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KRISS USA Licensed KRISS Vector Airsoft AEG SMG Rifle by Krytac (Model: Dual-Tone / <400 FPS / Gun Only)

57 Customer Reviews

by Britain B. on 02/24/2024
"Now this is a serious monster! I got this thing about a year ago, and it was so great at pretty much everything I put it through. I Airsoft in the woods, so I was worried this wouldn’t have enough range. But lo and behold, it had the same, it not more, range than my m16! I would definitely recommend this gun to anyone interested.

Small and easy to carry, especially with the folding stock.

Durable. The polymer on this thing is invincible, and fit together perfectly.

Powerful, after putting a 450fps sprint I was using this as a main!

Hot, this thing is just super nice to look at, and you’ll definitely get some compliments on the field.

Magazines are very low capacity and you’ll need to get at least 3, and defiantly more if you plan on maiming this. My magazine also jammed up a lot, but that could just be me.

Safety is also pretty awkward in its positioning, and having the safety and the fire selector separated is definitely something you gotta get used to.

All in all I had a blast with this gun and would definitely buy another!
by Brandon D. on 11/29/2022
"This thing is so dang beautiful I love the vector!!!!! Just a side note though the trigger can be a bit mushy but it’s not a big deal for me!
Cons: mushy trigger
by Ruben A. on 08/28/2022
"350 fps black Vector. Shoots really good and is very responsive. It has a deans connector. I use the 11.1v matrix lipo battery stick type with long wire and it fits, just the wire is too long. I recommend you go with a short wire battery and maybe the battery cap extender just to be safe. The orange tip was east to remove, just remove the pin with a small Allen key and I used a wrench to unscrew the orange tip off and brushed the glue off. Added an acetech tracer. 10/10
by Matt E. on 11/26/2021
Mag release is good
A lot of modularity
Hpa upgrades available
Easy to disassemble
Now has a deans connection

Very front heavy once you add a mock suppressor, a foregrip, and a handgaurd extension
The extra addons for the gun such as the handgaurd, and a m4 stock adapter, and the mock suppressor/ barrel extension is very expensive

Other than the proprietary attachments for the gun being way overpriced and it getting a little front heavy after putting all the cool stuff on it is a very good and high quality airsoft gun and perfect for cqb environments
by Maleeya J. on 11/12/2021
"I ordered it for my boyfriend for a Christmas present and it got delivered the next day in perfect condition i can’t wait to see his face when he opens it because i finally got it in time when it wasn’t sold out and i couldn’t be happier. thank you!!!
by Jessie L. on 11/08/2021
"I’ve owned a few and always regret selling them. This is my last vector and I won’t be getting rid of this one. Great build quality excellent Performance right out of the box. looks cool, 2 round burst is cool to have. Sadly one of the kits with a bunch of mags and stuff went on sale for the same price I spent for just the vector right after I got it but that’s ok, ordered a prometheus barrel and a tracer unit to go on it and I can’t wait to build this thing up to look cool. I know the price is steep but if you really want it just get it krytac makes great guns and you won’t be disappointed
by Perry M. on 08/23/2021
"Got this Package while is was on Epic deals, The gun looks and feels so good on hand, with my PEQ box, tracer, and extra flashlight the gun can get a bit front heavy, The Red Dot that came with it was a very bright tan that did not at all match the color of the Coyote Vector and i ended up just not using it and instead use my replica EOtech. Extra goggles for the newbies i try to get into playing, the 3 extra mags are a god less to have and with the way i shoot im going to need atleast an extra 2. Very accurate, the trigger is a little wierd since you dont pull it all the way back but once you get the hang of it you can spam the crap out of people pushing a corner which is super satisfying, also Remember Airsoft is 60% Gameplay 40% fashion, this gun will get allot if eyes on you if you trick it out. IMO only buy this when its on sale if your willing to buy this full price just wait a bit it will always go on sale.

9/10 - really wish i coulda used that red dot with the vector but the color on it does not match at all lmao
by Cory G. on 07/02/2021
"Had this gun for almost a year now, and still working fantastic. If you are a vector fanatic like me then this is worth the price. If you are just looking for performance you can get the same level for alot less.

Durable, dont let it being made of polymer turn you off, I've dropped this quite a few times, got it covered in mud in almost every game and I've still had no issues and the thing is built like a brick.
Super easy to change the spring for more power.
ROF is decent in full auto
Easy to disassemble

It's a pain to get to the barrel, you have to take everything apart.
Battery space(get the extended battery cap)
Trigger on semi may be hard to get used to, I personally like the feel, but you cannot spam in semi. Once you learn the timing it's fine.
by Michael E. on 06/12/2021
"After 2 years of use I like to say this gun is pretty good. Had it fully customized for look like the first wave vector from division and it's great!
by Aitan K. on 06/03/2021
"Overall great gun, recommend to anyone considering a cqb smg, of course assuming you’re buying the _350 version.
by Declan R. on 05/14/2021
"This is my first review, so here we go.

This gun feels amazing. High quality polymer and metal. Its licensed, which is a plus.

Fps is pretty good.
Feels great.
Mags are good quality.
Shoots straight.
Its a vector.
Can put a lot of attachments on it.

Taking off the orange tip is a PAIN.
Battery can get a little annoying to put in, may be just me.
Seems a tad overpriced.
The stock can get a little wobbly.

Other than that, I recommend this gun 10/10!
by Colin J. on 03/11/2021
"Great gun, I have never have any jams with this gun, battery compartment is small but it fits a matrix 11.1v 1000mah battery perfectly. Honestly one of the most unique guns and you just can’t go wrong with it, looks great and performs great.
by Peter R. on 12/30/2020
"Just got my Krytac Kriss Vector Aeg on 24th of December 2020 and I must say she is a beauty, just what the description says about it is the truth, I love it.
Lipo battery that fit 11.1v 1000mah or 11.1v 1450mah short wire but with the 1450mah you will need a battery extension cap because the 1450mah fits flushed in the pistol grip.
by Kimber A. on 12/13/2020
"I like the gun, i run it with my sniper and it was really reliable. It's a great gun and fun to shoot with.

Though i ordered from evike a 350-380 FPS version, they sent me a _350 fps version.
by John K. on 09/02/2020
"Absolutely fantastic gun, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to buy a kriss vector. It shoots perfectly and there are no feeding issues with the mags.

An issue is that the gun mags do fall out sometimes. Idk if its my fault or what.