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EMG Spike's Tactical Licensed M4 AEG AR-15 Parallel Training Weapon (Model: 10" SBR / 400 FPS / Starter's Package)

9 Customer Reviews

by Paul R. on 01/02/2023
"I have been using this rifle for about 3~4 months now, and this is my first airsoft gun. It has been very nice in terms of how hard it hits and is quite accurate out of the box.

-good accuracy
-good battery space
-nice rail
by Mason A. on 01/02/2023
"I have had this gun for about 1~2 months now. this little guy is solid! It is great looking, shoots extremely accurate, feels real steel, great internals and easy to tune and mess with with QD change spring gearbox. Would highly recommend!
by Jason C. on 12/19/2022
"Gun runs flawlessly! Worth every penny!
by Kevin N. on 11/26/2022
"Great gun. Extremely nice, great for gaming and a true collector's item!
Works great!
by Derek R. on 07/16/2022
"Awesome right out of the box! FPS is solid and so is the rate of fire. Don’t really need to change much!!! Awesome rifle!!
by callin w. on 06/17/2022
"I got it in the first BOA it was featured in and I was a little disappointed with the fact that it was just another m4, I opened it up and could tell right away that something was wrong the handcart was off about 45 degrees to the right and I was like wtf is this thing some kind of piece of crap. after I fixed that it was an amazing rifle. awesome trigger response comfortable size and weight and tons of room to upgrade. I loved the fact the the orange flash hider wasn't glued on and the fact the the stock was easy to change out with my Magpul stock. and it doesn't look like any other m4 on a field it looks unique expecally when compared to the ever flowing sea of Krytac sprs out there.
by Aiden H. on 03/31/2022
"Great beginner gun high rpm but the only thing I recommend changing is the inner-barrel,Hopup and Bucking.
by James W. on 02/12/2022
"Amazing gun feels great in the hand. The rate of fire is also crazy good and fun especially with a drum mag. Range is great. Tan it with a 11.1 titan power battery and it was smooth in semi and full auto.

Great RPS
Good range
Feels sturdy
Lots of room for battery

Little bit of wobble on stock
The FPS was at 300 little lower than advertised but it might be a PRO as well if you use it for CQG
The grip is a on the bigger size I’m a small in gloves and it can be a bit uncomfortable also might be a PRO
by Hunter H. on 04/26/2022
"TL:DR Externals feel cheap and disappointing. Internals and performance are likely pretty solid. 3.5 stars.

Had very high hopes and expectations for this gun, and just received in the mail today. Performance wise, this gun is a chain saw. Great trigger response and ROF with an 11.1v. I would recommend a reshim and AOE before running a 11.1v long term. I haven’t opened it up, but that is always good practice. My poor review is purely based on the externals.

Firstly, the M-LOK hand guard is a lot slimmer in person than it looks in the pictures. It really throws off the dimensions of the gun visually and just feels weird in my hands. The gun really just doesn’t look as good in person as in the pictures unfortunately. The metal on the hand gaurd is also extremely thin. This issue is most felt on the receiver, however. For almost $400, I was expecting a solid, high quality metal receiver. However, the metal is so thin and light when I first received the gun I thought it was plastic. It just feels. . . “cheap”. I still run my hands over it, astonished that its not made out of plastic. Maybe its supposed to feel this way to be light weight? I don’t know, but I don't like it. I have $200 metal ICS m4’s that feel much more solid. The mag well is also extremely loose. Even the mag is comes with wobbles all around. A Lonex flash mag, which doesn’t fit in any other M4 I have, fits in it pretty snug though. Then theres the fat hand grip. Especially given the unexpected slimness of the hand guard, it really looks out of place and is uncomfortable. If you have big hands, it may be better for you, however I can guarantee the slim hand gaurd will then be annoying for you.

The externals do have a few positives, particularly that the MLOK has zero wobble and the stock’s wobble is minimal. There is also the fact that it comes with a DOPE compensator (same one in the pictures).

My review may be a bit unfair, given I bought the gun highly considering the externals, so take that into consideration. If you want something light weight with good internals, then this is probably a good fit for you. But if you highly value guns that you can trust to “take a beating” and feel solid in your hands, I would avoid.