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JG "B.A.M.F." Spec. Edition Full Metal M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Li-Po Ready 8mm Gearbox)

48 Customer Reviews

by Dexter A. on 02/09/2016
"While other guns of this caliber can cost you 200 - 300 dollars, this AGM M4 breaks the mold. It shoots incredibly accurate and can easily shoot up to 80 yards. It is Li-po ready and can even work with a 7.2 Li-po battery. Its FPS is NOT CQB capable as this can easily shoot through the bottom of a soda can and almost through the top in one shot (I approx. about 420 -440 FPS). Very sturdy with its full metal body and feels good to hold. I would use this as my daily "driver" when it comes to outdoor fields and I could see this easily out shooting more expensive guns.

- Sturdy
- Hard Hitting
- Accurate
- Reliable

- Hop-up adjuster is loose but its nothing to complain about.
by Robert L. on 02/09/2016
"This is one of the best guns on the market for the price!!! A few weeks ago my friends and I played in an elimination match. My friend and i were the only ones left. He had a kwa m4 whhich is $300 and my agm outshot his gun and all of my friends were very impressed. The gun is solid metal and is extremely accurate with a .23gram bb. This is a must have. Plus, its only $150! So hurry up and add it to your cart!!!

* 400 fps
* metal construction
* had threads to apply a silencer
* removeable carry handle
* metal internals
* out performs more expensive guns

* absolutely none!!!!
by Bob H. on 02/09/2016
"This is an amazing gun, and i defiantly recommend that you buy it. Since I received the gun in the mail about a week ago, i have played about 10 hours of airsoft wars. This gun is amazingly accurate and has a good rpm. To tell you how good this gun actually is, I will give you an example of a tournament I was in.... One man was hiding behind a wheel barrel, about 50 feet away with 5 inches of his chest showing... I aimed a shot him about 5 times right in the chest through an open branch in a tree. That shot ended the war and everyone on my team said," how did your M4 possibly do that."

Fully metal with sturdy parts
high FPS, but low enough to use in a turniment
Best AEG I ever bought

by SNS I. on 02/09/2016
"Very good AEG, solid, upgradeable, realistic weight, all metal (where it counts) as advertised, including metal hop-up. Our AGM M4 shoots a solid 410 FPS out of the box with TSD .20g. Version 2 gearbox with metal bushings and steel "xyt" gears. We found the ROF to be acceptable with the supplied 8.4v battery (we don't need a exttremely high ROF to "spray and pray", we have a bit more skill than that and make out shots count). However, a 9.6v 8 cell small battery does fit nicely and does give a small increase in ROF... IF you trim or twist out the two small tabs in the lower handguard nearest the delta ring with a pair of pliers... yes.. even YOU can do it without messing it up. :-)

$150 is money well spent on this M4, which could be priced at $200 and still be a good VALUE for your money. We would purchase another one and highly recommend it to others.

Did you add it to your Shopping Cart yet ??
by Mark T. on 02/09/2016
"This gun is pretty damn amazing.
I already had a great gun before I bought this (I intended for this to be my loaner gun for my friends who wanted to try airsoft) but I ended up envying my friends and used this one. I chronoed this and it averaged 415, and it hurts. Very solid construction, full metal everything except handguard and stock.

410-420 fps
descent accuracy

get a nunchuck 9.6 V, I don't even use use auto w/ an 8.4 V, I can practically fire as fast on single
Ned some sort of way to raise your scope if you want to use one(high weaver, carrying handle scope, carrying handle RIS, or RIS raiser)
by Tyler G. on 02/09/2016
"This is a great solid gun. Got it this Christmas and I love it. It is way better than a JG because it will last longer with metal body and better internals. The battery compartment is really cramped and you have to move the clear thing in the handguard over to the side to fit in the battery. Great intermediat gun.
by Frederick N. on 02/09/2016
"Great gun. This gun is great right out of the box. The only problem i had was the hop up got stuck once, but easy to fix.

