Reviews: UKArms 1:1 Scale Replica L85A1 British Bullpup Airsoft Rifle.


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Model: AR-UK-L85A1
Location: Y8-003

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by Lyn O. on 2010-09-11 18:43:12
"this gun is awesome, it goes pretty far and it hurts like heck.

goes far
has a resevoir (or however u spell it)
only 30$

the front site is a little wobbly
the mag only holds like 12 bbs

but overall its a great gun for only 30 bucks and it is good for begginers
by mary v. on 2010-03-23 14:52:15
"this is a good gun for the money that you pay its only $30 its got great accuracy and its very hard plastic. I hit my brother from about 100ft away and it was dead on with a 4x20 sniper scope

Only bad thing about this gun is the rails are smooth, its not the RIS rail you think it is

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)