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Matrix "Calico Jack" Metal M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ M-LOK Handguard & MOSFET (Model: X4 Carbine / Advanced Receiver)

21 Customer Reviews

by Silas K. on 08/15/2023
"This is a great gun, a few downsides like pins that won’t come out, but a great gun
by Gary E. on 07/15/2023
"*The #1 Orphan Slayer*

I would recommend this gun to ANYONE whether you are a veteran or just dipping your toes into airsoft.

This gun comes stock with some pretty cool features like a factory included MOSFET, a flat trigger, ambidextrous fire selector and magazine release, 14mm CCW barrel threads, programable burst mode, adjustable trigger sensitivity(instructions included in box). My gun before any modifications chrono graphed at an acceptable 1.3 Joules. For the price I cannot recommend anything that would give more bang-for-buck than this.

Recommendations - I would run a 11.1 V Li-Ion/LiPo to increase trigger response, allowing for faster orphan slaying. Do not use a large battery, run a smaller package ;}

Cons: My 3000mAh 11.1V Titan battery just barely fits due to limited battery space in the buffer tube - I have to keep the stock fully extended.

Overall, the greatest way to maximize your bang-for-buck.
by Myles H. on 06/15/2023
"This gun is absolutley great, after just a few days of owning nothing has happend to the gun. It runs best with a 11.1v lipo (I use the one from Matrix) although it is a little tough to get it into the buffer tube it fits.


Mosfet included from factory
Realistic feel (metal and lots of small details)
Comes with un-jamming rod
Flat trigger
Snappy trigger (with 11.1v)
Proggramable gearbox
Comftorble ergonomics (For rightys and leftys)
Locking bolt
Barrel threading
M-Lok handgaurd


Limited battery space
weird magazine fitment

This gun is great for beginners and experienced players alike, it is an AMAZING gun for the price and I reccomend you to buy this gun.
by Joshua L. on 12/30/2022
"Overall, the gun is one of the best starter guns out there that really deserves these 5 stars that I'm giving it.

-Fit for 11.1 lipos
-Good internals
-Rotary Hopup
-MOSFET integration
-Overall, a sturdy and solid gun

-Notoriously bad magazines, had feeding issues with mine so just be ready to replace them (EMG hexmags are a great fit)
-Orange tip can be somewhat difficult to remove on this gun
-Small buffer tube makes it hard to fit batteries

I wouldn't let the cons outweigh this gun one bit. This gun is really good for any beginners or even intermediate airsoft players out there and I'd recommend it to anyone considering buying the gun
by Jessica F. on 12/08/2022
"I had a wonderful experience today with Evike’s customer service. I had read some bad reviews online about their customer service, but I actually had a very good experience. They were very prompt as well with their refund.
by Jeff B. on 08/04/2022
"In all honesty, insanely high quality. Its accurate, and with an 11.1 lipo it shoots faster and is more responsive than anything else I've tried. Epic swag, if I say so myself
by Christopher A. on 08/01/2022
"My first airsoft rifle, its super fun, feels great, feels super durable. love shooting it.
by Christian G. on 11/24/2021
"Just so everyone knows what I’m talking about I got the
X4 Carbine / Forged-Style Upper Receiver.

I’ve had this gun for about two months now and it’s incredible. No problems yet.

Very consistent shooting, my gun shoots at a solid 350 fps (choreographed with .20’s).

The trigger response is incredible, fastest shooting I’ve ever been able to achieve, and for this price there isn’t really anything better.

Strong metal build
Good programmable features
flat trigger
Lasts around 4-5 hours with an 11.1 lipo
Comes with adaptor for deans-Tamiya

Not many
The heavy metal can be a bit grueling when spending long amounts of time playing
Low battery space, a stick type is very difficult to fit but possible.
by Cash B. on 11/23/2021
"Love this gun! I've had it for six months now and fielded it a few times and it has done me no wrong. The metal construction is solid and feels great in the hand, and while I'm not the biggest fan how the stock looks, it does its job well, feeling sturdy without wobble and holding longer batteries quite well.

The programmable trigger and MOSFET on this gun are spectacular, and increasing your trigger response to one of the most responsive I've seen in a stock gun so far is incredibly simple. The variable burst fire modes are awesome too, and the binary trigger makes for some great ammo conservation and follow-up shots.

The gun shoots accurate with a respectable rate of fire, and the overall design of the gun screams tactical with a hint of future special forces aesthetic. Personally, I love the slim design in combination with the Calico Jack name and Jolly Roger design on the receiver.

