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RA-Tech Maple Leaf Precision Hopup Spacer / Tensioner for AEG Hop-up Units

12 Customer Reviews

by Fernando A. on 12/19/2020
"It gives it a lot of hop for .20s with the bucking the previous owner had on my G&G SCAR, and thats a good thing.

As far as consistency goes, it works fine considering the barrel its in pretty bad shape and with the misterious bucking with a W mound that the owner previouly put in.

So far, im pleased with it, considering that it gives it great consistency on the hop and could hop .32s with ease
by MICHAEL W. on 02/23/2020
"Works and fit great. No issues. I like it better then any other style of nub, including my flat hop. It just makes more sense to me to have a curves nub then anything else. Will buy for all my hop ups
by Max C. on 01/11/2020
"Highly recommend this

I put this in my Action Army VSR 10 chamber with a Decepticon 50 degree bucking.
The groupings and range improved a ton so you should get it.
by Elton F. on 07/29/2019
"I upgraded my KWA RM4 Magpul PTS with: Maple leaf Macron 75 degree bucking, Maple Leaf Nub, piston head cylinder head and nozzle of Maxx Model, Inner Barrel Prometheus 6.03/509mm and a cylinder full closed.

Results: 160ft shooting an A4 sheet. 360FPS
by Timothy M. on 12/06/2018
"I have used this nub in two different guns already. First in a sniper rifle with a standard VSR hopunit, barrel and maple leaf bucking. I have also used it in my Tar-21 Elite version in conjunction with an S-hopped black python barrel and a ryusuko flat hop bucking. Both guns shoot straight and true. The work great with heavy weight BBs. I have a new M4 on the way and will be shopping that barrel with this nub as well. I expect good results.

Works best with flat hop and S hop builds as far as I have tested.

Make sure that you have NOT modified your hopup arm for any sort of M nub or eraser nub previously. You WILL need the prongs on the hopup arm for this spacer to be seated properly
by Brian S. on 06/18/2018
"Increaded my consistency drastically on my ipgraded vsr10. 100% must have item if youre using the maple leaf bucking and an upgraded hop up chamber.
by Michal F. on 04/20/2018
"Besides the bucking, this is the most important part of your gun. And this is the best nub on the market. Be sure to glue it to your hopup arm so that it is centered perfectly.
by Alec S. on 09/22/2017
"This thing is absolutely necessary for Maple Leaf AST buckings if you want to get the most out of your hop-up. I was using the stock nub provided with the AA hop-up chamber and was getting some inconsistency since it didn't provide the proper amounts of pressure along the AST bucking. Once I replaced it with this all the issues disappeared and my gun firing great. Wish I had known about this sooner.
by Joseph R. on 07/15/2015
"This nub(flat hop up) combined with a prowin m4 hop up will give you a boost of 15-30 feet adjusting hop up.. Very happy and will buy another for a spare.

It is also known as the "Maple Leaf RTX Concave Hop Up Nub for AEG" Don't let Evike's misguided name fool you "RA-Tech" Sadly it is out of stock I will have to wait to order another.
by Ray L. on 07/02/2017
"It's a hopup nub. It gets the job done.
by Jeffrey S. on 06/12/2016
"Good bucking, I combined mine with the 75 Maple leaf AST bucking. I gained about 30 fps in both guns from the better air seal. And both shot with near pin point precision. A couple things to look out for though, make sure everything is lined up, since this is a concave nub, if it isn't straight on, it will make the bb fade right or left. Also, when playing in heavy rain and in and out of water scenarios it tends to lose its ability to hop, not sure if there is a nub/bucking combo that wouldn't though.
by Julio L. on 07/27/2015
"I recently bought two of this nub ..

One for my cqb aps m4 that shoots 395fps I used .25g bb and this nub worker great .. increase the range like 10' and also accuracy..

The second nub for my ics m4 dmr 535mm inner barrel, 485fps .30g bb and this nub dint work !! The bb will get stock due to the hard nub .. I tried it with different bucking and still does the same ....

Now I'm creating my own flat nub from Sorbo pads ... It's has more friction...

Might post resolt if requested.... Good luck if thinking about getting this item ..