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Phantom XL RD310 Machine Gun Reflex Sight

6 Customer Reviews

by Michael D. on 10/19/2020
"This is clownishly over-sized. However it is amazing for airsoft. It has helped teach my fiance how to use a red dot sight through her Dye-5 mask. There is no obstruction of FOV through masks that are normally attributed to wearing them. The one thing you may want to consider though is finding someone to make you a 3" x 3" scope protector as this sight is VERY prone to bb hits due to it's size. Great sight for players who wear full face masks.
by francis g. on 07/02/2020
"Really big. Just to give you an idea i put it on my a&k pkm and the optic is wider than the body of the pkm. This is a really large FOV not try on field at the moment but really happy of it.
by Christopher P. on 05/26/2020
"This sight is enormous. The red/green "dot" (Its actually more like a reticle) is enormous. It's hard to gauge just how large this thing is by the photos.

Imagine a classic red dot sight. you can fit 4 of them in the surface area of this sight's lens. 4 of them. It's that large.

Very large sight picture
easy to lay the "dot" on your target from a wide range of viewing angles
allows shooter to use the red dot without having to smash lower face mask against gun's stock
very easy to zero.
holds zero well

very large. I'm concerned about the strength of the materials and how well it will hold up in skirmishes
if you want a lens protector you will have to build your own

I like it. But people keep asking me if I'm blind // suggesting I get a smaller sight.
by Paul H. on 02/14/2020
"Great sight! It doesn't obstruct any of you field of view like other micro red dots. Having a big field of view really lets you focus on the environment behind the red dot and connect the two together. I run this on my M4 and MP5. Great red and green aperture.
I would encourage you to buy the clear acrylic sight protector for the hardware, then make your own bigger sight protector shield part with acrylic. You can do it with a hand saw or a bandsaw. I would upload a picture of it on my MP5, but Evike isn't giving me a picture option. Just go buy it.
by Andrew G. on 08/11/2018
"Build Quality 8/10
Dot Accuracy 7/10
Rail Fitment 10/10
Maintenance 6/10

Its built very well and carries its purpose into the field well, increase visibility while ADS. After 60 hours of field play it holds up well to getting bumped and used in rainy/dirty terrain. The Dot is very good and holds zero well with "recoil" replicas. Bolts up just fine to normal picatinny rails.

One draw back is that it's a huge surface area and is 4 times more likely to take a direct hit. Most aftermarket dot shields don't cover the dot very well and DIY shielding is highly recommended if your in a game that involves fast pace and close up shooting. I don't recommend this Optic for CQB environments only for that reason. One lesser take away is that it gets more noticeably dirty since the lense is so big. Keep a microfiber or glass wipes handy.

If your a support gunner, or don't like small holo-dot optics, it's a great addition to your replica. You'll definitely turn heads at your local field or OP.

(also a great cosplay kit idea for CoD BO2 millimeter scanner or target finder)
by Branden Y. on 07/07/2017
"The pictures don't do this justice. It may look big but after holding it my hands this thing is gigantic. My main worry is that the sight protector I bought with it won't be enough to protect it properly. I may have to get some plexiglass or something and make a custom protector.

Pros: Can see the whole field.

Cons: Will attract incoming fire.