Airsoft Tactical 1911 Full Metal Spring Pistol w/ 2 Mags by UTG


Model: AP-U988BH
Location: U14-055

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by pete s. on 12/22/2013
"This is a great gun for CQB. I wish they made more high quality metal springers. If you ever have to play in very close quarters, and have been shot by some jerk using a 400 fps pistol? You'll wish everyone had one of these. This gun hurts, but it won't knock out a tooth. The guy you shoot from five feet away will thank you. My only real complaint, and it's a small one. Is the gun is not very well balanced. Since all the weight is up front and there is no heavy magazine to balance it out. But, that brings me to the magazine. This thing is really great. you can load in about 40 bbs. It's pretty ingenious. Once you shoot all 10 or 12 bbs, pop it out pull the pin down and shake in another 12 from the chamber inside the mag. I really would like Evike to carry more guns like this. Cheers!
by Luis F. on 06/05/2013
"ill do a simple pros and cons list
-robust weight and construction, only plastic part are the grips and although they are thin, they feel absolutely sturdy and give an authentic 1911 look/feeling. does not feel like a $30 product, i was very impressed
- v accurate, i can hit a head sized target over and over with .20s from 40 feet away. bbs do drop off at around 65-70 feet.
-mags look and feel GREAT
-some people complain about the mags not dropping smoothly out of the gun but this does not happen to the one i received

-Metal has seams, this although that be remedied by GENTLY tightening the visible screws on the right side of the 1911. Seams are not highly noticeable, only place you can perhaps immediately notice is a miniscule split down the front sight. mind you, this does not affect target acquisition or the sight picture AT ALL.
-Magazines are not feeding well for me, the spring is rather strong and causes the bbs to double stack and not slide up the clip smoothly. this causes many misfires. i am having the best results with loading 6 - 7 bbs at a time, i usually only get one misfire this way, sometimes none. Yes, i have silicone lubed the piston, springs, chamber, magazine: the works.

Overall, i am highly satisfied. Buy one! For thirty bucks, this thing will not disappoint.

very cool.
by Christophe B. on 05/08/2013
"LIKES: the power, accuracy and heavy weight. Feels like my upscale Colt licensed Co2 1911's. This is just what I wanted in a springer. Not some lite plastic thingy. All metal even the clip is impressive. I love the feel and accuracy of this 1911. It is not like any other springer on the market. If you want a real feeling 1911 for a springer this is it.

This is my first experinance with EVIKE. It has been tops and I plan to do more biz with them. They were also a godsend when it came to replacement ears for myWEI High Cappa 1911 CO2 clips that got broken. Short of having to buy a completely new mag, EVIKE saved the day with just the ears for sale.

The overall fit and constrution: Very poor. The ad stated an annodized finish. The Chinese have a different interputation of annodizing. This is pure and simple flat black paint. It scratches so easy. The seams in the slide and frame are way to noticeable. The sight was wide enough apart to slide a 35lb. piece of paper through it.
The Clip Well and Clip: did some old fashioned Gunsmithing, filing and fitting to make the clip come out of the well. After about an hour of fitment and final polishing the clip inserted and droped out of the well beautifully. My modeler files and Dremel saved the day
Barrel Orange Extender: removed it totally. I detest these things but understand why they exist.
The Seams: used aluminum sodder to fill them and then sanded them smooth.
Finishing: totally Scotch Brite the enitre frame and slide after dissasembly. Preped the pieces for a lite powder coating in extreme flat black in my home powder coating oven. Results awesome!
Grips: trashed the plastic ones and ordered one e-bay a beautiful set of Colt oriiginal checkered Gold Cup grips. The wood tone is cococobolo (check my spelling). They slapped right in with the exception of cutting the grip
screws shorter to accomodate the thinner grips.

Overall love this springer and I thank EVIKE for selling it at such a good price. Thanks EVIKE.

A word of note to all you AirSoft warriors and competitiors out there. Do not remove the organge tip. It is there to save lives from a policemans prospective. I removed mine as my airsoft guns are used indoors or at best outside back yard. It is a private thing.

Chris - Arlington Heights IL USA

Airsoft Tactical 1911 Full Metal Spring Pistol w/ 2 Mags by UTG

Features / Specifications:
  • Metal Frame, Slide, Trigger and Hammer
  • Heavy Weight with Rugged and Robust Construction
  • Hard-coat Anodized Matte Black Finish with Ergonomic Non-slip Grip Handle
  • Great Power and Excellent Accuracy
  • Built-in fixed hopup.
  • Moving slide, thumb safety and working 1911 grip-safety.
  • Two Creatively Designed Mags, Each with 100+ Pellet Huge Capacity and Speed Load Feature for Most Serious Airsoft Skirmish Battles
  • On frame magazine release.
  • Detachable magazine
  • Serrated Slide
  • 1:1 scale true scale / full size replica.

  • Muzzle Velocity : 250~280 FPS
    BB: 6mm / 0.12g or 0.20g / Matrix & compatible high grade bbs recommended.
    Power: Spring powered. No gas or battery required.
    Weight: 1.7 lb
    Hopup: Yes.
    Magazine Capacity: 13+90 rounds hi-cap included. Spare magazines available!
    Length: 9.5 inches
    Manufacture: UTG USA.
    Color: Black

    A great spring powered pistol for backyard recreational skirmishes and as a movie prop or gift. Great for those that want something not so serious yet looks great and packed with fun. This pistol features a unique high-cap magazine design allowing a capacity of 100 rounds!
    This is not a $300 electric gun for serious big Airsoft operations. For high power AEG and GBB please check out our AEG and GBB sections of the website.
    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 28 December, 2011.

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