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ICS MGL Full Size Airsoft Revolver Grenade Launcher (Color: Black)

12 Customer Reviews

by Robin W. on 03/21/2023
"Full length review on my channel:

This launcher is a flippin beast!! I got this used at a meet-up but it was in great condition and even came with six shells. Majority of the build is polymer with metal on some of the important structural parts. It has a spring loaded drum so each reload it needs to be wound up like the real version.

For me it has consistently worked, always chambers into place and rotates the drum. Only problem for me is the grip is hollow and held on by two screws so could be just a bit more sturdy.

Its def not for ur beginner airsofter but a fun toy to scare people with or to play russian roulette with a bang!
by LUKE R. on 11/10/2016
"I love it looks great strong (not for some people tho) I love it
by Josh K. on 09/02/2012
"My team has one of these. We give it to our beserker during our tournament games. Let me just tell you, with a bandoleer sling, about 15 shells and a lot of energy drinks, he is a very scary opponent on a CQB field.

In our spare time, we play russian roulette with it.
Use the nerf ball shells for maximum safety and fun :)

Can fit m203 launchers on the sides.
Very scary for CQB.
Cheap! Some of the single shot GLers cost up to 140!

The winding/locking mechanism is kinda confusing at first. Read the instructions or watch youtube if you dont know what to do.
Shells are expensive
You will go through bbs and gas like nobodys buisiness

Thats about it :)
by Niko N. on 04/10/2012
"Over all I'm amazing by the capability of this weapon, Its capable of taking out multiple enemies with a single shell. I do have a couple problems though. When you first get the launcher you have to wind the spring up for more tension (learned that on the field) or the canisters will get stuck after 2-3 shells. For the best use out of this gun i suggest using Evikes ACM 40mm replacement cartridge rubber grenade head (set of 12) for long range and better accuracy (if the refs call them out). The launcher on its one can create a massive shower with almost a 5 foot diameter at about 20 feet. After that sits hard to hit targets with any cover because the spray is to dispersed to get a hit. Rubber shells or Nerf footballs in shells are good for a nice spawn kill or clearing out partially open targets.

(the use of rubber shells may differ between fields and refs, Ask first and let them know that your using rubber shells, If not buying your own shells start at around $20-30 each.)
by brandon l. on 09/26/2011
"Looks good, feels good, performs good and this baby, is simply awesome!

Useful RIS
Retractable stock
Lots of fire power
Comfortable M16 grip
Top rail for scope
Light weight (Amazingly durable and portable!)

Shells are not included? But Evike sells this launcher at least $60 cheaper than anywhere else I found! I come here for all my airsoft need!
by kathy w. on 02/23/2011
"The thing is sick, but the video really needs a test fire section.
by Robin S. on 03/09/2021
"Honestly after using this I would recommend most players go with a single shot version or underside on a rifle. As loading shells makes this hard to use as a primary and with it's size it can be difficult to carry a full rifle. That said this thing is fun to play with and scares people on both teams XD.

As a note I own two of these, 1 I bought from here and 1 I bought used from a player.

* 6 shots
* Easy to load/Unload
* Easy to sling and carry, I run with this and a shotgun often
* Adjustable stock for quick aiming pre-angles
* Rails for sights, cosmetics, etc

* Plastic flexes a lot
* Cycles a bit slow
* Jerks hard when cycling the tube
* Safety doesn't always work (has gone off when dropped and trigger pull while safe)
* Hard to open tubes (lever can get stuck)
* Hard to clean (got BBs stuck in the drum after a shell degassed in the tube)
* No easy way to cover the barrel to make safe for fields (have yeeted so many barrel covers)

Improvements it could use:
* Numbers on the tubes
* Includes leaf sight
* Quick take down for cleaning
* More metal on frame
by ben h. on 07/01/2011
"I would give this a 4.5/5 because it is alot loghter than it looks but the stock wobbles.

Good material
Quad rails
Awesome firepower

Stock is loose
If you dont have grenades already its expensive
by Moon K. on 02/27/2019
"I bought two of these, and filled them each with 40Mikes. The goal was to emulate Fukaziroh from Gun Gale Online.

The combined weight of 12 x 40mikes along with the launcher itself is pretty hefty, especially since I'm dual wielding.

So heavy in fact, that the launcher itself has trouble revolving with the combined weight of the 40mikes.

so HEAVY, that the spring holding the launcher's ammo in place, can't hold em and they open up and swivel out, throwing my 40Mikes all over the floor.

So in theory, it was a cool idea. In practice not so much.
by Nicholas M. on 07/22/2014
"could have been built better.
stock broke after minimal use and no abuse. only stays in down angle
small parts not metal
spring is worn and must be compacted more then before. cant take the weight.

spend more and get the full metal options. You will use this less than you think, waiting and getting one that is a fricking tank is the better route here. SAME THING with shells, never cheap out, get best quality possible.

dont cheap on shells. NO MATRIX mine suck. I got the 6 pack.

Look at S thunder, Mad bull, and king arms. have heard good things about all, I own two s thunders, I prefer them over my matrix no doubt.
by keegan p. on 05/29/2017
"pretty meh quality tends to skip shots VFG was broken I might have got a lemon but dont pay more than 50$ for one your better off getting a m203 or other single shot grenade launcher
by Dakota O. on 09/14/2015
"Too much plastic in a few key areas, like the button to control the angle of the stock (those broke before I got it out to a field). Original stock is cheap and filmsy with no sling attach point at all, the pin for the latch on the cylinder was loose and fell out, the latch also likes to get stuck on molle webbing which is supper annoying, on top of that I think most of the hex bolts are made out of aluminum because alot of them plain stripped out and the cylinder likes to jump ahead like 3 cycles occasionally.