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What is HOPUP?

Hop-up is a device installed between the inner barrel and gearbox of an Airsoft gun to create "back-spin" effect on Airsoft bbs.
This device used to cost hundreds of dollar to install in the past. Today, hopup is standard on most Airsoft guns you can find here on
"Back-Spin" allows the bb to curve up-wards. When adjusted correctly it will counter gravity for a period of time allowing your Airsoft gun to reach maximum range potential.

Hopup Adjustment 101:
Goal: Have your bb fly as far and as accurate as possible!
Key: Select the right bb and adjust your hopup strength accordingly.

The lighter the bb, the more wind friction there is to slow it down.
The stronger your gun shoots, the heavier bb you need to use. Please refer to our bb section for FPS vs BB weight chart.