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Maple Leaf AST Macaron Airsoft AEG Hopup Rubber Bucking (Type: 80 Degree)

26 Customer Reviews

by Michael P. on 05/29/2020
"great value and reliability
by Dustin S. on 05/13/2020
"freaking great bucking! works really well in my VFC hop up that is in my G&G cm16. Thanks to this bucking my fps went from 346 to consistent 370 fps on my mk18 upper for my G&G.
by nicholas m. on 04/08/2020
"Using this with a 509mm long, 6.03 barrel in a m249 @400fps w/.2bb @23rps. Holds about a 8in pattern at 150ft, allows 220-230ft max accuracy with a .25 on a torso sized target.

These are pretty cool, the hop up nub isnt a nub. Its a contact patch that is very similiar to an rhop patch. It fills most of the window, is actually flat and elongated and has a curve to it so it centers the round as it comes thru the hop up. Very impressive for the price. I seal these against the barrel with GE1 silicone, light coat all the way around the barrel and it forms a perfect seal against the hop up rubber. And its easy to remove off the barrel if you want to swap parts.

For best seal you want to either put a very slight chamfer on your nozzle, or lightly sand the inside of the lip of the bucking with 600-1000grit paper. Its a little tight for good clearance and can cause feeding issues in very tight units.
by Marshall K. on 03/17/2020
"Pros: Perfect airseal, accurate af, fps boost of 10-20, Rubber is mostly strong

Cons: in the MAXX model Scar hop up the bucking tore TWICE (in front of the rubber contact block) yet i still get a perfect seal.

Get this.
by John Z. on 09/08/2019
"This is the best bucking for outdoor use AEG’s. I’m using this is my Modify XTC rifle combined with the Maple Leaf RTX nub and I’m hitting consistently on a human target at 70 yards with 0.32 gram bbs. Couldn’t be happier for a non sniper rifle build.
by Elton F. on 07/29/2019
"I upgraded my KWA RM4 Magpul PTS with: Maple leaf Macron 75 degree bucking, Maple Leaf Nub, piston head cylinder head and nozzle of Maxx Model, Inner Barrel Prometheus 6.03/509mm and a cylinder full closed.

Results: 160ft shooting an A4 sheet. 360FPS
by Aleksandre S. on 06/03/2018
"Best bucking on the market! I am using it in my 600 fps DMR with 6.03 Madbull tightbore barrel, even it says max 500 fps, but i found it more suitable than hardest one for smooth shoting on semi. Reaching 350 ft range with ease on 0.36G bbs.
1. Perfect Airseal
2. Good consistency
3. Ability to lift heavy bbs

Had to cut lips a bit in my prowin hop up, it was jamming bbs in the chamber, then it worked like a charm.
by Michal F. on 04/23/2018

The single best upgrade you can do to your airsoft gun, and it's one of the cheapest. Don't forget a maple nub to go with it.
by thomas m. on 10/12/2017
"Great bucking got mine installed today better accuracy over stock definitely getting another one.
by Victor A. on 12/09/2016
"I bought these buckings because I was told they were amazing by a friend and I don't disagree. Running these in my krytac SPR, VFC Scar H and Scar L with great results. Using a standard nub (they didn't come with nubs) I'm getting about 180-185 ft with the scars, and around 190-200 ft useable accurate range with the krytac. Please note all guns are running Prometheus TBB as well. Highly recommend these.
by Juliet B. on 10/04/2016
"Amazing bucking. It is pink, unexpected but not unusable. Fits in the plastic SHS rotary-type AR15 hopup I use without issue.

I also run a Polarstar PCS nub, and paired with a Madbull 509mm Black Python IB, some teflon tape, and some run-of-the mill Matrix .20s, BBs were flying out of view before I saw them hit the ground. I was using my Dboys M16A4 which is otherwise stock.

If anyone is curious the "mound" part that is actuated by the hop-up nub is shaped a bit like a maple leaf. What a surprise /s/.
by Alex M. on 04/07/2016
"This bucking is perfect for the result I was looking for in the M4. I installed this with a tight-bore 6.01 mm Angel Custom 535mm inner barrel and all I can say is OMG. I tested it over the weekend and I can deck kids from twice the distance over stock, seems to hurt a lot more from there reactions. But overall this is a good option if you want to get more range and accuracy.

-Easy install
-Ultra compatible with my KWA M4 RIS (might be a tighter fitment on other models)
-Instant increase of range

by valentine t. on 03/14/2016
"just got this bucking in and i have not tried it yet due to me waiting till all parts for my ak come in but i gotta say very impressed with the sheer look of this thing! best looking bucking ive seen out of all my days in airsofting. i love that the one i got IS PINK. i was not expecting that at all! i expected straight up black hop up rubber but no way! these guys really surprised me! good job maple leaf or whoever the company is! (if you take this as sarcasm, it's not. i'm being completely serious)
by seth w. on 02/13/2016
"Put this in my cyma AK105 when I replaced my compression system. excellent bucking, shoots great and is VERY accurate IGN 10/10
by Brad J. on 07/21/2015
"I agree with everyone on this list,
Get this bucking!!!
It improved airseal and increased my fps, while also increasing my accuracy and range by about 35ft!
When paired with a flat hop and tightbore barrel. I could see any 350+fps aeg reaching 200 ft no problem. So far no downsides, installation was easy and overall great product

Pros: increased accuracy, range, and fps (airseal), easy install

Cons: none