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EMG Salient Arms International 30 Round Magazine for SAI 2011 Gas Airsoft Pistol (Color: Black / Green Gas)

17 Customer Reviews

by Gabriel C. on 09/18/2018
"Great change in the product quality (especialy the base plate retention). Mag ar solid and fit like a glove!! Like the kick of co2 also! Over all great product and a lot better then the one that came whit the original 2011.
by Mike R. on 08/28/2018
"Got this for my we-tech hi capa, fit in my gun solidly!
by Evan L. on 08/10/2018
"I use it with an aw custom hi capa it works fine and no problem!
by Robert C. on 04/21/2018
"You need more mags, you need this! Highly recommend more mags and this mag!
by Andrew V. on 03/04/2018
"Works with WE Hi-capa and Marui series too.
by Kevin T. on 02/10/2018
"Bought two of these three months ago and they work like a charm!
by Lorin S. on 09/14/2017
"So good I bought 4 of them. If you have the SAI 2011 then you need these.
by Eric C. on 09/27/2016
"This Product works great for what i need. My gun only came with one clip and it makes me feel safer knowing i have another.
by Logan P. on 03/19/2021
"These have been out of stock so I’m reviewing the mag that came with my EMG SAI 2011. It’s a good feeding, high quality magazine, but my biggest issue that I found out today is that the feeding lip is plastic. I went to load the mag and my thumb slipped so the spring shot up and broke the lip, making my mag useless. Other than that though, I dropped the mag a couple times and it still worked afterwards. That plastic lip needs to go.
by London G. on 11/09/2020
"Great material mags but will NOT FIT the 2011 JW3 TTI Hi Capa . please be aware of this before buying if you have a TTI 2011
by Kyle C. on 07/19/2020
"Very hefty and good quality. However, the angle/size of the aluminum(?) baseplate makes it barely engage the mag catch on my WE Hi-Capa and my brother's AW Custom Hi-Capa. I didn't care too much about mine so I sanded the front part of my magwell a bit and it fits perfectly now. If you don't want to sand your frame, you will have to change the nice metal baseplate to something more conventional.
by conrado n c. on 02/26/2018
"i bought 3 of these mags, they are very solid and have a nice weight to them. i am very satisfied with the quality of these mags. i have dropped all 3 of these mags one way or another on cement floors at indoor facility. all 3 of the baseplates came loose and i just use it without them. i also, just like the first review, dropped one of my mags and broke the feeding piece off, but super glued the crap out of it and so far its been holding the spring assembly in place, so i got lucky with that one. overall good SAI mag, the only bad things about the mag were user errors and clumsiness.
by Alec S. on 02/20/2018
"The mag works great. One downside is the mag fell out of my mag pouch and broke the feeding lip... Fall was about 3 feet on hard ground.
by Anthony L. on 12/25/2017
"This magazine does what it's intended to do, holds green gas and holds bb's. But one downside is that the baseplate is very cheap. On my first game using the mags the baseplate fell off and stays very loose. Besides that no leaky mag or feeding problems
by Roland L. on 05/04/2020
"Bought 2 to go with my EMG / Salient 2011 and after a single drop from the magwell to the ground (really wasn't that far) the metal butt plate's plastick retention piece snapped on one of the magazines and now doesn't lock into place. It still works machanicaly and the rest of the construction is pretty robust, however I am pretty bummed about the buttplate since it adds to the asthetic and guards the CO2 screw. I'd say the mags are worth it but the user should be wary of the plastic piece's rigidity.