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Angel Custom 1500 Round Thunderstorm Electric Winding Drum Magazine (Model: Body Only / Black)

15 Customer Reviews

by Ronald F. on 03/03/2022
"I got this a few weeks ago. Worked good in back yard plinking. Went to local outdoor field and was a game changer. Quiet winding, adapters for m4, ak, and m14. Glad I bought it.
by Amelia M. on 02/23/2022
"End all be all for airsoft magazines,weight is next to nothing unloaded and fits a variety of my guns feeds great just don’t overwind it.
by Ginger L. on 11/30/2021
"This is a highly durable product that is super easy to use and load, keeps up with a high fire rate and is super easy to change out the adapters. Warning= the m14 adapter is not compatible with the GNG line of m14's.
by Samuel B. on 06/30/2019
"Basically make your gun into a SAW, and never reload. Works flawlessly and is actually very compact and nearly silent.
by christopher L. on 02/24/2019
"This worked flawlessly in my Echo1 M14.
It keeps up with my 11.1v fire rate.
This is powered by a 11 volt battery and is winding by a button underneath the drum.

The kit comes with both the drum and M14 adapter.
To save money, you can also just buy adapters and keep utilizing the same drum.
by Chris S. on 08/07/2018
"Works great in my Krytac Vector. The winding is quiet enough I had three people on top of me and none knew I was winding the mag and I managed to drop em all;) Fed perfect on auto and burst, but had two double feeds in semi. Probably wound too much and my fault but figured it's worth mentioning. Doesn't rattle like my g36 drum mag, which is a huge plus! Overall would recommend if you are tired of carrying 5-6 mid cap Vector mags.
by Bill O. on 07/22/2018
"Need unlimited fire power? Get this!
by Curtis O. on 07/08/2018
"Best drum mag I have used in my last 12 years of Aisofting! Hands down, foot up!
by Paul Z. on 03/29/2018
"Got it and love it! get it!
by Maria G. on 11/08/2017
"These are extremely well built mags that will get the job done!
I have always wanted a nice drum mag but a lot of the Chinese stuff just don't do it. These Angel Custom stuff are made extremely high quality, and seems to only be available here at and maybe that is why the quality and quality control is awesome! Thank you!!
by Erlend P. on 09/12/2017
"i got it and it looks awesome, and it work as the devil him self :)
(in a good way)
by Lorin S. on 06/01/2017
"Sick sick sick!

This works on my Krytac and my APS ASR117.

Pros: Looks amazing and works perfectly.

Cons: Kinda heavy when full of 1500 BBs

Great buy, electric winding is easy and the battery lasts forever. Get this!
by zijian z. on 04/26/2017
"This is so real that CBSA kept this for theirselves!
by Maria G. on 04/03/2017
"Nice compact magazine that works like a charm!
Finally an electric magazine that is high quality, go Angel Custom!!
by Gabriel R. on 08/04/2020
"I got the M4 version. I run a krytac body with a Spartan Engine in it.
I had consistency issues. It could be because the rounds per second is too high for the magazine to keep up with.