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CYMA Standard AR-47 QBS Airsoft AEG Rifle (Model: 10" Quad Rail w/ Suppressor / Tan)

36 Customer Reviews

by Jacob C. on 04/06/2024
"This gun is awesome for a unique starter weapon. This AEG has been so fun to use at the fields, although i would recommend a smaller barrel because i keep hitting my gun on walls since i forget it’s too big, it’s still an awesome gun. It’s extremely heavy and doesn’t get better when you add attachments. I believe my gun weighs 12 pounds (with attachments) which isn’t fun to carry around but to me it is 100% worth it. It also has a shooting problem which means that it stops shooting on semi and you have to switch to full auto in order to fix it but I got a new motor today which should fix the problem. Last but not least the stock is a little wobbly but not as bad as people make it out to be. Of course this gun has a few flaws to it, but in my opinion it’s totally worth it.

To summarize:

Pros -
Easy to use
Easy to add attachments
Easy to disassemble
Perfect for beginners

Cons -
Wobbly Stock
Only is really good with mid cap CYMA mags
Shooting problem (rarely occurs)
by Shaun C. on 10/04/2023
"Great gun! It’s a cyma platinum but because people don’t like the AR47 it’s 100$ cheaper! Crazy ROF 28 rounds per second with an 11.1 and 17 on a 7.4. Only drawback is the trigger feels really bad but it does have a reset like a real gun
by Shaun C. on 08/11/2023
"Amazing gun, fast full auto, heavy, full metal, feels nice, comes with metal flash hider the orange part is removable, only gripes are the trigger feels pretty bad and is hard to do fast semi auto but on the plus side it has a trigger reset like a real gun.
by Quentin B. on 02/26/2023
"I got this nifty gun out of the 2022 Labor Day box and I am really loving it. I got the 13 inch tan variant and it is my main gun. Not only do I like the feel and performance of the rifle, but it’s unique as well!

Pretty decent FPS
A nice, durable material
Pretty good RPS depending on what battery you use
Good trigger response compared to some of my other guns

Stock was a little wobbly
Muzzle is a pain to get off
Can’t really find any good Keymod forgrips on evike
A little heavy but maybe I’m weak

I am by no means a professional at anything related to airsoft, but I felt that people should know the opinions of others before purchasing. Pretty great gun overall!
by jason b. on 11/26/2022
"Did not buy from evike but from hop up was 13” model came in a matrix box which was strange besides that this is a Great gun had for about 2 years now ran stock gears for a year now a dsg. some what regret buying this instead of an m4 but made it work what I said dosent make it a bad platform just the ergonomics of the gun got boring after a while . You get what you pay for a nice full metal gun with mid range internals

If stock gears are paired with a mosfet that’s most likely the only upgrade you need internally. I had ran a gate titan and 11.1v 20c 1100mah got about 20 amp draw with 34rps and 346- 348fps

Front pin has a mechanism that keeps it from fully coming out

Oem mag feeds surprisingly well for my 41-43rps 340fps dsg set up

Replacement parts are not hard to find sold here on evike

Very good internals

Stock motor fairly good used in this gun with a 18:1 dsg set up with light motor heat and about 42rps on full charge 11.1v 50c

Large upgrade path

Cons .

$300 still wired to tymia and came with a plastic nozzle atleast a o ring should’ve been incorporated

The muzzle is very hard to take off it’s glued and down and while you unthread it can strip if you’re not careful

Could not remove stock piston head from piston maybe it was glue till this day it sits assembled

Proprietary hop unit

Motor grip screw likes to get loose( loctite blue is good enough
Stay away from anything stronger)

