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WELL G96 Gas Powered Full Size Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Scope (Color: Desert - Package A)

8 Customer Reviews

by Christian D. on 06/16/2014
"I have had this gun for about a month and I really enjoy this gun.
Metal receiver
Metal Bolt
Metal Barrel
Metal Trigger
Good Accuracy out of the box.
Adjustable cheek mount and monopod

The mags are leaky
Heavy (15lbs or 6kg)
Hopup is weak
by Jake J. on 06/07/2014
"Great gun. Mine was a dud (broken parts), but after the proper repairs, replacement parts, and cleaning, it works perfect.

Very consistent and accurate
G.Gas load in the mag
Smooth action (great for lefties)

Replacement parts seem discontinued amongst ALL retailers
Heavy (but grow some nuts, its worth it)
Shorter scopes will not fit included, single piece scope mount.

Beware, it appears the product has been sitting in a warehouse for a long time - - a lot of rusted parts (but, nothing a little maintenance cannot fix).
by Fang Y. on 07/18/2013
"Though this is a clone of the ares aw.338 (not known for being accurate or reliable), this gun is not that bad. To make this gun perform like a sniper, you need a new hop up bucking and nub. The stock barrel is fine. However, I would replace the hammer with an ares steel hammer. Other than that, fine tune an you should have a sufficient long range weapon. The trigger mechanism is one of the simplest yet most durable I've seen.

Pros: short bolt pull
With a good hopup, it can lift a WE .43g bb like a .12
Adjustable trigger pull

Cons: not many parts
Bad stock hopup bucking and nub
Paint scratches
Mags are a hit or miss. They either leak or not. Sometimes it's an easy fix, sometimes not.
by Cody C. on 06/02/2011
"I just ordered this gun and I am pumped about getting it. I have looked into it and the G&G one is $100 more and they are exactly the same. this one might actually be better because is comes with a monopod which is pretty unique.
by Tyler R. on 03/30/2011
"This is a very good gun!! Its about 10 pounds and is really solid. My first one had a messed up hop-up so we sent it back and they actually sent me a hole new gun. My first one shot 70 feet MAYBE and my new one shoots 200 feet or more and is really accurate with 30 grams. Get this gun if you want a really accurate, sturdy, sick looking sniper.

HEAVY( you can't be weak)
Nice strong plastic and thick metal
Big gun, and it looks so sexy....

Bipod is a little wobbly but it lets you move your gun around if a guy is moving around when your shooting at him.
You can get a dud sometimes but evike will fix it or replace it.
by Aaron M. on 09/28/2010
"I just got this gun in the mail yesterday. I CAN NOT STOP SHOOTING THIS! This gun is amazing. I was looking for a gas sniper with a bipod and a scope that looke very reliable. This gun is just that. Its got a heavy weight to it so feels amazing but it is not a good option for a smaller player. Im about 5'6" so i needed the bipod due to the fact that im small. Im crazy about airsoft guns and this is a very nice gun.

Hard shooting
Easy to sight in
Easy to adjust hopup
Good solid feel.

The only problem i have had with this gun was the monopod on the stock broke... Not a big deal to me cause id rather hold the gun myself anyways but if your looking for the monopod then this might not be the best buy.
by Mathias W. on 03/21/2018
"The bipod wiggles a little bit too much for me, so i had to adjust it, the weapon and the parts were very dirty and the bolt jammed. But that are only the negative things.
All in all the weapon is quite nice and shoots very good after you adjusted some things.
by Emile C. on 07/31/2011
"This sniper is the best if u want a long range accurate sniper that kicks butt. I've only used it once in combat at my local area and I got three of the five enemies out. If u want any extra mags you should get the ares ones because they hold 20 some rounds while the well ones hold 15. If u want this one you need a sidearm or a smg to defend yourself in cqb.

Gas powered
High fps
Orange tip wasn't glued on xD

A bit high for some of the fields I play at
Uses a lot of green gas

Overall a great gun if u are your teams sniper. The way I do it is I sling it over my back, I use my cqb m4 then when it's a long range situation I pull it out and sling my m4 over my back.