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Demolition Ranch UDR-15 AR15 Airsoft AEG Training Rifle by EMG / F-1 Firearms (Model: Standard / eSE)

18 Customer Reviews

by Michael F. on 07/13/2023
"I am new to airsoft and I just got this as my first AEG rifle and i can say it is the coolest gun that ive ever shot or played with its super smooth and fires so accurate i was hitting small targets at over 75 foot no problem prolly could have stretched it out even further but i ran out of backyard lol but for me just getting into the sport this gun is heavenly and feels so realistic is stupid love the metal frame.
by Matthew R. on 08/16/2019
"Hey, just your friendly neighborhood Canadian here.

So to start, this is a fantastic piece of equipment! Feels amazing to hold and to shoot. Has superb range and accuracy. The EBB works smoothly. Highly customizable. Is SEXY AF and is Demolitia. I have had it for a while now and its just like its new!
One time I was rushing a point with some guys and I basically stuffed the barrel in the dirt. Took it to the shop to get check out. They called me back and asked if it was a prank because it was working totally fine and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it.

- Totally worth the price
- Very reliable FPS
- Very accurate, even at range. Slings a .25 BB about 70 yards
- Surprisingly light weight
- Extremely easy to access rotary hop up (Rotary hop up best hop up)
- Super comfortable to hold and shoot
- Doesn't need any performance upgrades (Works better then my $1500 DMR)
- Super solid construction! And lots of real steel parts
- Plenty of room for customization
- With use of proper mags you will never have to worry about feeding issues
- Looks amazing and get you noticed on the field.
- EXPORT COMPLIANT TO CANADA! (only relevant if you say Eh to much and live in an igloo)

- Kind of expensive for someone who hasten yet invested into air soft
- Battery compartment is a little bit tight and can be finicky to work with the first few times
by michael m. on 04/10/2019
"This is an awesome gun. Crisp loud sound, and CQB friendly in terms of FPS.

Really grabs the attention right away even with the standard option.

I put tape on the outside of the skeleton-ized receiver since you can actually see the piston moving. To avoid dirt and clear tape of course.

Definitely recommend.
by m. on 04/05/2019
"This gun is great! Amazing finish and performance, the most realistic and highest quality Airsoft rifle I have ever seen in the last 10 years I Airsoft. If you want something nice, get this EMG!
by sebastian l. on 12/23/2018
"I have had this rifle since October and I have to say I am loving it. Its really close to the weight of its real steel counterpart and it feels slim but sturdy in my hands.
Stock it shoots around 400 fps but because of my local field i put in a asg m95 spring to lower the fps. This is an accurate and powerful gun out of the box i had no problems hitting a target at 50 ft with a red dot.
by Allen J. on 12/13/2018
"This gun is as awesome as an Airsoft gun can possibly be! It is extremely well finished and (warning) will make your other Airsoft guns look like sh*t!! Literally! Almost feel real!!
by Joseph B. on 12/12/2018
"Absolutely love this gun. Got mine on October 31st 2018 (One of the first to pre-order) and have run it in several games. Out of the box it fired between 400 and 401 FPS using the recommended battery, but after a few thousand shots, it is now running at 397 to 399 FPS. Hop-up was good for the indoor field, wont really have a chance to use it outdoors until the spring. When siting in with my optic, I was able to achieve a quarter sized group at 75 Ft (Distance across my basement). Full auto will empty a mag very quickly and so far I haven't used up a battery after a few 5-6 hours of playing (I am fairly conservative on my shots fired). The only downside for indoor is the length, but it isn't really meant for CQB (for that I usually use pistols and/or a bullpup) I don't really feel the need to upgrade this at this point since it meets all of my expectations.

Side not, it is pretty neat to have the rifle recognized at the field. I get lots of questions about it and always recommend it if they don't mind the price.
by Rens B. on 12/08/2018
"Just got mine in the mail. Love the looks of the gun. Fires well and the sound is great.

The mag that comes with it is quite bad (feeding issues and cheap plastic)
The gun has a red tip on it by standard and there is no proper way to remove it.
The metal part to remove the electric knock back is not included.

Otherwise love the gun.

(Love from the Netherlands)
by Cayden S. on 11/04/2018
"I bought one and it is amazing and it functions very well.
by Tim D. on 11/03/2018
by Noe R. on 10/26/2018
"Bought one for my son at airsoft con and this thing is awesome! We even got it signed by Matt from Demolition Ranch!
by Jonathan B. on 10/12/2018
"I got to see this gun at the Evike superstore and I want to say this gun looks too realistic, too awesome, and too amazing. If you don't like realistic, awesome, and amazing guns, do not buy this.
by Hunter P. on 11/20/2021
"Very pretty. Not practical.

May I be the first to say I HATE receiver cuts. I got this jn a box of awesomeness and I gotta say, its a good rifle when you're nowhere around dirt, ans you use nothing but full auto. This guns semi-auto capability is garbage. Its way too slow, and sometimes doesn't shot and double-feeds regularly. Full-auto firing in bursts is the only way to use it really. All the unnecessary holes in the receiver make it easy to gunk up when playing outside; Which is the only "feild" have. I recommend you skip out on this rifle unless you REALLY want the receiver cuts. I would recommend any other rifle for this caliber of play.
by m. on 03/05/2019
"It's a great gun but needs better Pistons instead of plastic on metal otherwise it would be a solid gun I still love the gun
by Joshua D. on 02/07/2021
"I have had this gun one day February 6 2021. It is a very good looking rifle. But have had nothing but issues and only shoot 10-20bbs out of it. My electric blow back from the ese does not work. After a couple shots pulled the charge handle back to adjust hop up and it got stuck in the back position. The magazine is a really cheap feeling mag. The hope up is a dial type adjustment, I like the rotary adjustment better my self. In the couple hop up adjustments I got before the charge handle locked up on me didn't feel that great. The gun feels really nice but the workings of the gun are not good at all.