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APS CAM870 Shell Ejecting Tactical Pump Action Gas Airsoft MKII Shotgun (Model: M870 AOW)

10 Customer Reviews

by Stephan A. on 02/07/2021
"This shotgun is so much fun.

to clarify, I immediately swapped the bolt on mine out for the mkIII so I use the Smart Shells not MKII shells. the racking on this gun feels great. the sound is a bit different than a real pump action but functionally its an 870. I find with the mkIII bolt and smart shells with co2, I get around 50 to 60 feet of range. And if I use .3g bbs I can get a decently tight grouping. I cant wait to bring it to a field. I do wish EVIKE carried the MKIII versions or at least the MKIII bolt. I had to order mine from over seas. definitely worth it though I also wish EVIKE carried the Xpower shells.

lots of parts available to customize with
looks and feels amazing!
feels very sturdy when shooting
pretty easy to take down and clean
lots of options for loading to tune it to your way of playing
unlike with spring powered shotguns and other gas powered you get a true spread with far more bbs (using normal aps cups I can get 15 bbs per shot)

loading the next shell can be a little touchy some times and takes practice to get perfect (literally practice makes perfect)

I love shooting the gun it has definitely become my favorite gun in my arsenal. and I would say that this is a true airsoft shot gun.
by Liam R. on 09/07/2020
"Bad ass machine, great material quality and weight.

(The included shells are transparent white if anyone was curious)
by christopher L. on 03/13/2019
"I honestly think this is a great shotgun. The shell ejecting feature is what definitely got me hooked to it. The shells however are very expensive at 25 per 100$ which can be a deal breaker for most. But if you have a 3D printer already, you can make shells yourself to save the hassle of saving up and catching shells that drop everywhere.

I've already used this in a couple of scenario games and have done pretty well. Though I do think that to get the best range and spread, you would have to use .12g bb's AND to also pick up paper wads that come with the APS wad/shell 100 pack.

This gun is also pretty heavy, its a close resemblance to my Maverick 88 12 gauge ( subtract the stock and shorten the barrel ). The gun also comes very very lubed and can cause issues with wads and loads getting stuck in the barrel. I would advise to clear some of it out and use a thinner lube and this stuff is VERY thick.

Also to load the shotgun with co2, you will need something compatible with the 88g co2 adapter that comes with the shotgun. These can be pretty hard to find. But as an alternative, you could ditch it and purchase a co2 nozzle for a regular co2 tanks like the ones used for paintball guns. These work the same way.
by Devin D. on 12/19/2018
"I bought the gun so I could have a cqb weapon that I would use once or twice a year, what I ended up getting was a gun that I love. It comes with the gun, two shells, a CO2 adapter, wads and caps for the shells, and a shell catcher.
12 rounds per shot
Realistic action
Heavy (if you are looking for something like that)
Quality parts
Shells are a little pricey
Not that many shots
Lengthy reload time

Another thing I should mention is that the action is a little stiff right out the box but after using it for a while it gets better
by Jake S. on 04/14/2018
"The best, most fun air soft gun I have ever had, The shell ejecting is amazing. Its great for cqb/mid range distance battles. The FPS is pretty good for a shotgun not the best that why I always bring a co2 pistol with me for longer range targets.

shell ejecting
12 bbs per pull

Not the most practical gun in the feild
Time it takes to load shells.

If you are into realistic airsoft guns this is your airsoft gun. My experience with it is fantastic.
by Michael C. on 09/21/2015
"Owned this for a little while now and Finally took it to a match. Was very impressed with it! I absolutely love this thing! And I mean love it! It did pretty well in a match and the field was NOT A cqb field so it didn't do the best against snipers or polar stars but did well. I think in a cqb u could tear it up and I plan to find out hopefully soon.
I Have chrono it...shoots about 290-310 not bad for all that it's shooting out

If bought the wood version the 24 in barrel is the only one bigger...extends it by about 3in. Makes gun flush with magazine tube extension if purchased

-Shoots up to 12 shots
-real 870 furniture fits on it
-shoot misc stuff out of it (wouldn't go to crazy but I've shot paintball and little
-looks awesome!!!!! Gets alot of attention
-lots of aftermarket parts for it..on line easy to find or aps website. .. (kind of expensive)
-Nothing really out there to compete with
-extended barrel helps with accuracy prolly a extra 10-20 feet...nothe bad at all

-shell ejection (personally I love it. But does look funny with shell catcher on it and doesn't fitake in my scabbard with the shell catcher
- shell catcher doesn't fit very well on mine..idk y? But can't buy just a catcher
-shells are expensive..and going to need alot to make it worth while...Ivery bought 4 packs and seems to be ok.. only takes me about 5ish minutes to fill all shells
-when shooting if u hold pump back a little after cocked it won't shoot and have to push pump foreward...not big deal just something I noticed.
by Dennis P. on 08/13/2014
"I just got this this shotgun and used it last weekend. This is a great backup/room clearing gun due it's short range, and BB spread. I put a a ATI top folding stock on it, and it took some modification to the gun and the stock to mount it. The build quality is excellent! On par with my PTS GBB rifles. Hats off to APS to include the shell catcher and CO2 charger. The only drawback is it did not include instruction on how to set up the CO2 charger. The shells are also time consuming to setup, but worth it. I highly recommend this shotgun as a backup to your primary gun.
by Christian M. on 04/11/2018
"So I bought this around Spring of 2018 for my birthday. This is one of the most realistic airsoft shotguns you could ever play with or purchase. I bought the MK2 AOW version since they are trying to discontinue the MK1 version.