Right side selector is just for looks no ambi controls on this replica

Did not feed with high caps for me only mid caps worked

Gearbox came with a older style fuse

Slight Receiver wobble but nothing crazy
by Kai J. on 12/31/2021
"Hats off to CYMA, this is an amazingly well made gun. Externals are excellent. There is absolutely no wobble or play on anything, aside from the crane stock, which was easily fixed by replacing with an extra one I had lying around. The finish on the receiver feels great, the pistol grip is very ergonomic and comfortable, and the stock flash hider is solid metal (with one of the most easily removable orange tip I've seen). Performance wise, I was shocked to find this gun has a faster trigger response than any of my other guns ootb. On top of that the RPS with Lipo batteries is crazy for a stock gearbox. This thing can easily keep up with a Krytac and it is over $100 less than most of them. My only two gripes are that the trigger pull is very long so it can be difficult to semi auto as quickly as you'd like, and the fire selector is quite spongy on mine, although it feels like it is getting better as it breaks in. Overall this gun is amazing for the price tag and I would 100% recommend it. Slap a tight bore and a Gate Titan in this thing and it will be an absolute beast.
by Hudson M. on 11/14/2021
"This gun is amazing. Unlike other m4s that take ak mags, this one has no trouble seating mags. I have owned this gun for over a year and a half, and I haven't had a single problem getting mags into the gun. build quality is phenomenal, everything was tightly fitted upon arrival, and it doesn't have that cheap finish that scratches off in a week. It has the fastest trigger response and rate of fire out of the box I have ever seen, and everything is well shimmed. the gearbox absolutely sings.
One problem. The backplate on the trigger switch is very brittle, and will break at some point. It is inevitable. Installing a gate aster or titan will fix this, though. I went with an aster for this one, and I swear I have created a monster. all I did to it was install the aster and a new motor (asg infinity 30k for those interested). But here I am, outrunning people's $1,500 builds with this thing. It's comfortably doing 41 rps with a 30 ms trigger response time. for people that aren't into teching, that's fast. Really fast. to be fair, I am using a 30c 11.1v lipo (which is something you can't do without the gate aster) so that's helping with the rate of fire, but it's still a stock gearbox. I haven't touched the gears or the spring, and it's doing great.
Overall, great buy. Just plan on installing a gate titan or aster.
by Bradley M. on 10/06/2021
"This gun has been amazing. Fast rate of fire. Mostly metal. ACTUAL MLOK slots. Sometimes guns say mlok but they’re lying. This one isn’t. Put some magpul furniture in mine and it’s glorious. Shoots about 375 fps on .2. It has a little trouble hopping .32s BUT .28s make this a dmr. Use a the Cyma AK mags. Someone said the blue box mags are good. They’re OKAY. They wobble but they feed well. I prefer the 200 rounder that comes with the gun. M

Quick change is amazing!!!!!!! I use the stock spring outdoors and it chronod 370. I swap to an m90 spring for indoors and it shoots 348. Right at the limit. The only gripe I have is there is this red goo on the inner barrel/hopup that makes it super hard to take the barrel/bucking off to swap it. Some sort of loctite goop that has a rubbery texture all over the base of the inner barrel. You can swap the hopup unit for the Krytac ar47 that they have. Other than that it’s fantastic. Accurate as a MF. You CAN throw on a 3x9 scope and snipe peoples heads with a .28 and a dialed hopup out of the box.
The Cyma AK mags for an m4 pouch btw. They’re a bit straighter than the standard AK mags.

Also you can run those long orange rpk mags that hold 800 rounds and full auto suppressive fire for days. With my 11.1 lipo by LT it shoots about 27rps and trigger response is snappy. I also found a decent 7.4 tenergy battery with high discharge rate that makes the trigger feel like it’s in an 11.1 without being sluggish like most 7.4s.

