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CYMA USMC M40A3 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Package: Black / Scope & Bipod)

29 Customer Reviews

by Jayden D. on 06/19/2022
"Good rifle i've had it for a bit and it hasnt broken down bolts a bit stiff at first quite accurate once sighted in but for the price id say go ahead and buy it.
by Katie P. on 04/29/2022
"Ive had this gun for 6 months now and played one game a week it's a pretty solid gun really like the durability

Good scope
Adjustable cheek pad
Easy to take off orange tip

Bolt is a little hard to pull back but not bad after broke in
Magazine is cheap and broke after 1 game
Misfires more often than normal(you just have to take the mag out and put it back in

Overall really great gun definitely would get an extra mag
by Scott A. on 12/25/2021
"great gun overall

very fun to use
great fps and range for a cheap gun
very accurate when sighted in
very nice, and comfortable stock
good weight(if you like that)
low price
very reliable

bolt can stick a little bit sometimes and is a little heavy

it is a very good gun for the price, little cons, and very fun. so go ahead and buy it!
by Jayden D. on 10/05/2021
"So I purchased the 500 fps version and i must say its great it fires decently straight with the bbs that came with the rifle (.2s or .25s i think) i easily hit the target from about 200-250 feet definitely recommend. (Tip: Buy the 400 fps version and get the upgrade spring it will save you some money)
by Lori P. on 12/14/2020
"This sniper is amazing it was my first sniper rifle and I loved it.
Very accurate when sighted in (like extremely accurate)
Very nice construction
No wiggle anywhere on the gun
Bolt action is very nice and smooth
Very easy to load with a speed loader
Feels great in the hands

Mag is a little hard to put in the first couple times but after your all good!
by Matthew C. on 07/01/2020
"Great gun.
My first airsoft sniper
Using .36 nov. bb’s
Hitting a small 6 inch plate from 180 feet ( took practice and a lot of zeroing)
Worth the 200$ , fun to use .
by Slater U. on 07/21/2019
"I got this gun about a year ago and there are more pros than cons,
Adjustable hop up
500 FPS pre upgraded
High mag capacity
The weight is a little much for a beginner
Stock does not perfectly fit the receiver

Overall a very good gun
by John F. on 06/24/2019
"I received this rifle in the recent Father's Day BOA and I was very excited. I had always wanted a sniper rifle and was especially pleased that the model I received was already OD Green.

Solid as a rock. On its first day to the field, I dropped it pretty hard, ran it through the bushes, not a scratch. Very pleased with the quality.
The stainless steel cylinder coming stock drew compliments from other players who were looking to put such upgrades into their ASG Sportline M40A3 rifles.
Even though I have the lower FPS version, I could send out .32 bbs to 200ft with good accuracy.
Weight and size is perfect for me
My rifle actually came with a 500fps spring that I hope to put in it soon so I can fire heavier BBs and get better range.

Trigger can get stuck on rare occasion
Hop up is difficult to get dialed in due to two allen key screws that have to be tighten/loosened together, though once set, the hop up works well.

I would suggest a 3x-9x scope. Right around 4x-6x is where I keep mine. Anything higher is overkill for the range.
I would also suggest a tightbore barrel but honestly, that's a key upgrade for every sniper and almost every airsoft gun that doesn't come with one.

Overall, it's a great gun and a wonderful weapon for someone like me, who wants a gun that performs great and feels solid out of the box.
by Vera M. on 05/04/2019

Amazing For The Price
VSR Compatible
Heavy (For Realism)
Adjustable Hop-Up
Nice Externals


Mags Are Not The Best (But Still Work Decently)
by Jackie P. on 02/12/2018
"First let me say...
Holy crap this gun is way good for the price and no upgrades!
I would say it's an awesome beginner gun!
Now to the review!
first let's do pros and cons starting with pro's
-Very good material
-amazing fps with the 500fps spring and 32g bbs I would suggest heaver though!
-easy to take apart and clean.
-compatible with most vsr 10 mechanics!