HIGH fps
High quality metal
Full metal
The whole gun is nice and sturdy

Paint chips off kind of easily, but can be a good thing. It makes it look battle hardened
by Julie J. on 09/11/2014
"Nice gun for the money , got the gun with the motor connectors off, not sure if it was just my gun or not but whatever it was a quick and easy fix other than that the gun is great.
by Otto F. on 07/21/2014
"WOW! Where do I start? Ive owned a JG m4 for 3 years now and havent had any work done except for a weaker spring for cqb. I sold this gun after owning it for 2 years to friend. He used it for about 7 months and blew a fuse. He thought it was the internals so I bought it off him for 5 bucks! Popped the fuse open and saw it was blown. Replaced it and its going strong. I resently got a kwa cqr mod1 that was put to shame by this 3 year old jg. The cqr is going to be returned. The jg m4 out shoots it by abut 80 feet.
AND THIS IS AFTER 3 YEARS of abuse! Drops, thousands of rounds put through the gun, left in the sun, played with in the rain, dragged throught dirt with no cleaning and shots like a g&p m4.
You CANT go wrong! BUY BUY BUY BUY and keep it for the many years it will serve you. with a 6.03 tbb this gun will be performing with the big boys.
AMAZING stuff by JG. Very suprising!

Cons: too hot for cqb.

20/10 rating
by Tou X. on 07/16/2014
"Just got it in today and it was amazing....dont have bbs at the moment to fire some rounds but the gun is pretty sturdy i was only surprise at how heavy it is....not really a bad thing
by simon l. on 07/10/2014
"I LOVE THIS GUN!!!!!Full metal reciever pros:metal body durable great rof and fps with 9.6v cons:cheap hop up wont run any lower than 9.6v
by Za S. on 05/12/2014
"I bought the J.G. B.A.M.F. Special Edition m4 rifle for my birthday, which is advertised for about 390 to 430 fps (better with .20 gram bbs). It has a very nice feel and is a great addition to Seal’s or Marine Recon’s weapon kit. It is small enough to be an effective secondary to any sniper or grenadier. It is light enough so that it doesn’t feel cheap, but enough weight to feel durable and indestructible, to a reasonable extent. With a scope on it, it gives an advantage to the concealed shooter of being a Concealed Sprayer. Below are some pros and cons, which have been given from personal use of the rifle in airsoft battles.

It’s full metal and doesn’t scratch easily.
Good weight.
Pretty accurate up to medium ranges.
Very tough and sturdy “ribs”.
Full metal gear box.
Good fps.
Full metal and adjustable sights (winddage and elevation).
Full metal inner and outer barrel.
Very detailed, laser-etched inscriptions.
Removable rear sight for the mounting of a scope or laser sight. (Piccatiny)
Against what everybody says, you actual don’t need a rail riser to have a clear sight off vision when employing a scope.
Can be accompanied by the m203 grenade launcher without having to buy a special adapter.
You also can detach the stock to attach a “sling ring” for a one-point-sling. (Very handy)
Non- upgradable gearbox (8 mm.)
Hard time finding the right batteries. (9.6 butterflies works great, because small type is a little hard to get into the “ribs”).
Fuse blows a lot.
The hop-up is plastic.

The hand guard gets a little loose after a while.
The barrel is held in by “moon” pins and I don’t think that there is a threaded adapter you can buy for it.
Wires sometimes get in the way when you put the mag into the mag-well, especially high-caps.

Overall the B.A.M.F. M4 is well made and sturdy rifle and feel safe with it during any airsoft battle.
I would recommend this rifle to anyone, be they a starter, amateur, or pro.
by Ethan S. on 05/05/2014
"I got this AEG a while back and it is great. The Arabic on the receiver is legit (but only Iraqis seem to understand it fully? Probably a dialect issue or something). Feels great but it requires at least a 9.6V NIMH battery but I recommend a 7.4V Lipo to give you the fullest of it's potential. It was really hard for me to take apart to access the internals but there is a way. Unlike the people with the bad reviews, I actually did something with it and shimmed the gearbox and it is great. So far no internals have broken which seems to contradicts other peoples reviews. If you take care of your guns they will take care of you, I don't know how but they will.
by Benjamin S. on 12/25/2013
"This is a great gun. I love this gun and I hope to be able to mod it a little.
by Linda H. on 08/15/2013
"I have had this gun for a few months now and I am very pleased the only problem is the rear sling attachement broke on me but I would recommend it.

Full metal
Good range
High fps
Real feel

Sling point is loose