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AMOEBA "Striker" S1 Gen2 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Color: Black)

37 Customer Reviews

by David S. on 06/18/2021
"Fantastic rifle! Bought this over a year ago and have so far put a 550 FPS spring, 3-9-40 scope, and bipod on the rifle. An amazing platform to build on and to start off as a beginner. Did have one problem though with my bolt stop working and just slamming forward and the problem was a screw in the bolt that came loose. Took it to a shop and they fixed it and also found a few pieces of my hop up broken but they said that it won't hurt your performance at all. IF YOUR A YOUNG KID THIS IS A FANTASTIC RIFLE! Highly recommend! 10/10.
by Leo D. on 04/06/2021
"For my first sniper it was easy to pull back even with the 450. But it sounded very cheap but shoots amazing
by sawyer p. on 01/24/2021
"Love this gun. It is the second sniper I have bought and it is amazing. I waited a year to write this review just to give it a fair chance and I would rate this gun a solid 9/10. The polymer metal and overall feel makes it feel real, as a person who actually owns a 338 Winchester magnum it definitely feels real. I also love how it is AEG compatible and so you can very easily find news springs etc. The Amoeba website is very well designed and very easy to find parts and mods for it. So to sum things up
-I have used it for a year so far and it hasn't failed me
-easy to find internals
-well designed Amoeba website to get mods parts etc
100% would recommend for a staring/intermediate sniper
by Chris H. on 10/08/2020
"Very nice rifle and thankfully Evike is finally getting the so-important upgrade parts that will help you make this rifle shine. Lets keep this trend going Evike.

I was able to to quickly and easily turn my standard AS01 into the shorter and similar 02 scout rifle version that I had wanted. Replacement of the original spring to a 450 was easily done as well. Just dont rush it. Shoots .30 very well.

Actually prefer this to my BAR 10 as the magazine is better thought out and with the new hop up wheel parts I find changing and maintaining the adjustment more solid.

This rifle is well worth your consideration. I give it a solid 5 stars.
by logan d. on 01/20/2020
"shot really good put of the box, I am really happy with it. All i need is a scope and I'll be set. I recommend it for a starting sniper.
by Joanne S. on 11/25/2019
"Extremely happy with my purchase.
With this gun I purchased the following:
Action Army Teflon cylinder
Action Army hop hop up unit
Matrix 500 FPS spring
EDC Spring guide
Gloss black CH-06 Ares bolt (I made a mistake getting gloss. Matte black fits the stock bolt cap better)
Ares High Pressure Piston
UTG bugbuster 3-9x32 scope (I’d recommend the hunter scopes instead)
Ares 2 inch cheek riser w/ grip
(X) Angel custom 500mm VSR barrel
(X) Maple leaf 70 bucking
Now mind you I shot the rifle little stock, it’s accuracy was pretty good and the bolt stroke was acceptable. But nevertheless I took the gun down and installed the parts.
When I did this the parts installed, I shot the gun, and it failed. After troubleshooting and unsuccessfully doing so, I sent it to the techs at Evike.
Turns out the barrel was terrible, and the bucking wasn’t even compatible. So overall, entirely my fault picking parts.

So I received the gun again and was extremely pleased when it shot. I’ve been running Novritsch .36s through this, and at 200ft (Hand measured this BTW), the accuracy was wonderful, but much past that the bucking couldn’t hop the heavy BBs very well. So next BBs package I purchase will probably .32s or .30s. If you want to use .36s or heavier, get a stiffer bucking and a bit more power. However the bolt pull was very nice with the Teflon cylinder.

So am I happy with this gun? Absolutely! Did I spend lots of money on this? Absolutely! Do I regret it? Absolutely not!
by Ben M. on 07/27/2017
"I had bought my rifle and I was surprised of how good the quality is. The clip fits nicely into the gun, although it does wiggle a little bit. The only issue is the bolt gets very rough on the push back through. But I must say it shoots strait and mine has about 413 FPS. Overall win.
by burnell s. on 06/03/2017
"I thought I'd give this rifle a try. 120 for the rifle,10 for a ml bucking, and 12 for an m150 systema spring in a total of about 132 plus diy mods and my time. I don't hesitate to try 250 shots.its a great rifle and after some easy mods it contends with my full laylax tm gspec out to about 250 feet. Well worth the money.
by burnell s. on 06/03/2017
"I thought I'd give this rifle a try. 120 for the rifle,10 for a ml bucking, and 12 for an m150 systema spring in a total of about 132 plus diy mods and my time. I don't hesitate to try 250 shots.its a great rifle and after some easy mods it contends with my full laylax tm gspec out to about 250 feet. Well worth the money.
by Cage H. on 05/22/2017
"Purchased this rifle last friday and used it all weekend with a 500fps aeg spring in it and wow! preforms awesome! love the Magpul-ish look and feel.

Ares did an amax=zing job with the rifle. The internals are well made and function great.

Can't wait for next weekend to play with it some more!!
by Wayne N. on 05/09/2017
"Had this Sniper Rifle for 3 weeks now. Replaced the stock Hop rubber and updrade to an M150 spring.
Using a 4x32 scope, I can hit Pine cones hanging on a tree 150 feet away. Just got the "Stryker" Silencer and it actually makes the gun quieter. Once you dial in your Hop-up you can hit it if you can see it !!!
Bolt pull is hard with M150 spring installed.
Magazines tend to hold about 48 BB's before starting to bind. Specs say 55 rounds. I have used this Stryker sniper rifle 3 times in night games. BB's fly within or directly within the scope cross hairs using .32 g BB's
With the upgrade M150 Stryker spring the gun chrono's with .32 g BB's @ 380 FPS.
There are many Do it Yourself mods and quick fixes on Line that are simple enough to do.

Pro's Con's
Low price here on Evike $119.00 Bolt retaining pin comes loose(Lock Tite) fix
Extremely accurate sniper rifle Requires upgraded spring to shoot over 420 fps
Plenty of accessories available
Stock Gun is inexpensive. Easy to invest in upgrades

Wayne Sniper
by Dalton W. on 04/23/2017
"Great rifle so far, only problem I've had is the sound of the scraping the cylinder makes when I cock the gun. But I think that can be fixed with a few drops of lube.
by Marcel v. on 04/18/2017
"I am very happy with my Striker!!

I added the 500 spring and am hitting head size targets easily at 60 yards! The only thing I don't like is that the Bolt doesn't slide very well, will probably get better after time when the paint wears of.
by burnell s. on 04/14/2017
"I have had this rifle about a month now. I cut the bridge off of the barrel and installed a maple leaf bucking. Added a couple spacers to the front of the Hop to take up the slack between it and the barrel. Added a 150 spring, and it is consistently shooting at 494. I have 80 yards accuracy which means I can hit 10 out of 10 times a torso sized Target at 80 yards. To start in the sniping this is a wonderful platform that shoots great out of the box just needs a couple cheap tweaks to get it up to Performance. I would definitely buy this rifle again should the need arise.
by Maria G. on 04/12/2017
"I got my striker for over a month now and I must say this is a very nicely constructed rifle!

First off, the initial look and feel of this rifle is nothing like your ordinary. The whole rifle has the Magpul finish and look to it, feels great, and solid.

Internally, all the parts held up and doesn't feel loose.

Performance-wise, this rifle shoots accurate, with amazing range! Everything is as advertised from all the videos I been watching on most major retailers that offered and reviewed this item.

All in all, great rifle if you are in the market for a sniper rifle!