I love this gun.
I own several upgraded guns. A dsg. A ssg. Some pistols. I love this gun STOCK. not changing a thing about it for now.
by kevin l. on 08/27/2021
"Excellent base for a full out build!
Out of the box it performed great and accurate with some nice trigger response.
But for me it was an excellent base for a full out build. With the reinforced internals, steel tooth piston, bearings and high compression cylinder head. Its a great platform to throw in mods and not worry about the internals exploding on you. You can spent close to nothing on all upgrades excluding the gate titan and have a top of the line performer at a on sale price of 200 which is hard to beat. No reason buying a 300-400 dollar gun that youre gonna modify in the end anyway. Spend less on gun and more on personalizing it to your needs and youre gonna have an amazing time with how many build paths you can go. And this in my opinion is an amazing base without having to dig into the guts of the internals and buying the million different internal upgrade options.
For reference im running
Evike High torque motor
modify flat hop bucking and nub
m120 spring
krytac rotary hopup unit
Gate Titan
Shooting 405 fps with .20
25 - 30 rps
Snappy feeling with an awesome binary trigger!
You wont be dissapointed in the gun stock and each upgrade you do will just further bring the gun to a new level so its a great platform!
by Finnegan T. on 03/01/2021
"This gun is probably the favorite I ever bought and here's why:

Great if you own AK magazines
Great for long-range and CQB as it is very maneuverable
Easy to tech on
The quick-change spring system is AMAZING
ROF and trigger response is great out of the box at about 28rps with a lipo
Different size options for whoever may need it
Probably the best AK mag I have right out of the box as it is a 200rd midcap that feeds perfectly
It's a great gun to leave stock, upgrade, loan, main, or anything else you want to do with it
COST, they always seem to have one model on sale
It's pretty unique on the field while being very practical

The stock is a little wobbly and is hard to replace without the proper tools due to the quick change spring system
Tends to be picky about the mags it can take (I just bought a few of the midcaps that it comes with as they are great and fit all my other AKs)
You don't have one yet
by Ricardo V. on 02/09/2021
"This is a great gun. I purchased the 10" quad rail with suppressor when it was one sale. I was drawn in by the unique look and ak mags. Very accurate straight out of the box with .25 gram bbs with an AMAZING rate of fire. Externals are full metal, which makes it pretty heavy, so maybe not great for a beginner. There is little to no wobble on the quad rail or any of the externals. Haven't had any issues with it so far, seems to have acceptable build quality. My one gripe with this gun is the mag well, which seems to be picky with what mags it will take, but standard mid caps seem to feed and fit great. Overall a great purchase.

- Great ROF
- Accurate
- Looks awesome

- Heavy
- Weird magwell
by Joseph L. on 01/25/2021
"I got this gun for sale about 4 months ago and I couldn’t be happier. For the price this thing is beyond excellent. I was a little worried getting a CYMA but ended up very happy. I’ve probably used it in 7 games and it has never failed or jammed or stopped working.
by Jeromy K. on 01/20/2021
"Love the gun. It has a couple quirks to keep in mind.
Motor adjustment screw needs lock tight. It will back itself off fairly quickly from the torque. The hop up adjuster it fairly loose, and will need to be fixed often.
Neither is a deal breaker for me though. All in all a solid gun with good trigger response. Be careful of battery size. A 9.6 butterfly over 1600mAh was a super tight fit.
by Todd R. on 01/16/2020
"I got this in a BOA, April 2019. I've played many games with this guy. It's a good gun. After several months I was losing bb hop and the teeth on the hop gears were bent. I found a krytac sr47 rotary hopup that fit in perfect. Much better. I've modded with a madbull tbb, maple leaf 75 bucking and 120 spring. I can consistently shoot .32 gram bio bb @ 200 ft for a person size target.
I've used both high cap and mid cap mags. No concerns here.
On full auto it's easy just burst 3 bbs with a slight hold on the trigger.
I use a 7.4 lipo stick. There's room for a second one in the stock, easy swap on the field!
My set up weighs 7.5 lbs, not lmg heavy , but you'll notice it vs a smaller polymer gun.

Before upgrading, I went to my local store and shot two $400 m4 guns, there wasn't enough difference to warrant selling out and going with the new gun.

Get it if you want the unique gun and or want ak mags.
by derek k. on 10/29/2019
"Got this in a swag pack, its a very solid gun and runs great on a 7.4, li ion, the stock mag wobbles alot, but i use the CYMA waffle mags.