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Krytac Full Metal Trident MKII CRB Airsoft AEG Rifle (Model: Foliage Green / 350 FPS)

101 Customer Reviews

by Brett B. on 05/17/2016
"I would give this Krytac 8 out of 10. If you're looking for a very well made training weapon that doesnt kill your bank account then look no further. At first look it's like almost every other m4 aeg but with a very cool looking real spec Defiant Keymod Rail, The upper receiver is nothing special to look at, the lower receiver has the tough Krytac logo lightly stamped on one side and other bla bla info on opposite side. The flat blk paint looks sick but unfortunately it is poor quality and comes off rather easily, the grip is terrible, cheap plastic. This Krytac was built super solid, however it did wobble & rattle a bit from the buttstock, stock magazine and PTS PMAG's. However I haven't yet found an AEG / GBB that hasn't had those annoying issues.
The real impressive part was when I fired it! I used an 11.1v x 1200 Lipo buffer tube battery .25 Evike BB's and it was laser straight with no hopup used. This AEG felt amazing, totally impressed with the accuracy, distance and cycling. The working bolt catch and ambidextrous firing switch is an awesome feature!

In order to give the Krytac a perfect 10 for the asking price of $325.00 it would need to have better quality paint, Dean's connectors, billet recievers, ambidextrous mag release and a couple of keymod accessories.

Pros- Amazing performing Ver2 Mechbox, awesome internals, working bolt catch, ambidextrous fire select, real spec keymod Defiance handguard.

Cons-Price, paint quality, no Dean's connectors,cheap plastic grip, no billet style recievers, no ambidextrous mag release.
by Jason M. on 04/28/2016
"A great rifle right out of the box. I ordered 2 spare batteries for it as well, charged one on a smart charger for about 30 minutes, and within an hour of receiving the rifle I was putting BB's into targets with precision.


-Ready to use immediately
-Feels solid without being too heavy
-Internals are great for the default product


-I have yet to find any honestly
by Charlie B. on 03/21/2016
- Trigger response
- Had two of these and the never let me down
- Great for Speedsoft or aggressive gameplay
- accurate

I have read reviews about people getting lemons but in my experience I've had nothing but top tier performance
by alex c. on 02/17/2016
"i got this gun about a month ago and got the tan version. i have been satisfied with it. is light, durable, comfortable, fun to shoot, etc. i threw a 9.6 battery in it and got a great ROF of about 18 to 20 bbs a second. the accuracy isnt what i was hoping for, i was hearing of people getting good accuracy at 180 fett away, but thats not the case for me. overall, im satisfied but would still like more accuracy
by Vincent C. on 12/20/2015
"First impression before i even opened it, i was like WOW these guys went all out on the box. Then when i opened the box i was really pleased that the styrofoam wasnt that cheap kind that break apart when you hold it. Then when I picked up the gun, i was really amazed at how it felt in my hands. I myself have an AR that i use for home defense and the metal doesnt feel as nice as the CRB i ordered. The original mags fed very well and the 6mmProShop mags i ordered fed very nicely. The hopup was very easy to adjust and is a lot more accurate than most of my other stock aegs and i think even better than my upgraded g&g. I am using an 11.1 lipo in it and it is reaching over 20 rps. Everytime i shoot it, i barely hear any gear whine and maybe with a few more adjustments, it will sound perfect. This is i believe the best gun i have ever had and would easily compete with kwa guns.
by John M. on 10/05/2015
"I got this gun on Saturday and was very impressed when I picked it up. There is NO wobble anywhere on this gun exept in the mag-well. For a full metal gun, the Krytac CRB is light, and manuverable. I played one game with the gun and I love it. It has a great FPS for outdoor airsoft, and even though it only has a 280mm berral, it gets great range. Can't wait to get it polarized!!!

Nice RPS (16-17)
Great FPS (380)
Great battery space
Intigrated MOSPHET
Full Metal
No wobble

Paint job scratches easily
You don't have one!
by Anita L. on 07/18/2015
"This is One of the best airsoft guns i have ever had the privilege of owning it is fantastic, the power behind this gun is incredible and the fact that it has a Mosfet already installed makes it that much easier too use a lipo without having to watch your trigger pulls.

sound is like no other
nice range (for 280 mm brass barrel)
stock can fit almost any battery

absolutely none it's a 10/10 for me
by Zach S. on 07/09/2015
"Just got this in the mail yesterday and I must say, this gun definitely lives up to the hype. I haven't had a chance to field the weapon yet but i can definitely say this is will be a monster.

