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Home » Sponsorship Sponsorship Program and all of our representing manufactures are here to hear your voices, to make better Airsoft as a sport and to make better your Evike experience.
With over one million shoppers and fans, understands that we are the leader of an industry, America's favorite retailer and the world's largest Airsoft distributor because we put our fans at the #1 position. As a result of your overwhelming support, our dedications in growing and defending the sport of Airsoft is also second to none. To preserve and further enhance everyone's Airsoft experience, please help us educate the awareness of safety, respect and responsibilities. Joining the forces and working shoulder to shoulder with all of your favorite manufactures, is able to give-back to our fans like no others while bring your voices directly to the source. sponsors more events, players and airsoft related organizations in the USA than anyone else by far. Annually, we also sponsor numerous law enforcement agencies and military entities as well as a vast amount of charities with a good cause.

Our sponsorship program:
It is our goal to grow the industry of Airsoft with the industry. We would like to sponsor you for you to sponsor us! To show our highest level of appreciation for our millions of shoppers, we are always look for ways to interact and support the end users.

Currently, offers two types of static sponsorship on top of our dynamic sponsorships.

Airsofter and fan sponsoring program:
We are always working on perfecting the sponsorship program so we can better interact with and support all the Airsoft groups in the world.
If you are a captain of an established Airsoft team: Send us an email at annually with an simple status update of your team:
  • # of members.
  • Where is your team located.
  • Your team website's URL if you have a website.
  • How often does your team participate in an Airsoft event?
  • What suggestions and recommendations you have for
  • Let us know what makes your team unique, and anything else exciting about your organization.
  • A link to a group team photo uploaded onto the facebook fan page.

  • In return, we can provide your team an exclusive not-advertised coupon code to use until the last day of that physical year. An Evike banner and care package can also be sent out free of charge for qualified teams. A special invitation to an event in your area may be sent to you as priority over others. This will also put you in our database of our sponsored teams, and as we update our sponsor program you will be the first to be notified!

    Also, the three simple steps below will put you in the middle of our global fan appreciation actions!

  • Step one: Click on the "BEE A FAN" banner above to find us on one of our main facebook fan page.
  • Step two: Click on "like" to register yourself to be a fan of Facebook is currently a channel we found to best distribute all of our fan appreciations and promos from the large amount of manufactures we work with. You will find free give-a-ways on a weekly basis!
  • Step three: Click on the "Evike TV" banner below to be part of "Airsofter's TV Channel".
  • Step four: Visit the fan page frequently and you will find out all the first hand news about the industry, about our box of awesomeness deals before everyone else and be part of our crazy give-a-way contests weekly!

  • Video Review Sponsoring program:
    We sponsor you to educate Airsoft to the rest of the world! represent most of your favorite Airsoft manufactures and distributors in the USA, managing their distribution, service and marketing to 1000's of retailers and millions of shoppers. If you are a video reviewer with a strong fan or viewer base, submit your qualification video to us today! Help making TV the best Airsoft youtube TV channel in the world! Evike TV, is Airsofter's TV channel. Support Airsoft, support and we will continue to make Airsoft better for the world! To qualify, email us your videos for qualification.

    Don't forget to subscribe to Evike TV today!

    1) Make an educational, high quality video with logo visible in your video.
    2) Submit your video to with subject "Video Review Submission" for qualification.
    Once you are qualified as a sponsored reviewer, our marketing staff will contact you and you will be sponsored by all the manufactures of Airsoft all over the world with free products to review!

    Team Sponsorship
    Team sponsorship is currently on hold.
    Due to thousands of requests from all over the world, and the fact that EVERYONE is on an Airsoft team, our marketing brain team is currently constructing a more appropriate sponsorship program that can be mutual benefit for teams that competes professionally on a national level.


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