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Raptor Airsoft PKP Pecheneg Full Metal Airsoft AEG Light Machine Gun

6 Customer Reviews

by ryder l. on 03/06/2019
"i wish i have a gf that will cosplay pkp ;(
by Kyle W. on 11/30/2018
"Obviously very different from most support guns due to the weight and the feel of it but one of my favorites in my collection. The 5,000 rd box mag makes the difference. If you can get past the weight issue, it's a really fun AEG to shoot.
by Christopher K. on 03/12/2021
"I grabbed this in evike a while ago, the hopup did not work out of the box, and the flash hider is apart of the barrel, very annoying orange tip as well, hopup broken right out of box is a big No no when you ask 600 for a replica
by Tyler L. on 07/22/2019
"I bought this gun about a month ago and have really only used it once but within 20 minutes the magazine broke down and i was not able to play for the rest of the day. the gun was great, good ROF, easy to control(even through the weight), and overall fun to use. its just the magazine that doesn't seem to be up to the task.
by Moon K. on 02/27/2019
"Hello, yes, I gave this gun 3 stars.
BUT it is my primary and I have been using it since October of 2018. I have upgraded it ALOT, fixed it more times than I can count, and put over 100,000 bbs of varying calibers (.2-.28s) through it.

TL:DR : great externals, Okay performance, GARBAGE BOX MAG. It becomes a great gun when you put some time and love into it.
It's Like a pokemon. SPECIFICALLY a Magikarp. Work on this gun and it'll become a Gyarados.

Alright where do I begin.

I bought this massive thing because my girlfriend was cosplaying PKP from Girls Frontline (It's a weeb game).
and after it, I had a big ole expensive machine gun laying around so might as well use it.

It is solidly built and holds an incredible presence on the field. You will have the Big d**k in the locker room energy when you field this bad boy. Out of the box, with a 7.4 limo. it fires okay, something around 15-18 RPS at mmmmm like ...370FPS with .2s.
With a 11.1 Lipo, 20-23 RPS, 314FPS with .28s.

With the .28's you get a solid 100-120ft distance depending on wind.

It's okay, but that's not where the problem lies. The problem lies with the Box mag. It's an A&K PKM box mag and it is absolute garbage, trust me, I have bought 3 of these expensive mofos out of sheer need to salvage this gun for field usage (I'm still trying). If your LMG cannot throw bbs down the field as an LMG're crippling your team.

HOWEVER, let's say it's a good day, fresh out of the repair shop, everything is tuned up and ready for play, then this gun is absolutely monstrous.

It's loud and people will know when you are firing.

People keep their heads down, and they don't even know where I am. They just hear this stupid thing go off, and the bbs ricocheting off everything.

To be honest, I don't even know where they are, I'm just spraying everywhere that my team mates are not.

Also going back to that 5000rd. ammo capacity. I have never had a game, even a full day game, where my ammo has gone dry. And I hella spray and suppress. Zero ammo discipline.

This gun is loads of fun and your team mates will be happy to have you on their side, and your enemies cheer when they finally kill you.
(Granted they can brave the storm of bb's you send their way).

I'd also like to take this moment to thank my tech Korosh, at Airsoft Extreme, San Diego.
Korosh, if you're reading this, thank you for upgrading and fixing this stupid gun literally every other week. You're an angel.
by jake k. on 05/07/2019
"This gun was a mess right out of the box. When i first opened it up the spring guide and spring where unlatched from the gear box. It also looked like someone had taken a file to the gear box in a few places. No manual or info booklets of any king were provided. My first test fire resulted in about 170fps with .25 gram bbs and a range of only about 30ft.

The mechanical problems:

The hop up did not work and i had to pull it apart and replace some of the parts with ones from my old m60.

The piston was a very poor fit and quality. It barely touched the gears and there was no seal between it and the

The air nozzle was a cheap piece of plastic and had a very poor to no seal.

For $500 i should not have to replace basically half of all the internal parts.