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Angel Custom G2 SUS304 Stainless Steel Precision 6.01mm Airsoft GBB Pistol Tightbore Inner Barrel (Length: 106mm WE M9)

17 Customer Reviews

by Cesar O. on 04/15/2022
"Very easy install and great fit on my semi auto We tech Samurai Edge M9. No other parts are needed to install just use the bucking and nub from your old barrel. There was a very slight wobble while sitting in the hop up unit but a strip of electrical tape fixed that. Also just a tip I use ptfe tread tape on the tiny hop up adjustment screw to help it stay put and keep the hop up consistent. Nice little barrel for a good sale price. Can hit my 12-inch sticky gel target from across the room 25 and 35 steps away no problem.
by Johnny D. on 06/28/2019
"I have tried a few other barrels for my we m9 but nothing outperforms this one! I have tried the madbull extended barrel FPS up silencers and nothing even comes close. 10/10 would buy again
by Andrew R. on 11/19/2018
"I put the 240mm barrel into my 1911 m1a1. I want to say I had to modify it to make it fit but It's been too long for me to remember. It works amazing for a pistol though. It did jump my FPS considerably though, which I wasn't expecting. A very bad thing for a CO2 pistol that was already pushing 400 FPS. I want to say it's now pushing 440-450. I now run this pistol for long range, A pump shotgun for mid range, and a double barrel saw'd off shotgun for close range. It looks ridiculous but it's fun as hell.

So assuming this barrel fits then I would say go for it. It's not the best, but it is for the price.
by curtis p. on 11/01/2017
I used to give my TREX 5.1 a 2 "extension and it fits and works. I ordered a compensator to cover barrel. I can see a difference with my eyes, that makes it worth it. I'm sure it will Chrono higher. The BB gets across the yard faster and shoots further while keeping it pistol size. I didn't want a suppressed length pistol.
by REGIS L. on 05/12/2017
by Dexter A. on 03/21/2016
"I put this barrel in a KJW Kp06 and it turned it into an accurate beast! This is a great upgrade for the price as it increased my accuracy and raised the power (380 fps). The only thing is it sticks out just a little from the barrel, and it sorta looks tacky. What makes up for the tackiness is the performance that this barrel gives! Excellent product and I highly recommend it!
by Sean M. on 10/15/2014
"Perfect fit in my WE M92F. Seems to have increased the accuracy of my shooting. Well worth the price.
by Leonard R. on 07/22/2014
"This is perfect for your m9 on the beautifully packaged tube so the barrel is not warped or destroyed during shipping it says, "Will fit Tm, WE, So-com gear, KJ or any model of m92f pistols." This Is stainless steel and very easy to install go to HighCardAirsoft on you tube for an instillation video. This on my Tokyo marui m9 samurais edge It raised it 55 fps it was shooting at 323 now its shooting at 370-380. And now I have increased range so I now out gun aeg's at sas black ops. Great buy for $12.00.
by Eric S. on 04/29/2014
"This product was the single best upgrade to my gun.

I run a WE Hi-Capa 5.1 Dragon, and this extended the inner barrel about an inch. Yes, that means it stuck out of the end of the gun, and is now hidden by a flash hider.

There is a 6 inch model some one makes for the Hi Capa, but this TBB fit mine perfectly.

With this upgrade, and a new hop up bucking, i can accurately hit a _ 2x3 foot target 3/5 times at around 40 yards, probably better if I adjusted the sights more.

I now own multiple parts from this company and have grown to like them. Every part has been sturdy, built precisely, and have worked/fit perfectly. Highly recommended.
by David M. on 03/25/2013
"Bought this two weeks ago. I was rebuilding my collection of WE-Tech Hi-CAPA and bought a bunch of parts. Pretty sweet barrel on the whole. I was impressed by the thickness of the barrel walls, it looks very sturdy and the finish is nice

Easy to install, here are my results.

Before: 31rds at 70ft: Total Spread was about 3ft in diameter, pretty hard to hit a target accurately.

After: 31rds at 70ft: Total spread were mainly within 1ft, and all but two were within six inches. Amazing difference.
by Johnny D. on 02/01/2019
"I bought the we m9 barrel. Very nice the only thing is that its a bit shorter than the stock barrel but other than that im pretty pleased with thia item
by Braxton B. on 08/12/2018
by K I S. on 09/04/2017
"(Just for reference, I bought both the 113mm and 178mm barrels but my review applies to both)
I bought this product for my KJW KP05 1911 5.1 HI-CAPA thinking that it would be the drop in fit as advertised in the description where it explicitly says "This barrel is designed for Tokyo Marui, WE-Tech, KJW, Socom Gear Hi-CAPA 5.1 airsoft pistols". If you can tell where I am going with this, the barrel was obviously not a drop-in fit as KJW hop-ups have a ridge on the inside which will only house barrels with a milled indentation towards the rear of the barrel. My solution to this was to sand down my hop-up using emery metal grit sandpaper which i got from my local Lowes. Though this eventually did work, it took 3-4 hours to hand-sand (being that there is virtually no other way to remove the ridge due to the rather small nature of the hop-up).

After installing the barrel, my pistol is now a MONSTER. I paired it with an RA Tech Maple leaf 75 degree hop-up bucking and the range and accuracy of my pistol is impeccable. I was so happy with the barrel I ended up buying a second 113mm barrel for my friend as a gift/favor.
I my opinion, there is no better barrel for the quality and price on these barrels.

Just to prevent any confusion I would recommend that AC removes the KJW compatibility in the description, or at the very least mention that is may not fit in KP05's through seven as they are all very similar in hop-up construction. In the end though I am very happy with my purchase.
by Glendon C. on 12/02/2016
"Not a bad barrel in my opinion, but it does have room for improvement. The internal polish is good, and the steel seems pretty durable as well. Performance is pretty on point, but the size of the hop up window leaves a bit to be desired. The window is extremely small compared to a standard TM-hicapa barrel. If they had milled the window half a millimeter down further, to enlarge the width of the window, it would have been perfect.
by Michael R. on 07/05/2013
"This is a very nice barrel. It was easy to replace my stock hi-capa brass barrel with this, and I saw a nice little bump (+ about 25fps) in my chrony readings. Accuracy is very good. Overall, this is a much nicer barrel than my stock equivalent.