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FN Herstal Licensed P90 Full Size Metal Gearbox Airsoft AEG w/ Built-In Red Dot (Color: Dark Earth / Gun Only)

15 Customer Reviews

by Chris H. on 08/23/2022
"Pretty great gun for CQB, emphasise on CQB. But that's what the gun is meant for anyway. Has surprisingly decent range but not really accurate at that range with .25, I plan on adding a suppressor with a longer barrel to fix that problem. Also kinda hefty for its size but not too heavy. Red dot is not that accurate even after adjusting it but I look down the side of the gun to track my BBs anyway, that or use the laser I put on the side rail. It also has iron sights on each side of the red dot which is pretty cool. If you plan on getting the hi-cap mags for this make sure to get silicone lubricant and spray the inside of them well so the BBs don't jam up inside them, works much better that way. Charging handle is awesome. Doesn't do anything but it's still awesome.

•Nice weight
•Side rails for attachments/accessories
•Very compact for CQB environments
•Decent range for small gun
•Iron sight backups
•Its a P90, it looks awesome

•Red dot is off target
•Not accurate at long distance (Its a CQB weapon)
•BBs jam in hi-cap if not lubricate (mag problem NOT gun problem)
by michael z. on 07/20/2022
"Also, it came with a battery which I wasn't expecting so I bought one, but it never hurts to have an extra battery so no big deal. If you already have a battery that fits dont order one just in case you get one with it
by michael z. on 07/20/2022
"It feels sturdy, very comfortable in my hands. red dot is easy to turn on and off, even with the mag in i can reach it with my nails. The orange tip had to be dremeled off, allen keys never work on the set screw, but i put on the flash hider i bought and it looks perfect. should serve me well on the field
by christian z. on 11/14/2021
"perfect cqb gun with no issue out of the box....only issue is its a paint to adjust the red dot but once its sighted in it wont move and it uses AAA batteries which is not common for red dot sights
by Ryan A. on 05/09/2021
"This gun is an absolute machine and comes with everything you need right in the box. It shoots very fast and hard, but my only complaint is the red dot sight being non-adjustable. It shoots 3-5 feet to the left while ADS, but luckily this gun is very easy to hip fire and track your shots. The build quality is very solid and overall, absolute steal for the price.
by Blade M. on 02/01/2021
"I bought this gun to use for shooting at targets and stuff and so far it has performed with no issues. The only negative I can say is the red dot could be better but besides that it's a good gun for the money. Shipping was fast.
by Michael H. on 12/29/2020
"Bought this as a Christmas gift, find myself using it more than my son. It is awesome took it up to my local shooting range where it received rave reviews. One of the employees there had the real version, “it feels like the real thing”. The detail on the magazine is perfect. Highly recommend this. The red dot is right on. The people i deal with during the ordering process were terrific.
by Amir P. on 06/23/2020
"Biggest problem for me is that with the whole pandemic thing, it's taking almost a month to get anything in.

None of my local airsoft stores carry anything for the P90 so having to get accessories and extra mags for it is a pain with the delayed shipping.

It'll be awhile before I can take it to any games and really get to play with it.
by Marvin Y. on 06/14/2020
"If you're looking for the red dot version of the p90 this is a great version.
For those wanting to know the recital is a red dot it is as it says in the name just a plain dot, plus you have two brightness settings you can switch to.

Gotta say this was a great purchase. I previously owned a railed p90 and wanted the integrated red dot version for a long time. When my old p90 finally broke I saw this was being sold, so I bought it with a few other things i needed/wanted.

- 2 brightness levels for the red dot
- 1x zoom on the red dot from what I can tell
- Great construction/material feel.
- Mag fits tightly and accepts my previous p90 magazine.
- I can switch my upper receiver with my railed version.

- Getting the orange barrel tip was a bit tricky to get off
- It could be me but the blue tint on the sight makes it hard to see targets

Overall its a really good gun and it looks great.
by Gilbert S. on 06/12/2020
"Absolutely beautiful gun, only issue is the end cap on the mag is a little brittle, other than that it's awesome. It's got a decent weight to it which is great, and it's not too heavy either.
by David S. on 05/31/2020
"this is awesome!!!! it shoots really well and works well on the fild. also, it never jams!
by Jennifer D. on 12/26/2020
"Overall great gun, has a decent rate of fire as well as a fast trigger response. The magazine fits nicely and loads BBs accurately and quickly. The hop-up works as intended, the gun doesn’t feel cheap, and it has a nice weight to it.

Unfortunately, the included red-dot sight is unadjustable, meaning that you cannot zero in the sight. Additionally, Evike isn’t that great about restocking P90-related gear, such as magazines.

Other than that, would recommend 10/10!
by logan r. on 07/01/2020
"Everything was great on the gun except the red dot was off quite a bit and the reticle is not very clear and is very large
by Charles G. on 12/08/2020
"Ordered the black version during the black Friday sale 2020. Primary intent is to plink in the back yard with my kids while giving them something easier to aim than my Hi Cappa.

Overall the gun looks fairly nice. The receiver is made of cast metal with a few minor casting marks and areas that are not quite perfect. The stock is plastic and the whole gun has a nice solid weight to it.

Functionally, it has performed without issue in the 90 minutes that I got to fiddle with it before the sun set.


The red dot sight. While the lens is tinted very blue, and the dot is large, these are minor issues that don't matter to me. The glaring issue is that the sight CANNOT BE ZEROED. I was able to get the windage dialed in, but the elevation is not even close, at 25 yards, with the hop up shooting very flat, the BB hits TWO FEET above the point of aim. Even after taking the sight out of the sight housing and adding a shim in there, and shimming the front of the sight housing up, it is still shooting very high. My next step is to remove material from the rear of the sight housing to allow for more adjustment.

I bought this version of the P90 specifically for the integrated sight, and that is the one feature of this gun that is basically useless without modification.
by Winston W. on 02/14/2020
"+ came with battery and charger
+ has that exclusive p90 dot sight
+ trademarks

- made of plastic and in china (except for the sight which is metal)
- red dot sight doesnt seem to be centered perfectly
- charging handle is squeaky

- battery compartment for dot sight is in the front of the gun and is extremely difficult to open, even when taken off of the gun to handle it better

(there's a pressure plate-like pad in front of the trapdoor that opens TOWARDS the pressure plate so you can have it bump into your fingers and have a terrible time opening it. think of it like standing on a rake that's on the ground, i guess.)

- magwell or whatever, the part above the magazine release button is rather pointy so be careful when aiming with the P90 so you dont poke your cheek

- magazine only pops out when both sides of the ambidexterous mag release are pressed, and construction of the mag release will kinda hurt your pointer finger (hard to explain, just use gloves i guess)

- also overall inserting and removing magazine is stiff

pretty bad design but it shoots. 2/5