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Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Advanced Speed Trigger for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG (Style: B / Black)

8 Customer Reviews

by Dawson C. on 04/19/2021
"So I have installed these in all of my guns, one with a gate titan and the other with a E-T-U (Electronic Trigger Unit) they worked great with both of them I could fine tune a gate titan for a hair trigger but still had a little bit of pull left, but with this trigger tuned you could almost blow on the trigger and it would shoot/same with an E-T-U.

If you are using a stock trigger contact mosfet I would not recommend adjusting the trigger a lot for example a hair trigger, because of the trigger reset and if your contacts touch while not shooting you can ruin your contacts. Long story short if you have a stock trigger contact/mosfet get this trigger for show/looks if you have anything like an E-T-U, GATE, and any other electronic mosfet I would recommend this trigger 10/10
by austin d. on 02/20/2021
"Great trigger I had no problems putting it into an arp9

Only gripe I have is I was expecting the “dark earth” color to be more of a gold but instead it looks orange

I do recommend that once you install it and tune it to your likings, put a little bit of loctite on the screws so they don’t back out as you use the gun
by Sean B. on 01/21/2021
"I used this trigger with a jefftron leviathan mosfet. You have to shave the front off with the leviathan but is shown in their instructions. The forward and backward travel adjustment screws are money. I made a custom spring from a light wire spring for a super short and feather light pull.
by Whit M. on 10/15/2020
"Got the E style for my leviathan, after modifying it I realized I had broken the trigger switch because I didn’t adjust overtravel and it went past the trigger switch and then back over it. It also needed a little more length to properly engage. Pretty good product overall though and the problems I had with it weren’t Maxx’s fault
by Maxime D. on 06/28/2020
"I bought the E styled trigger since all the others were on back order. I was not fond of the look of a flat trigger, especially on a SCAR, but I really like the feel of it and Maxx triggers just look good in general.

The quality is top notch. It has no imperfection whatsoever and it is easy to file down (the top portion was interfering with the selector lever with the VFC SCAR trigger assembly).

Where this trigger shines is when in comes to adjustability. You don't have to open the gearbox to tune it as the 1.5mm hex screws are accessible from the outside. You can adjust the maximum distance of travel with the back screw in the neck of the trigger and also the minimum travel with the top screw, meaning you can get that sweet hair trigger if that's what you're into.

Another neat thing about this trigger is that it stays in place in the gun as it is maintained by the top screw mount, but that also means that the trigger is (slightly) harder to get in the gearbox and it causes permanent stress on your trigger assembly. The weak VFC plastic trigger box in always flexing a little bit but it can't flex to the point of breaking once the GB is closed.
by Trevor R. on 04/27/2020
"I got the "style B" trigger and it's ergonomics are great! I dropped it into a G&G CM16 gearbox shell with a Wolverine Inferno (Gen2) and it works perfect.

One thing to note (and this is probably just an issue with my model) was the lower screw (the one you use to set the over-travel) was just a tiny bit loose. I just put a drop of Loctite Blue on it and it fits snug.

Very nice. Would recommend.
by Marc V. on 03/21/2020
"Trigger is really really good as you can tune it to be very sensitive or give it a little bit of slack if you want.

Highly recommend if getting a MOSFET
by Elijah M. on 09/16/2020
"This review is for the "E Style" trigger. Overall, it's a good trigger compared to the stock ones that come with your gun. I ordered the black trigger but I got sent the silver one instead.

Although it messes with the aesthetic of my gun, functionality is the same. I recommend using it with a mosfet, like a Gate Titan, which I use to maximize the effectiveness of the adjustment screws. I also used some Loctite Blue for the screws

It fits loosely in a Retro Arms gearbox, because the trigger posts are smaller in diameter than the holes in the gearbox.

*Also take into consideration the size of the trigger hole in your lower receiver, as I had to shave a bit off for it to fit since the front screw portion projects too far