Overall, the gun is incredibly solid and packed with features to enhance the user experience. If you're into the style, there's no reason not to pick one up.
by John L. on 11/22/2021
"Great purchase, I love this thing, for the amount of game play I see it does me very well and it keeps up good enough. Very rugged feeling, I have yet to find anything wrong with this gun.
by Bryan H. on 10/31/2021
"Just received X4 PDW with forged receiver.

Overall, great gun shoots well despite having to be worn in. (Originally it would shoot all over the place which made it seem like the hop up wasn’t working. I suspect it was because some excess oil was being shot through the nozzle and getting on the bucking)

Love the programmable fire modes.

This version shoots around 310 with .2’s out of the box (not the 380-410 advertised).

Also the QD mounts on the gun receiver (and x4 front rail) do NOT hold QD swivels they will pop out of place. However the stock does hold QD swivels securely in each of its mounts.

Overall a great gun, but taking off a star because of the QD mounts not working and FPS being lower that expected.

UPDATE: another set of QD swivels fits perfectly so adding a star.
by FRANCISCO C. on 10/20/2021
"Great product. I highly recommend this
by Zachary A. on 09/01/2021
"Gotta say, this is sooo much better than my first gun (Lancer Tactical Gen 2). I'm relatively new to the sport and now that I know what a quality gun looks like, I probably will never settle for less.

I highly recommend this if you're a new player with the budget to spend 250 on a gun. Trust me it's worth it over some of the other options out there.
by Jerry S. on 08/09/2021
"This should be beginners go to m4. I won this in a BOA and other then test firing and shredding some cans in the back yard i barely touched it. Its comes with a easy to program mosfet. You can program trigger sensetivity, and how many shots are fired on full auto from 1 to 5. I set the trigger to sensetive and the auto to 5 shots. Strapped a battery bag with a 8.4v 3800mah nimh battery. Added a sound amplyfier that came red but i sprayed black with truck bed liner. Took that to yesterdays matches. Otherwise stock out of the box. This thing shot pretty damn accurately with .25s. I was getting head shots at 100+ feet on guys hiding behind piping. The 5 shot on auto worked so nice. Only problem i experienced at one point it would stop shooting and the mosfet would vibrate. Took awhile to figure out but upon switch mags the problem stopped. Other than that this performed flawlessly. Mine is the metal sbr but as soon as i see the polymer carbine on epic deals ill be buying one. And i highly recommend this to new players. You get alot for your money. This may become our teams back up. Its no krytac but its half the price. Now evike just needs to start selling the falcon 2 complete gearboxes for drop ins. This industries lack of easily replaceable parts is whats holding the sport back from growing. Not to mention sales.
by Cash B. on 07/27/2021
"For reference, I purchased the X4 SBR/Forged-Style Upper. I also run the stock midcap magazine, a Specna Arms 140rd midcap, and a KWA K120 midcap, which all run without issue.

At the time of this review, I am not a very experienced tech, but I'm sure other reviewers will be able to give solid and more detailed explanations about the internals of the gun.

For the price, and even disregarding the price, this gun is a massive bang for your buck and a joy to shoot and field. The solid metal construction feels strong and durable, but isn't so heavy as to weigh you down and make it a slog to carry. I particularly love the construction of the M-LOK handguard and the entire receiver, since they give the gun a realistic weight that makes it feel nothing like a polymer rifle. While everyone has different hand shapes and preferences, I find the motor grip to be extremely comfortable, and the slightly enlarged trigger guard makes shooting with gloves easy. Especially for the price, the electronic trigger system is a treat, allowing you to turn Full-Auto into 2,3,4, or 5 round burst, and control trigger sensitivity; while it may not be as snappy as a speedsofter's multi-hundred dollar build, the trigger feels better than any other stock AEG I have ever fielded. Accuracy is tight and range is solid, and FPS seems to be consistent as well (going off of personal observations since I don't own a chronograph).

-comfortable grip
-ambidextrous controls
-electronic trigger system
-durable metal construction
-solid, realistic weight
-relatively wobble-free and comfortable stock
-good magazine compatibility
-tight accuracy
-consistent range
-consistent FPS
-quick change spring system

-buttons can feel a little loose

Considering that the only con is that the bolt-release buttons can get a bit loose, this gun is a mastercraft in quality airsoft guns, even without factoring in the sub-$250 price tag. Compatible enough to fit into the M4 category but still looking different enough to turn heads. A perfect gun for beginners and veterans alike!