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G&G CM16 ARP9 CQB Carbine Airsoft AEG (Package: Battleship Grey / Gun Only)

55 Customer Reviews

by Robert M. on 01/12/2023
"This gun is nearly perfect. I bought it for my wife and she loves it. We had 3 issues with it. Removing the orange tip to add a tracer is REALLY difficult. The Battery compartment is very small and will cause you some trouble. And last the buttock is really small and doesn't rest well on the shoulder. They do sell battery compartment extenders and I've even seen butt stock attachments that make it a bit girthier. I recommend even with these issues. The gun performs so well.
by Nicolas S. on 01/11/2023
"I've had this gun for about 2 and a half years now, and I have to say that this is one of the best airsoft guns I have ever bought. It's entire body is made of polymer minus the metal handguard, but it's a really tough and durable kind of polymer that doesn't feel cheap. What makes this gun is the internals. A high quality gearbox that will last a long time, a trigger response that feels quick and snappy, programmable for full auto and 3 round burst, and a MOSFET allowing you to use any battery you want (if you are not running an 11.1 lipo in this thing you are doing yourself a disfavor).

I feel like anyone can feel comfortable running the ARP9, from speedsofters to milsimers. It's lightweight and snappy which is favorable amongst speedsofters, and while it may not be a replica on anything specific minus "9mm AR," it still looks "militaristic" enough to fit in a mil-sim game.

The biggest critique I have of the ARP9 however is its battery storage which is inside the buffer tube. I doubt there is any battery in existence that be stuffed in there while having everything be sealed. What I and many other owners do is have the battery partially sticking out with the stock fully extended. It isn't as bad as it sounds though, I find that the battery still remains secure even when running around. If you're still concerned about dirt and debris getting to the battery, Airtech does make a buffer tube extender that better covers the battery, however you will no longer be able to collapse the stock all the way. It's a shame because when the stock is fully collapsed it's a pretty short little thing that looks fun to hip fire or fire from one hand.

Another critique is the iron sights that come with the gun. For some reason they are these really adjustable long range style irons which are good for a longer rifle but bad for the ARP9. The rear sight especially has this very tiny aperture to look through that isn't appropriate for CQB. I would highly suggest buying a red dot for a better sight picture and target acquisition.

Other than that, it's hard to say anything negative. The ARP9 was built for CQB and it does it's job exceedingly well. I would say you can even get away using this outdoors if you manage to get close enough to your opponents. I got his gun when it was $210, and by that price I would say this gun offers a lot for the money and maybe even good for beginners on a budget, but now since the price has been raised to $260, I can't anymore. Still, this gun is hot out of the box, has a lot of after marketability, and is bit unique compared to your typical M4 if you're looking for that.
by Gage C. on 12/31/2022

Out of the box I was very impressed this is also the perfect gun for starters in my oppinion. I just took it to go airsofting last night and this thing shreds with no attachments. The only attachments I use right now are a sight and a flashlight.
by Maxwell B. on 12/14/2022
"got this gun today already put a bifrost tracer on it and a red dot
absolutely recommend this gun it’s extremely reliable and shoots real straight out the box. the only i dislike about the gun is the mag that comes with it, i bought the classic army arp9 mags for 16 a piece and they cycle bbs much better than the one out of the box. Overall rating
by Kyle Y. on 11/28/2022
"This was my first AEG and I gotta say i’m pretty impressed. There are a few things that I didn’t like as much but overall this airsoft gun is pretty good. Now to clarify I have had my Arp (Stealth Gold) for a short while though I’ve only used it twice, I use it carefully and have never taken it to a field. I’ve only fired it at a range or in my backyard. I gotta say that the gun is beautiful, but it didn’t come without a few quirks that should be mentioned. The orange tip on the gun is obnoxiously huge and unwieldy , it was a real struggle to get that baby off. Apparently theres this plastic pin that fit’s onto the 12mm adapter on the actual gun itself. It supposed to disengage when you give the gun a little tough love (twisting counter clockwise), when I did that the pin just snapped snd broke. Which is fine but needless to say, a little misleading. The gun is LOUD, i’ve never heard and AEG so loud in my life. It’s even louder than my gas guns which is pretty surprising to me. Overall I’d the gun is amazing and is well worth the price.

