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Rubberized Stock Extension Battery Butt Plate for P90 / E90 Series Airsoft AEG

12 Customer Reviews

by Ben L. on 08/25/2020
"Now you're probably thinking, how on earth does this function better on my P90 platform? Well, I'll tell you...

Firstly, this is rubber and has a very nice texture on the rear so it will grip your shoulder very firmly, keeping your stock on your shoulder without fear of slipping, all kosher on that aspect.

Secondly, this does make the length of pull roughly a 1/4 inch longer, which is quite trivial with how compact the P90 is to begin with. Plus it slides on the back, it has no clips or tabs to adhere it to the gin, but trust me, it will not fall off on its own.

Lastly, this makes batteries a breeze to deal with, despite the fact the P90 has adequate battery space to begin with. This plate reduces your chance of possibly pinching or shearing wires, so the peace of mind is quite nice.

Overall, this is nice accessory to your P90. Would absolutely reccomend if you're a fan of the platform.
by Julian B. on 02/20/2020
"Fits very snug. It looks alright on the P90, but I got it for the grip it's got compared to OEM. Battery space is a bit more, but I usually run an external battery.
by Patrick C. on 11/07/2018
"I had gotten this as I'd bought a used P90, which didn't have a stock cover for whatever reason. This great piece gives just a tiny bit more length to the gun overall, but really helps in keeping the battery and wiring packed comfortably, without crushing anything. The rubber stock is fairly comfortable, for how flat it is.

Overall, glad I went for this choice over the stock version. If you've got to replace your butt plate for you P90/E90, I'd recommend dropping the extra $2 (as of this review) on this one.
by David B. on 07/28/2017
"Fits well, and stays put. Gives a bit more room for a larger battery, and provides a comfortable stock.
by Thomas S. on 05/13/2013
"Slips OVER the back of your P90. It does offer a lot more room, not really for batteries but for the wires. I love it. No more pinched wires, and it fits on nice and snug. It's a little tough to get off, but that's a good thing so you know it won't slip off mid battle.
by Josh K. on 05/10/2012
"Love this thing!!

If you have silicone non stick cookware, you will know it is made of the same stuff.
It works by sliding over the back of your gun instead of the stock plastic buttplate.

~Durable! You can stomp, smash or throw this thing and its not gonna break
~Will never break unless you try.

Hard to get off (I think its a pro)

All you people asking compatibility question: ITS WILL WORK ON YOUR P90.
Works on: Marui, Classic army, Echo1, JG, GB, King arms and all the rest.
This is not a forum! Stop asking questions!
by Jake D. on 03/11/2010
"Nice, cheap little functional add-on.
You will no longer have to bend up the wires to put in your battery!
It fits very snugly. It does not snap to the P90 like the original one, however - it just slips on.
It looks rather nice, better than I was expecting, and feels like it would save your P90 if you accidentally dropped it and it landed on the butt.

There is not an enormous amount of additional room, so it's unlikely that you could use a larger than standard battery without the same hassle as before.
The single sling slit is covered up when this is fully on.

Fully recommended to anyone who uses a P90.
by Ivan I. on 02/03/2010
"A must for any p90 user.

Durability: Perfect, unless you really hate this thing (and you will love it), stomp it, stab it and rip at it. It should last you a life time. It slides on the end of the gun and stays there and performs its job. Made of strong, thick, and flexible rubber. Not brittle, not rock hard. Very comfortable. The ridges grip your shoulder well and make for very cool use... it just looks awesome too.

Usability: I cannot recommend this more. I have never been able to get the stock butt plate onto my p90, even with a smaller Li-Po battery, the cords are just too stiff and refuse to cooperate. With this all you have to do is cram the battery in there, arrange the cords and slap this on and you are good to go, no headache, no yelling, no screaming. The only complaint I have, and this is VERY minor. If you don't pack the cords somewhat flat, the butt plate can become crooked as you play, rather than being vertical and perpendicular with your clip, it might slide a bit during play. Packing your cords flat can prevent this.

Bottom line: Buy this, it is awesome, cheap,and durable and will save you a headache every time you have to take your battery in and out of the gun. Anyone buying a p90 should buy this along with it.
by Jason B. on 08/28/2021
"While it is nice and solid feeling, it is NOT a replacement to the P90 battery compartment plate. This one slides over it, with no way to lock in place. You need to find a way to hold it still otherwise it slides further on to the gun, if you want to utilize the extra battery real estate. Solid and well built, however.
by Matthew M. on 03/03/2021
"It does exactly what it is supposed to do. It's not coming off until you want it off, but it's not difficult to remove.

Minus one star because it covers the sling slot.
by Clark R. on 05/18/2018
"Covers the sling slot at the bottom so be prepared to make modifications if necessary. Doesn't extend all that much but makes shouldering much nicer. Good quality plastic and form fit so no issues with it sliding off.
by William I. on 09/06/2009
"This thing is great. All of the time I try to put my p90 battery in but its a pain because I don't want to damage the wires. Now I don't need to worry. The only problem I have with this is that you can't really fit any large type batteries in the gun with this. I got a 3600mah battery but I didn't expect it to fit what I did was put the battery on the side of the gun and taped it with electrical tape so the battery will blend in but stay on. This helped alot since the thing is very soft rubber and the wires fit very well underneath.
Overall this is great but doesn't add that much room so just do what I did.