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Haley Strategic HSP MP2 Magazine Pouch Inserts (Type: Four Pack / Disruptive Grey)

5 Customer Reviews

by Jim A. on 04/30/2020
"Fast reloads and mags don't fall. They are perfect when im skulldragging in my bedroom and hiding from my cats.
by Bryce G. on 09/30/2017
"This is such an amazing product. I have been using the cheap Emerson JPC "clone" and I had to remove the bungee retention due to my mags being kinda short. The bungee would not retain the mag correctly, making it difficult to remove a mag with one hand. The only issue with this was excessive running caused my mags to bounce out of the pouch. I found these and ordered them right away. I was worried that they would come out with the mag, but these inserts stay seated. They give a good retention to the mags, as they don't try to escape my pouches anymore. I can hold my rig upside-down and the mags will remain in their pouch. I am ordering more for my chest rig, since these are so great.
by Benjamin C. on 01/31/2017
"Nicely designed and are great for retaining my mags. I personally did not want to rely on the inserts solely for retention, so I kept the bungees on my D3CR. Just part of my OCD when it comes to losing my mags. The mags are not held in place with what I believe to be the perfect middle ground of retention. Not too sturdy but not too loose, and won't come out of the pouch with the magazine when pulled out with rapid force in a critical situtation. Overall, I would recommend these to anyone who owns a D3CR, or any other compatible magazine pouches. They do not hinder the user and only provide benefits.

10/10 get this, will be worth it.
by Benjamin C. on 11/29/2016
"Order this four pack for my D3CR. A great insert and accessory for my rig. Holds magazines in pretty well without bungee retention. However I decided to leave my bungees on my rig just in case. Note, different magazines act differently in the inserts. I use my KWA LM4 and those magazines are held in pretty good, but can be difficult to take out due to the retention and the magazines steel shell being smooth. However over time, it appears to be getting easier, must need time to break in. While my real AR HEX magazines are not not as secure, yet can be pulled out pretty easily. Also, preforming tactical/retention reloads is much easier sense the inserts hold the pouches open a lot easier than they are usually without the inserts. The inserts stay in place during reloads and are not pulled out with the mag. This is due to the inserts pushing outward towards the front and back of the pouch, as well as a cutout that slides into the molle channel of rig. Overall, I would definitely recommend these inserts to any owner of the HSP D3CR. This provides an extra level of retention for your magazines so you don't lose them, without hindering or compromising your ability to reload and hold magazines. These also fit in other pouches made by other brands. These fit in my condor triple mag bungee pouches and staying in when I pulled out the mags. Again, these depends you just have to experiment. This is a great product made by a great company, give these inserts a try and make reloading under stress a easier experience. 10/10 way to go Haley Strategic!
by Anthony G. on 07/15/2020
"I bought these for my D3CRX and I absolutely loved how easy it was to re-index mags. The thing that killed it for me is due to me liking to leave mags in until I use them, and these come to find out they lose retention if they have mags in them for more than a few days. I called Haley Strategic They said many of the users have that issue with these inserts, so they way they found to fix it is to remove them from the pouches and take a heavy duty rubber band and rubber band them shut for 48hrs.