-Very snappy trigger response (11.1v 15c LIPO)
-High ROF (11.1v 15c LIPO)
-Very solid, there is no wobble except for the stock which is very slight and doesn't bother me at all
-Defiance rail system feels nice to hold
-Locking bolt for easy hop-up adjustment
-Stock is unique and is able to hold more than just a crane-stock type battery
-Comes with MOSFET, which is great for running higher voltage batteries.
-Hopup clicks in place for steady adjustment and has numbering for different adjustments

-Slight stock wobble

All in all great gun and is highly recommended.
by Ryan S. on 06/13/2015
"I received mine 6/12/15 which was yesterday and I did some shooting in my yard. I will keep this updated if anything changes after use.

- light for a full metal gun
- keymod rail is nice to hold
- trigger response is good
- rof is decent with a 9.6v
- accuracy is amazing
- range is good for such a short gun

- grip heats up faster, but does not get overheated. The motor heats up on all guns, I think the thin grip makes it noticeable faster when shooting.
- No keymod sections included
- price
by Justin T. on 05/31/2015
"First off all I can say is THIS IS THE BEST GUN FOR $325. This gun Is the best stock AEG you can get! I would recommend this gun to any one who has $325 to spend on an airsoft gun. With this gun the Kraken I totally dominate the airsoft field. Now let's go over the Pros and Cons.

~Great Rof (20+ with 11.1 lipo)
~Full Metal (only like 5 and 1/2 pounds)
~30k rpm motor
~The awesome krytac gear box(In my opinion it's way better than a kwa's)
~Good fps
~Easy change spring
~ambidextrous selector switch
~good accuracy out of the box.

~This gun doesn't have the range as some of the other high end aegs but it is still pretty good and if you put a miracle barrel in it, it will have even better range and accuracy.
by Carl F. on 02/15/2015
"this gun rexxxxx
i was a little shaky when deciding to switch from my crossman pumprifle to the krytac but i was pleased to see the the range was almost as far as my pumprifle
by Cleby S. on 02/02/2015
"Okay let me just say that this gun and company are great. I bought this gun after getting rid of a Umarex/Elite Force gun. On mine I have a grenade launcher, Acog, and a laser. This gun performes phenomenal with a Tenergy 11.1 LiPo and .25 to .30 BB' s I prefer .30 for accuracy and impact but that's just me. I can honestly say that this gun is very powerful and has outstanding range. I've hit guys at 80yards consistently and since there is no local CQB fields that's a good thing. This gun is all metal and very solid. It's fast, easy, and reliable. Upgrades though I doubt you will need them are a breeze. It's keymod rail gives you space to add plenty of attachment and grip. I do have to say though this gun is easily just as heavy as a real m4. So it might not be for very young players. I as far as mags go it eats about everything. I had a problem with 2different tan mid cap elite force mags. But besides that this gun has never gave me any issues that I didn't create myself. The selection switch on mine is slightly rougher than I would like but after a couple of squirts of silicone it worked flawlessly
by Ramotti T. on 02/01/2015

Krytac has certainly done a nice job as making these models. I especially like this model as it is not too long yet too short. Perfect for CQB yet also RANGE too.

- Feeds well (get a G&P mag)
- Shoots real fast / high ROF (11.1 V Li-Po)
- Shoots far, got range, even though it is under 400 FPS
- Great finish on body

- Dynamo in grip gets heat up pretty quickly
- Semi mode sometimes shoot 2 BBs out instead of 1
- The key mod rail makes it hard to attach (flashlight/laser/etc.)

- Use 11.1v Li-Po for better performance
- Use the G&P 'Best for high ROF' Mag
- Buy and bring more mags to the field as the BBs run out so fast if you go full-auto on the gun
by anthony l. on 01/30/2015
"This thing is amazing. The range is amazing, the rps is decent and its so light. If you have the money buy thus thing
by Logan V. on 01/15/2015
"First gun purchase, and I'm glad it was.

Right out of the box I was firing 360. The entire gun build is completely solid feeling along with operating perfectly. The quick change spring guide was amazing for throwing an M120 in it, putting it up to exactly 400 FPS. An 11.1 LiPo fits perfectly in the stock, making it good since I had the battery before the gun. Products that come with it are perfect. I absolutely love the high cap with the winding key, sadly evike doesn't carry them.

Only a couple negative things I could think of

The stock isn't as perfectly fit the to buffertube as possible, there is a little wobble when retracted all the way in, but all the way out it is fine.
It is incredibly hard finding Keymod Rail attachments; however, the picatinny rails are a snap to add on.
Mags may not load in with the smallest touch; however, this was just when I was running midcap KWA mags, they work fine with the G&G and the one that ships in the box.