APS AOW MK2 Pros & Cons

-Realistic shell ejection
-12 bbs per shell
-Fast shell reloads
-Refill/Recharge shotgun bolt with CO2 (12-18 Shots)
-2+1 capacity
-Small & compact for CQC and room clearing
-Light weight

-Pain in the butt to re-assemble shotgun
-Shells are expensive
-Shell catcher does NOT attach properly but still catches shells.
-Shells sometimes get stuck between chamber when racking. Must rack efficiently and swift.
-If the bolt breaks an o-ring, the whole shotgun is out of commission.
-The o-rings are metric for bolt and can only be found on the APS website. Also, shipping is expensive.

I give this a 4/5 stars.
by Otto F. on 07/28/2014
"A ref at Warped ops airsoft field has one of these bad boys.
Awesome gun! Shoots 12 bbs at once. During pistol games at lunch he shot someone about 15 feet away and all 12 bbs hit him in the chest! Very cool gun if your looking for something to use during pistol only games, or cqb!

Con: cost
by Hongxu W. on 05/23/2016
"Ok I got this gun 2 days ago, and yesterday day I just used it in the field. I think these guns deserve a real review.
External looks good, have a Decent finish to it, doesn't look bad. But the loser engraving on the barrel is dark and inconsistent. Length of pull on this gun is really long same as a m16 full stock, therefore the pump(forend) is a little far and is not really comfortable to hold after all. But if you have a bigger frame, these won't be a problem. Copper bead sight is actually not bad, this is my first shotgun. Before getting this I always think only having a front sight is just not accurate enough, but after I got it, the sight is actually really easy to aim and I don't hate it. One thing I don't like about it, is the barrel start wobbling a little after a few hours I got it, for a 380 dollar gun, I don't expect this, but it's not horribly bad and it's a shot gun.
Comes to internal as you all know, there is no hop up. The barrel have a slightly smaller diameter at the muzzle compare to the chamber, that help the gun have a better gas efficiency also help to control the spread. I did not take the gun completely apart but for what I get now, it have a solid internals like the trigger assembly. Even they say the mag tube only hold 4 round, you can jam 5 shells in there with no problem, but don't do this all the time because it will damage the spring. I got their +2 mag extension and now I could fit 8 shells in my tube and one in the chamber which suppose to be 6, I actually like this feature. Internal wise there is not much problem occur.
When my friend who own a rel 870 took this in his hand, he realize the gun is way lighter than the real one, and the pump action is shorter compare to the real one, not that much a difference but there is a change. The trigger feel the same, all that crappy squeeze trigger, but it has a trigger and the trigger actually function so I don't really care. The mag tube spring has almost the same strength as a real one, but I do not recommend a real spring in there. Forend is a drop in fit and stock require modifications to fit, so if you want upgrade this to a magpul stock, get ready to do some work.
Using wise I just don't think the police model is really practical, with 20inch+ Barrel and a long length of pull, this gun is really long and if you want to go cqb with this, people might see your long barrel before you even pop out. This gun is really picky about how you pump it, is you pump is too slow, too fast, side way, there is a possibility for the gun to jam. And once you jamed, you are pretty much screwed. Also the shell will not go off some time, push the forend forward before pulling the trigger will help a little. But you feel so operator when you jam the shell one by one into the magazine. Shells are not that hard to load but it do takes time, also you cannot check the pressure of the charger, so there will be inconsistency when the pressure goes low. The spread is bigger than I thought and the range isn't great, I mean shotgun wise, it's just not that far, I will say 15 yard max if lucky. And even you got 8 round in the tube, some time is still not enough. For how much she'll you need, if you run aggressively then I will say at least 5 tube of shells, for me I don't have a huge budget so I got 2 tubes of shells(12+2 came with the gun) and I do not run that aggressive tactic and I'm in an outdoor field, it's enough for a life, so I recommend use this as a secondary. I can see this platform's future in indoor cqb field. Worth to mention, The shell catcher can hold around 14 shells.
Over all this is a really good backyard goof around gun, I do not recommend this to people want to use this in a really close quarter battle or in a relatively open field. I think if you like cqb and have a good cqb field around, get the cruiser version, it has a pistol grip and have the same compactly as this gun stock(5+1).
I gave it three out five, maybe just me being picky, but after seeing this review, I think you already have an idea about the rating of this gun in your mind.
(Webmaster please let it past, I took 45mins typing this, and it is original.)