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Madbull 204 Round King shower Airsoft Grenade Shell

11 Customer Reviews

by David F. on 08/30/2017
"This grenade is the best for clearing rooms. With the CO2 adapter it'll shoot .2g bb's and easily hit a target at 100 feet if there's no overhead cover. If you wan't an advantage, buy atleast one of these shells and the portable co2 adapter too.

I did have a few problems with the shells and I'd recommend filling it with under 750 PSI with co2 and Propane works great too just don't use Green Gas. The heavier bbs you use the more dense the spread is, and the shell shoots the farther depending on the length of your barrel. Buy it and extra bearings.
by Albert M. on 04/14/2017
"This thing is a superbeast its amazing! I use Red W/E gas and i love that poof sound. Yes it is long 5 1/2 inches but workable with most grenade launchers. Little food for thought try experimenting with the payload try 150, 160, 180 and see what you get. Your scatter depends on weight of bbs, personally i use .25s

MASSIVE capacity
Invokes fear

Long time to load
Heavier than most 40mm grenades
by Anthony L. on 05/18/2013
"This is one awesome grenade shell. Well built, easy to use and powerful. I do not recommend putting in 204 bb's as this will greatly reduce the effective range; however, 90-140 bb's will create a very large pattern and take out anyone 70ft away and 30ft wide pattern. This thing is a BEAST!!
by Josh H. on 02/01/2011
"Ok, to begin, with since no one else has said it yet, this grenade shell can take co2 no sweat. i've had mine for about 7 months, 3 of which it was dissable since I lost a ball bearing. My friends would rather surrender than to be shot with this thing. with co2, as you may have guessed by now, it tends to have some kick. Though if you do use co2, it's a good idea to keep it lubed. If you use green gas then your gold since green gas has silicon in it already. Durrible enough to be dropped a few times plus some. Only scratches the pretty paint, which i can live without. 204 bbs can cover quite an area, though I mostly use it for bunker sweeping and such. Also note: very loud. so whatever you're going after you'd best hit it or be ready to book it cuz they will know exactly where you are.

Over all, great shell. Nice job Mad Bull.

204 rounds!
Can use co2
Covers large area
Great bunker sweeper

Slow to reload
Long (can be a pro, but not for me)
by Daniel p. on 09/23/2010
"Answering Nick K's question. 5.5 Inches is 139.7 millimeters.
by lauren a. on 09/15/2010
"This does not fit in the revolving grenade launcher! It is too long! Very powerful though and 200 bb's is lot be shot with! Effective range is about 100'. At about 50-60' shot my friend and he said he got hit with about 50 bb's.
by Josh H. on 08/30/2010
"Like all my other stuff, I didn't get the shell from this site, but I would still like to put in a good word for this product.

This is the best shell I've fired so far. The fact that it's CO2 powered makes it fear by everyone and it's payload is amazing (even though it's considered over kill). Great for clearing out bases and bunker or any other barriers that may exsist in the middle of the woods. The CO2 gives it pretty good range if you take into account it has to push out over 200 rounds. Cuz of it's length, it needs a long launcher to fire it cuz my girlfriend had no luck loading it into her short launcher. I did have a problem with a ball bearing falling out once but easy to fix.

Huge payload for a grenade shell
Very powerful
Feared by all, liked by non

Got some kick to it when fired (which I think is awesome but maybe not others do)
by Vinson L. on 05/10/2008
"One of the best grenade shell out there for the great looks and performance.

- Holds the most BBs out of all grenade shells
- Made of high quality aluminum/steel
- Madbull quality

- Price is a little high
by John K. on 03/10/2018
"i really like the performance of these things, at outdoor fields the spread is massive enough to take out an entire squad of huddled newbies in one shot, and the sound it makes is terrifying when at a high enough pressure. but these arent without some issues that can annoy you unless you know how to deal with them

-huge spread
-huge amount of bb's fired, basically ensures a hit at close range
-decent range and speed when charged with red or black gas, short range and slower with just green gas
-resetting the grenade by pressing the bottom button all the way in actually WORKS nine times out of ten, unlike cheaper grenades which refuse to reset until you unscrew it every time

-projectile speed is slow enough on standard green gas that enemies have a split second to dodge to cover, recommend using higher pressure gas for better range and projectile speed
-have had problems with the fill valves developing leaks, replacing the fill valves solved this problem, easy to do with a Flathead screwdriver, but not all replacement green gas fill valves are the same, i used fill valves from cheaper grenade shells i had handy and the thread matched
-sometimes, the rubber retaining band/gasket/springy thing that holds the bb's in their load tubes will shoot off once fired, rendering the grenade unusable unless you put scotch tape over the tubes to hold the bb's in, and finding replacement retainer bands that work is difficult, best luck ive had is swapping the retainer from a cheaper, lower-capacity shot-grenade into the madbull one
-i have issues with some tubes of bb's spilling out even with a retainer band/spring in, but that's more because the 40mm grenade pouches i have can only hold the grenades bb-side-down and running around with my vest moving can force some bb's out, scotch tape is the only solution ive found to hold all bb's in place
-MAKE SURE THESE WILL FIT YOUR LAUNCHER!! especially M203-style launchers, some of the slide-open styles of launcher are not meant to open far enough to accept shells this long, most break-barrel-style standalone launchers will have no problem with loading and firing these

summary: a fantastic shell for all those who run a 40mm launcher that can fit them, but not without some minor issues that may need to be fixed after a few uses.
by George H. on 01/07/2009
"To find the length of this grenade I contacted Mad Bull Airsoft and they said it was about 5.5 inches long, for anybody who was wondering.
by Mitchell R. on 06/30/2015
"Good shell. I got mine used & had to replace the fill valve. Normal KWJ M9 or GHK one will work. Only complaint is that it will not hold up in the long run with CO2. The extra power slams the valve down against the ring land bad enough to distort it. After some time the button pusher becomes stuck on the deformation & it needs to be dremeled out. Each dremeling gets about 5 shots with CO2. Not a long term solution.

Shooting with CO2 is a lot of fun. The valve slams so hard it sends a reverberation through out the shell like you just shot a .45 cal. It does not have the kick of a .45 just the (slightly painful) ringing hand feeling. CO2 makes this a straight up piece of ordinance.