Okay now some cons.
-Stock is not flush with the gun, it moves up and down but that can be fixed with camo tape or just normal tape
-mags are a little big. could be pro
-hopup can get in the way of your bolt pull and push you just have to tighten them an you should be fine.

And well there you go
personally I love this gun you should defiantly buy if this is going to be your first sniper rifle!
At first It looked huge and heavy but if you use it enough you'll forget about it.
and there you go A review on the PDI Custom S&T usmc M40A3!
by Westen A. on 06/15/2017
"Hello everybody, I am here to tell you guys all about this gun. Actually, I will give you pros and cons.

Pros: This gun is full metal except for the stock, Orange
Tip, and magazine.
This gun comes with a speed loader, a mag, a
Dejamming rod, a few manuals, and the gun with
Some tools.
This gun has some VSR 10 compatible parts.(I
Don't know exactly what but there is a review
That tells you)
The gun has unfathomable range and accuracy.
The packaging is nice.
The hop up is kind off weird to adjust, but once
You get it to where you want it, it's set.
The mag holds about 25-30 rounds.

Cons: The hop up is weird to adjust. All you do is
Pull the bolt back and don't push It forward,
Take out the mag, there will be 2 holes. Take the
Smallest Allen key and tighten or loosen them
Equally. (Tighten to less, loosen for more hop)
Also, out of the box, the outer barrel wobbles a
Little bit. It dint bother me, I just threw
Some electrical tape on it and it was fine.
The barrel is not threaded sadly.

Anyway, those are the pros and cons. I however did send mine back because I'm just not a sniper. I thought I was, but nah. I'm now getting the Ares AM-013.
It just was not my style. However if your a hardcore sniper on a 220 dollar budget, look no further. THX Evike.
by Robert S. on 04/14/2017
by Chris R. on 02/13/2017
"I love this rifle . I got the S&T M40A3 Desert 500 FPS Version .

the only complaints i have is that the adjustable stock plate screws came stripped . . .

other than that it's a great rifle

i feel like I was sold a display model XD
by Ben G. on 02/02/2017
"Just bought and upgraded this gun. Overall great. Some notes though,

Stock came a bit loose. (Fine because I was taking it apart anyways)

It has a standard AEG bucking but it's shorter than most and my Prometheus purple did not work with the gun. (I am new to upgrading guns though. With some experience, I bet you could make it work with no issues.)

Not all barrels are created equally. The Prometheus 6.03 455m barrel was too wide for the end of the gun and barrel spaces. Had to sand it down with a dremel.

Mag is a bit wonky. It wouldn't catch the lip of the mag well and would fall out unless you put pressure on the front of the magazine. If you do that, works every time.

Do NOT unscrew the hop-up screws too far or you WILL shave metal off your air nozzle as you screw the barrel back onto the other half of the gun. They also will not let your nozzle go forward if they are out too far.

Other than those, great gun. Now, onto my upgrades.

Barrel - Standard TM AEG barrels
Spring, spring guide, and piston are all TM VSR-10 spec, just get compatible parts for those.
The trigger group is very nice. Robust. No need to replace it.
Hop-up is PDI, thus, it cannot be changed or upgraded.

Very good gun at a very good price. Upgradeable with all your favorite doo-dads.
by Samuel b. on 01/17/2017
"Notice- Sorry for poor grammar I don't feel like spell checking it

Wow no words can explain how amazing this gun is. I was looking for a straight shooting stock sniper and that is what I got. Upon opening the box I noticed that it had the best packaging I ever saw for a airsoft gun. Better than my Kwa Lm4, It shot straight and did not say left or right granted no wind. This gun puts the VSR 10 to shame with this gun shooting almost as accurate and at 420 fps that is crazy. Almost all VSR 10 compatible.

I love this gun so buy it now you wont regret it.

Ps I could not find any reviews on YouTube about this gun so I made one (Just made a YouTube channel to review this gun so let me no if it helps and I will Answer any questions )

Wimarmy Airsoft (YouTube channel)