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To live up to the "#1 retailer" title given to us by Airsoft players around the nation, we pride ourselves in offering only brand new and upstream distribution products. Daily, 100+ Airsoft-loving staff in our corporate office tests over a few hundred Airsoft rifles to minimize your chance of receiving a lemon, and to provide valuable reports to the manufactures of our industry. In return, the Airsoft Nation enjoys high quality products, better warranties and over-all a better gaming experience. This is just one of the many ways we give back to the industry and our ever-lasting effort to provide you the perfect experience. We can't prevent wear and tear, but for everything else there is

Featuring: Unlimited Phone Support. 45 Day True Warranty. Price Match Guarantee. Extended Holiday Warranty. Factory Direct Pre-Rebated Pricing. World's Largest High-End Airsoft Inventory And Selections. USA Based Corporation. No Drop Shipping. Discounted 3-Day Select Shipping. Perfect Match Guarantee. BB Guarantee. "Newest Version" Guarantee. "Up-stream" Distribution Guarantee.
  • is THE biggest Airsoft retailer world-wide. It is why manufacturers choose to represent their products and to be their USA representative. has the ability and vision to provide better after-sales support, pricing, selections, availabilities, warranty, factory support, technical supports and more!
  • is always giving-back to the community with sponsorships on top of our continuous effort to legitimate Airsoft world-wide.
  • With over 12 years of Airsoft experience. We know Airsoft and we know you made us #1! Manufacture and US Custom issues may be out of our control, but we are always here to help and your satisfaction is our guarantee.
  • promotes the sport of Airsoft like no other. It is always our continuing effort to grow the sport of Airsoft with you.
  • World-wide industry leading customer service team & technical support.
  • is NOT a drop shipper. No risk on getting old shelved inventory buying from #1.
  • We are factory & distributor direct bringing you only the most updated version of inventories in the USA with factory direct support.
  • certified Airsoft consumer products are reviewed to be industry compatible before we carry it. Don't risk buying something with no spare parts & factory support.
  • You want it? We got it! We provide world-wide industry leading selections, pricing and quality of goods.
  • is an USA corporation.
    - Live customer service support.
    - World-wide industry leading warranty and technical support.
    - Domestic shipping and handling fee with free shipping offers*.
    - We provides job opportunities and boosts US economy.
    - Everything is shipped from our USA warehouse. Our professionals take care of import clearance, US Custom examinations, import duty, over-sea fraud and hassle for you.
  • Free life time tech support. We lead in every aspect of the Airsoft proshop corner to make sure we serve you best.
  • 100% safe SSL encrypted shopping! is PCI compliance.
  • Last but not the least, don't take our business and growth for granted. We are constantly improving our system to reach perfection and our #1 who made us #1, will always be #1.

Fun Facts About and our franchises:
Airsoft Nation: The World's largest recorded Airsoft event with precision head-count. 2500+ Players!
AirsoftCon: The World's largest Airsoft Convention. Superstore: The World's largest Airsoft Pro-shop. Corporate: The World's largest Airsoft warehouse.

What is Airsoft? Airsoft is one of the fastest growing sporting activities in the United States. Millions of Americans of all ages partake in Airsoft. Airsoft is a game where participants use Airsoft guns that primarily fire 6mm plastic BBs used for paintball style gaming in an arena. Since its humble beginnings in Japan back in the 1970's, Airsoft serves many functions in addition to recreation, including to aid in military and law enforcement agency training.
Airsoft products are safe, low velocity projectiles in comparison to BB and paintball guns. They are used for recreational sport that encourages socialization, teamwork, and players abide by a code of conduct.

What offer for small / large size innovators, manufactures and companies:
We are constantly looking for great products and deals for the Airsoft Nation. work exclusively / semi-exclusively with over 200 innovators, sole-proprietors, manufactures and distributors to make up the selections offered in the worlds largest Airsoft warehouse and superstore.

What we offer our business partners and innovators:
  • Exposure: innovators that works with will experience more dealer request from Hong Kong / Russia / Asia / Europe / Japan / Canada / South America after carries your product.
  • Exposure: We have the world’s largest Airsoft game (2500+ players), largest Airsoft only convention (Airsoftcon) and world’s largest Airsoft store.
  • Exposure: Thousands of resellers reference as the guide to resell.
  • We distribute your product to over 900 USA based resellers making small business in all regions possible.
  • Being the largest Airsoft retailer, we provide valuable market / customer feedback.
  • Industry leading warranty and support to end users on your products.
  • Exposure: Evike TV / Evike Facebook / Evike Twitter / Evike Community.

Ultimately, is a platform, where we connect the world's leading innovators, manufactures and distributors with the end users. Our shoppers ultimately decide what is offered here at and what not. Our crew of 100+ USA based staff is dedicated to providing everyone we work with the perfect Evike experience. It is why we are among the favorite and easiest to work with company among distributors and innovators!