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FREE SHIPPING for orders over $99! New deals released hourly and daily. See Deals Here! Competition Grade Airsoft / Firearm Silicone Lubricant Oil Spray - 200ml / 6.7oz Large Can

16 Customer Reviews

by Cody S. on 10/29/2019
"Use it for your gas guns and to keep your magazines in proper working order. Works like a charm!
by Johnson P. on 08/08/2017
"I have always used evike silicone oil and it is great. I use it in my elite force 1911 and I have had it for a couple years now and it runs like new!
by Jens S. on 02/20/2017
"It's lube and it lubes. Kept my WE tech M9's slide action very smooth and the mag valves in check.
by Juliet B. on 07/28/2016
"Can lasts a very long time and the silicone is of good quality. The can is also resistant to puncture by "accidental" BB discharge of about 350 FPS.
by Brad J. on 11/01/2015
"Great product,
It is a very large can so you shouldn't run out for a long time!
Great deal also, really cheap when compared to others. I've used other silicome oils and I don't know what Magic evike does, but this is the best.
Overall 10/10 no downsides!!!!!
Buy this product!!!
by Devon F. on 10/04/2015
"Love this stuff. My 1911 stopped working all together except for a few shots. I had been negligent to add lube and as soon as I did it started working again. I would suggest this to EVERYONE with anything that has a moving part.
by Demetrius J. on 06/08/2015
"This is a great lubricant! I use it for my GBB and my mags and I've never had an issue! Worth it. The only thing is, it's definitely a skill getting just the right amount of oil to come out. It's either too much or too little!
by Kevin P. on 07/27/2013
"Does its job great. Comes with the long little straw extension. I spray a little bit of this as well as using silicone oil on my gbb 1911 and mac 11s
by Taylor D. on 04/14/2012
"Great lubrication oil that is a good price. Just throw a can in on one of your orders and it will definitely last you a while and have you be able to keep up on gun care.
by Brian E. on 12/31/2010
"Very good. Bought this and I got the magazine for my TM MP5A5 feeding again, really nice. Good price too.
by Steve K. on 01/20/2010
"Very Good Can of lube No Dents or Label missing upon arrival and holds alotta lube I used alot on my WE SCAR and I Feel the Pressure sensitivity of the spray cannister allows for just enough lube sprayed out at a time without "spraying the Whole can in one slight press". I really recommend this for Anyone getting a Gas gun
by Mathew D. on 12/30/2008
"Very good you should always have lube and this is a good sized can.
by Jonathan R. on 11/14/2008
"Great stuff! Fairly inexpensive. Nice sized can. Should last you for quite some time.
by Dominick V. on 10/17/2018
"It's simple, it lubricates.
by Danny S. on 01/09/2015
"Love this lube. Use it on all my guns, plus all the guns i work on for my job. It works wonders for o-rings and lubing after a nice clean.
Only thing bad, I've bought 6 or 7 of these cans, and only one has had the red spray straw to work. :(