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Replica Dummy GPNVG-18 Night Vision Goggle by Matrix (Color: Dark Earth)

6 Customer Reviews

by Matt G. on 07/31/2016
"I recently got them and they are cool. The only thing wrong is that I have to buy a new mount to fit it. Other than that, this is a good replica.
by Roger H. on 04/24/2016
"Got these a few months back and they are good but it will take so elbow grease to get them to the point to where you can see through them with out your vision getting inverted. Stopped by Office Depot and Staples to get some dark blue see through clip boards (I think I got all they had in stock at the time). I used a drill press to machine out some discs then used a sanding wheel to size them down( Make sure you use the old lenses for sizing when doing so) for the front of the NVG's. Once I got comfortable practicing on 3 or 4 boards, I used the rest to make the real ones I was going to use and some extras just in case they get shot out. I popped out the curved lenses and put my machined inserts in place of the front lenses and gorilla glued the blue rear inserts in that came with the NVG's and it works flawlessly!
Even after all the work I had to do on my part to get them functional, I would buy them again if I was given the choice. For the money they are perfect for a project and if you really want too you can take them apart and cast then in aluminum alloy which is my next project so that they will be even more durable. But all that aside, These are perfect for some one who is making a movie prop/Seal Costume for Halloween or something or just wanting to get the Devgru look on a budget.
by Paolo E. on 05/12/2019
"These replicas are pretty good if you're going for the tacticool look. The weight tilts your helmet forward so you'd have to buy counterweights to keep the helmet balanced and I'd recommend upgrading your helmet pads for comfort if you plan on wearing these for a long period of time. It's a shame that the lenses make your vision upside down when looking through but I'd doubt anybody would play an airsoft game with these down anyways because they'll limit your vision. Good replica for the looks.
by Daniel B. on 05/18/2017
"I usually run real PVS-14 gen 3 for Night games and Ops but I wanted to buy these so I won't have to run around with real nods all the time. When these came in, I had to tighten couple of things but thats about it. They are really light compared to real nods and you have to put some superglue on the back of the battery box right before you put on the velcro so it wont unstick. you can fit 4 Cr-123 batteries in the back of the battery box. MAKE SURE YOU BUY A "L4 G24" mount in order to mount these nods. Another thing is that you CAN'T SEE ANYTHING through these nods but thats not an issue because they are just for show. Over all it's good for what it's made for.
by Luke M. on 02/28/2020
"these nvgs were better and worse than i expected. its made out of metal which makes these goggles fairly durable but when i got these goggles, they came in an unmarked, unpadded box and one of the lenses that you look through wasnt attached to the goggles. also the dovetail mount on these goggles is one solid non removable piece so if you were thinking about doing the rhino mount mod so that it fits these goggles then that will not work. it comes with a fake battery that is hollow and can be removed to potentially put counterweights inside and wire to attatch to the goggles and make them look more realistic. overall im satisfied with these goggles but i wish they did some stuff different with them in order to improve their quality
by Vitor C. on 03/05/2014
"I't a nice replica but could be better. It gives that cool special forces look, but it is kinda heavy. The quality does not seems do be the best, and if you look through it, it inverts your vision (funny and frustrating). It fits only dovetail NVG mounts, which is kinda expensive, and it is not sold on evike (as of feb. 2014). You can modify a rhino mount to fit it like I did, but it does not look authentic at all. Actually what I really liked is the battery box, which looks nice, is well made, holds up to 4 CR123a batteries, which is pretty useful to store spare batteries for my Surefire helmet light, (other flashlights, lasers...) and it serves as a counterweight. So at least one thing can be useful... Overall i'm satisfied. 3/5 for the goggles, and 5/5 for the battery box!