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Fire Dragon SWAT Law Enforcement Replica Tactical Vest w/ Patches

10 Customer Reviews

by Ethan M. on 07/25/2018
"May seem a bit tiny at first, it does have straps on the side to adjust it if needed. Mine came with two SWAT patches, one large and small. Not bad at all, but it does feel more like a life jacket than a cool overcoat, but it gets the job done.
by nick l. on 08/06/2013
"Pretty good vest, looks awesome, absorbs most of the shock of bb's, and decently comfortable, although you will have to remember, the vest is a little short in some areas. I'm 5'10 140 Lb's and it just covers my stomach and a little of my hips but if you use a battle belt or something of the sort you'll be fine. SWAT patches look cool too.
looks cool
feels comfortable
absorbs bb hits fairly well
holds 4 M4/AK mags (mine has 2 more mag pouches on the back)
holds shells for shotty's
6 pistol mag pouches
movable Velcro pockets/patches

little short in the lower stomach/hips area (easily remedied by wearing a battle belt)
neck guard is a bit annoying when sweaty but manageable
shoulders are a little stiff when you first get the vest

overall great vest for starters/intermediate airsofters!
by Bruce C. on 07/30/2012
"For starters, I can accurately say this is an excellent vest. There aren't that many cons but, that is for you to decide ultimately.
Tons of pockets
Fits almost every type of magazine easily
Can hold homemade grenades
Removable radio pouch and should pouches.

When sweaty, can be a tad uncomfortable
Swat patches are a little tough to get off but once they are off, you can get them off a little bit easier

Overall, a 9/10 in my opinion. It's a vest for all types of players whether new or old. Not to mention it looks awesome.
by Jesse R. on 01/26/2010
"This vest is amazing. Its not really meant for big people, but those with a medium to slim frame will fit in it fine. There is a few straps for tightening so you can adjust it to your specific build if you want.

Its pretty comfortable and it doesn't cut into your neck like most tac-vests. My only real complaint with it is the fact that the buttons don't like to stay buttoned, but with a velcro strip attached to each pocket this is a petty detail.

Overall this vest is good. The zippers seem a little flimsy and the buttons have issues like I mentioned earlier, but it is a good vest and well worth the money spent.
by Bradley D. on 10/26/2009
"Overall, this vest looked very real, and I highly recommend it!
Padded very well
Very comfortable
Many pouches
Can put other velcro patches on (I recommend american flag, and very tactical skull patch; i put 6 patches on)
looks sick
My thompson/mp5/mk5 mags didnt fit.
But u can put pistol there. Highly recommend and it better than pistol holster
by Randy H. on 05/28/2014
"I love this vest but it didn't come like in the picture and I didn't get my free patch either so I give four stars because no patch but other than that it's a great vest not much large mag space but 5 is not bad
by Skyler A. on 06/13/2010
"I got this vest a couple weeks ago and let me just say it is awsome! It's comfortable, ajustable, and arofdable. I'm 14, 150ish lbs and it fits fine. It even fit my dad who's almost twice my size. The only problem I've had with it is how the rifle mag pouches are alittle to shallow to fit ak mags. It still works but they sometimes fall out. 4/5
by Kyle B. on 03/12/2021
"Wouldn't recommend this if you're a "bulky" guy. I'm 6'2 and a lifter, was very excited about this purchase, however it doesn't even come close to being able to be zipped up. Other than that it's a really cool vest, but you have to be pretty skinny to be able to fit into it, I'd almost say this is meant for a teenager. Pretty upset that I won't be able to wear it.
by liam k. on 12/18/2011
"To start off, I am an avid airsofter and experienced with all sorts of equipment. I've had this vest for roughly 4 months now, and feel I can make a thorough review of it. My past vest just fell apart, and I needed another. When mine first arrived, I was rather happy to see it was well made and sewn sturdily. Looks can be deceiving. I quickly noticed that mine had different pouches than on the picture. Mine only had one magazine pouch, and an array of micro-pouches. I wont even use this for cqb! besides this, I may retrofit it to house more 5.56 magazines, and smg type magazines. Besides this, the vest has a wide range of fitting, and feels sturdy with a solid frame. The patches are cool too, I took them off and put my "As Seen On Evike TV" and irish patches on I got in a box of awesomeness.
by Nathan S. on 12/17/2011
"Honestly, I was disappointed by this tac vest. It's a bit too small for me, but it should fit somebody about 5' 7" or shorter. When I took it out of the box, it smelled funny and it had some marks on it that made it look like it was used, not brand new. A lot of the pouches are ill-fitting to my gun mags. The only big pro this vast has is that it looks really cool. I think I wasted some of my money on it though.