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G&P M170S Devil Jet Airsoft High Torque Custom Neo Magnet AEG Motor - Long Type

7 Customer Reviews

by Daniel M. on 11/09/2016
"This is an update on my previous review. I had soldered the contacts after taking apart the motor and fixed the wire that had pulled from the armature. Luckily no problems since I have been using the motor after fixing it and machining it to a short type motor for 6 months or so. I am using it in my AK which has 13:1 gears shortstroked with an m130 spring shooting 350 fps with .25s at 45 rps with an 11.1 lipo 35c. It's extremely fast and am very pleased with the outcome.
by Alexander D. on 07/08/2015
"I just bought this motor for my M4 high FPS build and it pulls my M170 Prometheus spring effortlessly!!! I am very happy with this motor.
by Joey C. on 01/17/2013
"This motor is better than any motor I have experience with. You can use it with anything above an m90 spring. I personally recommend using at least a m130 for extended use of full auto. If you are on full auto for more than 5-10 seconds with anything under a m130 spring, this motor will heat up very quickly. I replaced my KWA motor, which was getting about 21bps, with this bad boy I got upwards of 30bps easily with an 11.1v Lipo. I dont think I have to say anything about the torque since this thing can pull m150 springs at an above avg ROF. This motor is a beast but is recommended for people that want a high speed dmr set up. This motor is HIGHLY recommended due to its speed, torque, and reliability.
by ryan h. on 06/23/2011
"This motor is not for the faint of heart. It is very powerful but can be too powerful. The motor will litteratl jump out of your hand if you hook it up to a battery. It is pulling my m130 spring so fast that the magazine cant keep up with the firing rate.

I would only recommend this motor if you are using a strong spring or else you firing rate will be way too high
by Russell S. on 06/05/2011
"This motor is extremely magnetic. It seems to be quite fast but delivers massive amounts of torque like it should. A more powerful M180 motor is available its called the M180 Satan but its hard to find and probably not needed. Although the Satan is advertised to be a higher speed version of this already awesome motor.
by Dimitri D. on 12/19/2017
"I just got this motor today and I installed it immediately I took a couple shots in semi auto and this thing was an absolute beast and I had the best trigger response I've ever seen on an airsoft gun. Comparable to an HPA or polar star. Then I switched to full auto to see what the thing can do. Unfortunately the same thing that happened to Daniel occurred here and a wire was ripped off the armature and worn down between the magnets and armature. I disassembled the motor but I'm waiting for a pinion removal tool to finish the job over all the motor is very zipped but this wire is a common problem and shouldn't be on a 95 dollar motor. I will fix this motor and see its performance and post another review in the future.
by Daniel M. on 04/04/2016
"Here's my experience with this motor. I pop it out of the box and plug it right up to the wires running a 11.1v lipo battery. Test, rpm is very nice and fast as heck. I replace the motor with the one I had and went to go test fire. I'm running 11.1v with 13:1 gears shortstroked by 4 teeth m130 spring and all other great internals and mosfet. Shoots great exceptionally high rof. Shot about 300 rounds and the motor locks up. Took the gun apart and check the gearbox release the anti reversal latch and try again. Gears don't even move. I check the motor and can't even turn the pinion gear by hand or with battery. I noticed a wire from the armature of the motor had become detached and is ripped up in the side of the motor casing. I'm hopefully waiting on a new one. I just can't believe it 95 dollar motor and it's broken the first day. I'm extremely disappointed