- High Quality Plastic and Decent Quality Metal
- Shoots great out of the box
- Comes with flip up irons
- Decently easy Hop up access
- Familiar M4 feel
- High fire rate
- Full auto capabilities
- Adjustable stock

- LOUD (Louder than Gas, could be a pro. Might get cheaters to finally call their hits)
- Slightly tight Battery chamber
- Obnoxious Orange tip
- (Stealth Gold) Suppressor is TINY (Also to clarify it is NOT a tracer)
- (Stealth Gold) Comes with Smaller Magazine
- Could not get the burst mode to work
by Jono D. on 09/26/2022
"Amazing AEG. Reliable, consistent, stylish, loud, lightweight, and affordable. All-around perfect AEG.
by Demetrich S. on 06/13/2022
"So far I've been really enjoying this gun. Good trigger response and the quality on this ARP9 is top notch, feels like the real deal. I'm running a 11.1v 3000mah and it shoots beams. I also added some internal and external upgrades, made the gun 10x better. I would definitely recommend this gun.
by Matt T. on 06/10/2022
"My go to indoor gun( works outside too) with a titan MOSFET installed!!! And a drum
by jim r. on 03/12/2022
"this gun is awesome out of the box. there are 2 mi9nor issues. 1 when you buy this gun get the battery box extender trust me it'll help. and 2 for some reason the stick mag does not work. please purchase the drum mag. not only dose it work better but it makes the gun look even badder than b4.
by Ben H. on 02/18/2022
"I purchased sky one, (Blue), and let me say, this gun is amazing! it shoots fast, and very accurately. if you are on the fence about getting it, just buy it. you wont regret it. I highly recommend getting the G&g drum mag. If you don't want the drum, get the classic army 120rd mid-caps. I didn't because when I bought mine, they were out of stock.
by Evan Z. on 01/23/2022
"Context: I bought this when it was just over a $100.
* Accurate right out of the box.
* super compact and AWESOME for CQB.
* Great trigger response.
* sturdy construction.
* lightweight.
* Burst mode is perfecto. *muah*
* Louder than you think. *BAP! BAP! BAAAAP!*
* Not completely smooth but still runs.
* ETU is easy to fry. (Needs a lipo to keep this from happening as quick)
* Stock has very little space as should be expected.
* hi-cap mags for this gun are no good.
Overall, more than pleased with my purchase of this G&G gun, never disappointing. I bought this as a great secondary/CQB gun and it did more than I thought it would. I easily outshoot snipers and marksmen, some snipers did get angry (: I had a ton of fun putting a tracer on it and playing indoors where I could compete with HPA guns in speed and ROF.
WORD OF WISDOM! Unless you don't mind the tiny little wheels on this thing's Hicaps, can afford enough midcaps for a game, or don't plan on shooting much, then buy the G&G drum mag for this gun. The drum feeds flawlessly, holds a whopping 1,500 rounds, and has no hassle to it.
by Andrew M. on 10/23/2021
"I got the Sky Blue version awhile back, maybe a year ago, and between then and now it's seen some wear. Firstly, the quality of the gun is superb. It's not metal but instead made of a dense, high quality polymer that doesn't feel cheap in your hands. It's durable, shoots far, and is pretty accurate. I've done external modifications, but all the internals are still stock and this thing still does great on the field. I haven't had an opportunity to test it at a decent range, since the only field I play at is CQB, and they don't allow full auto indoors so I have yet to test that either. However, I've only heard good things, and from what I've seen my own gun do, I don't doubt those claims for a second. I fell on my gun (bbs on tile are rough) and ended up snapping part of the upper, completely destroying my flashlight and sight in the process. It was a nasty fall. I contacted G&G in Taiwan and while their site is really rough to navigate, the helped me find what parts I needed replaced and helped me order them.

Final thoughts: This gun is great, and I'd completely recommend this to anyone either starting out, or someone who wants a really nice CQB gun. This was my first big "real" airsoft gun and when I broke it I couldn't tell whether I should buy a new gun or repair this one. It became clear to me as I thought it over; this gun grew heavily on me, and I was determined to see her back in working order once again. 100% recommend
by Matt T. on 10/06/2021
"Great!!! A champ on the indoor feild plus the drum magg is awesome
by Kevin C. on 08/03/2021
"Easily the best airsoft gun ever made. I know some may not like the looks and some features. It's the best because of the price of the gun and the quality of it. If anyone is thinking about a good starter gun this is great. It is also still pricy enough and good enough to be for seasoned airsoft players.
by Austin R. on 04/09/2021
"I bought this gun over the summer as my first real airsoft gun, I have nothing bad to say about the gun in any way shape or form. I bought a fire red version, and the Finnish on both the red and black parts of the gun is spectacular. It’s highly modable and a good fit for a normal size person even though it comes in just about 2 feet long. I highly recommend getting this gun as either a beginner or experienced player. You can still reach out and hit people at ranges of up to 100~120ish feet.