G17
A small hook to hold the gun in by the trigger guard

I had to sand the bottom of where the trigger would go so the gun wouldn't get stuck
by Dan G. on 10/15/2019
"Fits my KJW G26 with ease, snug and secure. The holster is a bit long but that's to be expected cuz the G26 is stubby, LOL.
by Brayden W. on 03/24/2019
"great holster use with glock 17 and use a belt with it. it is great for the price I would recommend!
by Brian M. on 06/14/2017
"This thing is AWESOME! I have an APS ACP and it fits into this thing great. I have the paddle holster and i feel that is sits strong and firmly at my waist. I have used it when running a lot and it didn't dig into my side and my gun sat tight without distracting wobble. In the past, my holsters had a habit of releasing my pistol mag while running but I've had no problems with this one. :)
by Riley B. on 11/23/2016
"Got this a while back for my KWA ATP, and I love it. The plastic is durable enough to stand up to me running, jumping, and falling all over my local field, and the release button holds my gun in place, while being perfectly positioned while drawing. The adjustable draw angle is fantastic, and makes drawing and holstering perfectly comfortable.

In short, I would give this holster my highest recommendations, and I plan to by another for my new 1911
by Jordan R. on 08/30/2016
"If you are wanting to get the Echo1 Timberwolf, but you can't find a holster that will fit it for under $60....
Then this is exactly what you need!

-feels nice
-really comfortable
- belt attachment is great and highly adjustable
-good price

-kinda scratched up my slide a little
thats about it...

So, if you are longing for an Echo1 timber wolf, but you can't afford the custom holster.
by Hendrix D. on 08/20/2016
"Hands down best holster I've ever had, the fact that Matrix has the MOLLE attachment and the belt makes it perfect! Very easy to switch back and forth depending on where you are going.
by Kevin D. on 08/20/2016
"This is a really cool-looking holster, easy to use and gets the job done! Image is as described and price is fair.!
by Dan G. on 07/07/2016
"Fits my APS ACP as expected, very well. I also posted YT vid showing fitment, search: APS ACP + Matrix G19 Holster.

Side note: one the previous reviewers claimed this holster fit his EF 1911, he must've clicked on the wrong item to review because I also have that 1911 and it does NOT fit!

Webmaster Edit: Thanks for pointing it out.
by Riley B. on 06/05/2016
"I got this for my KWA ATP, which fits perfectly. The finger paddle is easy to use, and locks the gun solidly in place. I also love the fact that it can rotate to a comfortable draw angle. 5/5, would buy again.
by Martin M. on 05/21/2016
"What's the difference between this holster and my gf? I can actually fit something in it smoothly without it clawing me.

Fits ATP smoothly
Great look
Stays in place while running
You wont get clawed

My gf might find the comment
by Garrett D. on 05/09/2016
"This holster works terrific with the Elite Force 1911

High quality plastic along with a crisp locking mechanism that insures that your pistol wont fall out even with excessive pressure.
Overall great holster for its low price(not to mention different attachment modules!)


Webmaster Edit: I am happy to see a matrix hardshell holster worked well for you. Just for accuracy's sake for those reading, it seems like you are referring to the 1911 hardshell holsters. The G-series holster will not work with 1911 style. Thanks Garret for your review and thanks to Dan who pointed this out.
by Michael R. on 10/27/2015
"The holster itself is very solid. It is made of a very solid polymer and fits well. The molle mounting is also very solid. There are two small flaps on the top and one "clip" on the bottom that attaches very solidly. Does not wobble around much to at all, even with a pistol. The mount can also rotate while staying attached if you loosen a hex screw below the button. (Allen key included)
by Pablo B. on 06/08/2015
"Works very well and the pistol doesn't wobble when inserted, it sits tight and the button is easy to press so it if you need to draw the pistol quickly.