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Pre-Order ETA July 2023 EMG Precision Biodegradable Green Tracer BBs (Weight: .25g)

12 Customer Reviews

by michael z. on 06/20/2022
"they light up well when run through my tracer, my bedroom light even charges them enough that they give off the slightest glow in my pitch-black room which is kind of nice
by Andrew J. on 03/28/2022
"I love it I’m new to tracers got the cheapest one from here and it’s amazing these I got in .23 and want heavier my AEP salient arms 18c version uses .20 nicely I love these bbs…… and super fast shipping
by Jack C. on 12/02/2020
"Absolutely beautiful. Perfect for my weapon, and the glow that the tracer gives it is as beautiful as fireworks. 5/5.
by Austin R. on 04/23/2020
"These are great!! Bright, cheap, and amazing quality!
by Lyndon Kevin D. on 08/24/2017
"Bright, can see bbs hit the ground at max range with and without an optic in darker environments. Bottles also make loading high caps easy, but everyone will know your position, so best do the tactical macarena at your spawn.

Pros: bright, good quality with no issues.
Cons: none

Highly Recommended.
by Chris F. on 06/26/2017
"In my opinion these are the best tracer bbs available because they are bio-degradable.

Will support these over all others going forward.
by Walter C. on 09/12/2016
"I am really happy with these bbs. Works as expected and seems to be more accurate with less grouping than all other bbs I tried!
by Dallas H. on 10/12/2021
"Whoever packed these forgot to put the lid on the bbs were spilled in the bag other than that they do what they're supposed to do
by Kevin S. on 06/30/2018
"Don't get me wrong these are really good pellets to use for airsofting the only problem Is. That I don't know if the shipping doesn't require it to be in a box but I had mine shipped in an a shipping envelope and the container was smashed and pellets loose in the shipping envelope I wasn't really concerned about it I can fix it with some glue or tape they're good enough to do some testing and target practice before I do comp. Games

Ps.. really good way how to activate the glow in the dark bbs it's to shine them and super bright light for about 30 seconds to a min then the'll work not super bright thou but gets the job done fine
by Nick S. on 06/13/2017
"Bought a bottle of these for some night ops, mostly outside. Very pleased with you the performance, nice glow, decent price. Will be purchasing again! 👍
by Mr S. on 12/02/2017
"I used these in my PTW which are notoriously picky with BBs feeding. These worked really well until the conditions became to moist. They start to swell slightly causing some jamming. Do not use in high humidity, and keep in a real dry place with a desiccant packet.

My opinion is they work really well, and the fact there are .28 and heavier is a huge bonus. Bio rules make it impossible to use any other, but keep really dry and avoid moisture at all costs. They did work well in the Systema which is actually shocking and good news, but as the moisture rose in the air they started to swell.
by Brian G. on 01/17/2022
"They are decent for what they are. They shoot ok and light up well.

But if you care about getting the most accurate bb, look elsewhere. BLS Bio tracer bb's are far superior in the accuracy department and don't cost a great deal more.