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Matrix Low Profile Iron Face Padded Lower Half Face Mask (Color: Black)

13 Customer Reviews

by Auston C. on 03/04/2023
"Fits best with the ANSI Rated Aegis Anti-Fog Tactical Goggles.
Only issue is the back part is a pain and scuffs the ears a bit.
by Luke E. on 06/30/2020
"Great mask, secures to my face well. It’s hard to tighten though
by Charles G. on 06/08/2020
"If you want mesh face protection and still want to shoulder your replica the appropriate way and use you optics/Iron sights (BUIS), then this mask is for you. Mesh to allow air flow but soft conforming fabric on the sides. I can now achieve a proper cheek wield on my replicas if so desired. I modified mine to snap into the arc rails on my Opscore bump helmet and its well worth the money and time (few minutes if that) to modify for helmet wear. Have not used in game yet but can't see it having any issue. If I need to I'll update the review post game use.

Conclusion: Buy this, it works, it does what its designed to do.
by Brett H. on 12/28/2018
"Great Face Mask! Very comfortable and fit well on me.
by Andrew C. on 03/28/2018
"Doesn't hinder my ability to sight in but that might be because I already have a 1 inch riser for my optic (Avengers T1 Micro Reflex) and provides pretty good protection. Mesh to cover mouth and nose and padded cheeks
by Marcel D. on 08/28/2017
"I purchased this mask along with goggles and I must say "best choice for tight spots and comfortability" the straps are fully adjustable and it all sits snug and we'll...easy to breathe/no awkward gaps. Bets choice by far. Happy hunting people, and thank you
by Jerry P. on 01/04/2017
"This half mask is seriously brilliant. The central area has mesh for structure but the sides are a softer padding. The cheek weld you can get while wearing this half mask is outstanding. I highly recommend this face protection option.
by Adam M. on 12/05/2023
"Overall the mask is very comfortable and durable and provides the ability to have a great cheek weld, but I do have some complaints.

Firstly, the strap are not easy to get adjusted. As you pull them to adjust, they just stretch. It takes some patience to get it going.

Second complaint is that the top of the mask, the part that covers the bridge of your nose, sticks straight up on mine. Maybe this is because of the shape of my face. I do not want to get shot at the bridge of my nose, and this leaves my nose fairly exposed.

If it fits your face, I imagine this is probably the best lower mask as it is so comfortable.
by Miles O. on 09/15/2020
"This mask is great. If you're like me and have had issues shouldering your rifle or other guns with other face protection, this is the best choice. The areas outside of the mesh are a thicker fabric like material, and you will feel getting shot through them sometimes, but I'd rather that, and be able to use my gun effectively, than not feel anything and be useless.
by Donald B. on 03/30/2020
"I purchased 4 different lower face mask to see which would work best for each of my boys I found this one to fit best on my 9 year old and 12 year old the best, good quality.
by Elliott S. on 09/23/2019
"This mask is definitely more comfortable plus better secured on my head over the previous mask which I purchased through Amazon for 5 dollars. The previous mask has only one strap to secure on head plus the base was too long, too pointy. The vertical narrowness scrunched my mouth area, uncomfortable. This one has two straps securing on head. The shape fit very well to my chin where it did not scrunch my mouth. One reason I give this four out of five stars is that I wear an Emerson headset underneath my bump helmet which overlaps this mask. The part connecting the straps plus the mask partially covers my ears where the headset that goes over that part causes my ears to grow slightly irritated. It is slightly complicated wearing all of this simultaneously. Other than that, I am satisfied with this mask.
by Andrew W. on 03/10/2018
"Great face mask! Soft and durable, and foldable. I purchase the woodland digital (the green one), and my only complaint is that it is a completely different shade of green from my Marine Corps woodland gear. To explain it; it's pale and faded, as if someone let it sit out in the Saharan sun for a year or two. Otherwise a fantastic product.
by Chrisitan D. on 05/01/2017
"I love the feel of the soft padding of the mask. It is definitely very comfortable and great for resting your face on the cheek rest; it makes looking through low profile sights possible. The wire mesh part of the mask is great for receiving air; it is roughly flexible, but it slightly gets in the way when looking down. The bands work as they should; adjusting it is easy. However, it irritates the ear a little. Overall, very much worth the buy and I would use it as my mask of choice.