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ASG Cesk Zbrojovka VZ61 Scorpion Heavy Weight Tokyo Marui Clone Airsoft Electric SMG

20 Customer Reviews

by Cade B. on 05/01/2023
"Great weapon! I ordered it and it got here fast, tried it out and it was amazing! Would totally recommend!
by jeffrey g. on 01/11/2023
"Wanted to find something easy for my daughter to try and to see if she would potentially enjoy the sport. Looks like I made the right decision because this lil aep is perfect for a beginner and it's impressive enough for me to field. Even though we painted pink tiger stripes and engraved her name on it. All in all you are definitely getting your moneys worth with this lil scorpion. Personally, I'm just glad I was able to find a great lil gun to help me introduce and share my favorite sport with my daughter. Now if you will excuse me and the lil lieutenant are extracting a care bear to the chopper and this hvt has prime Intel on troop locations and what time were having sloppy joe tonight. Haha
Stay safe and get out there and play.
by Jonah L. on 08/28/2022
"I love this gun!
Would make a fantastic starter weapon for cqb or even broader play. ESPECAILLY at this price point

heavy weight is true, metal and quality polymer, feels sturdy and real
good rate of fire
very accurate using .23, although id recommend .20
came with optional treaded barrel and rail
battery lasts plenty long

charger is worthless. no indicator. no stop when full. its just a guessing game
proprietary battery has a fragile feeling connector

As this is a TM clone there are battery options out there,
-I cut the connector off the dumb charger and used it to make an adapter for my smart charger.
-Several adapters are available that lock into the factory connector and have a deans or tamiya on the other side for use of small lipos
-can take apart grip and hard wire a connector like deans or tamiya, and run small lipos that way too.

Other people mentioned feeding issues. Eh- My mag rarely stops and a simple tap to the bottom gets it going again. HOWEVER a full wind will not empty the mag. it will need to be wound again. 58rds does go by fast, but if you are used to mid caps then the small high cap is fine. the real firearm only holds 20 soooo
by James T. on 05/27/2022
"At first I was very unsure of this gun, however after it had been used and worn in just a little bit it works perfectly.
I would suggest this machine pistol for anyone who is considering a riot shield pistol combo
by David R. on 03/11/2019
"Dude.. This thing is awesome! For what it is, it's a very good price. 90 bucks? For 90 bucks I'll tell you what you're gunna get. First off, the gun looks awesome right off the bat. It looks cooler in person than in the pictures shown here and videos I've seen. Now when I picked it up, the weight is actually really nice! You get the feeling of something heavy duty in your hands, yet light enough to really move around with one handed. After all, it is a machine pistol. It just feels really cool holding it. The stock works. Obviously it's not going to be super good, but for a machine pistol, it's really fun quickly popping it out. I say you can use the stock effectively. The combination of polymer and metal is perfect for me. I was hoping for full metal, but now that I have it, nothing beats that for 90 bucks. The very fact that it's electronic is amazing It shoots quite effectively. Compared to my elite force mp5k, the scorpion is surprisingly very effective. It's basically one step lower in performance compared to my mp5k and that gun is 3 times the price. Being that it's smaller and a machine pistol or smg, it makes sense that it'll be just a little weaker. But it's really accurate. The full auto is really fun. The rate of fire isn't too fast, but it's fast enough. I like it just like that. Now before I get to some small issues, for 90 bucks, this gun is a lot of fun. Perfect for my smg collection. Now the stick mag doesn't hold a whole lot of bbs, it goes by pretty quick, but like the other reviews say, just buy the drum mag. I personally like it that way, because from some videos I've seen, the real scorpion goes through the mag very quickly, and I like how the small stick mags look too. Sometimes it miss feeds bbs, but I've found that if you wind the wheel again when that happens, it starts firing again. So it does miss feed a little, but it's no problem for me, it's still pretty consistent. Second thing is the hop up. The first time I messed with it, I couldn't get it back to how it was originally, but I've been playing with it and I've figured it out a little. It still shoots accurate. So just 3 little cons. Overall, this thing is awesome. It's the klobb! Despite the small issues, I give this 5 stars, because it looks cool, works great, comes with a battery, and is only 90 bucks.. 89.95 to be precise.
by Olin F. on 12/29/2017
- Good build quality; mostly metal with a little bit of hard polymer in the grip.
- FPS is ok, as advertised. ~240 on chrono.
- Stock battery is actually quite good. Holds charge well enough (6+ hours of medium use).

- Stock stick mag has very low capacity so buy a drum mag (only $16).
- Battery compartment is in the handle (its fine the battery fits great) but the arrows on the battery and the hatch point in opposite directions, the battery points forward the hatch points backward. Also make sure the hatch is fully secured which can be kinda tricky.
- Not super great range, but is very effective for cqc through medium range combat.
- Iron sights are pretty hard to look down with face protection on and the stock extended, so if you want to be accurate probably don't run with the stock extended.

Overall this is a great little SMG, to be used as a compliment to a sniper rifle or a secondary weapon. I know there are more cons than pros in my review, but most of the cons are just notes, nothing really bad for this gun. I've had it about 6 months and used it in 2 battles and 1 event, it held up great and I was pretty successful with it, especially at close-medium range.
by Josh V. on 05/14/2017
"Very great SMG, one of my first airsoft investments. I purchased a drum magazine with this gun, and I love this gun to death. Very reliable and compact, my friends who borrowed it enjoy using it as well.
by Paul G. on 09/18/2015
"Got this one after my JG VZ61 came DOA in the mail. This worked perfect right out of the box. The drum magazine also fits perfectly and a perfect paring as using it as my sidearm during games I never need to refill it but it lasts the entire time I'm out. Its a great sidearm more so four shotguners like myself or snipers for close range combat when you need something quick. Its easy to attach to a single point sling as well by running paracord around the stock mount and attaching the cord to the sling or attaching it to paracord clips and clipping those onto the sling. The batteries last a couple of games, depending on how much you use them. But it wouldn't hurt to have an extra one or two on hand. I keep my extras stored in a molle grenade pouch on my vest. Effective range really seems to be around 25 yards or so which is perfect for a close range sidearm or CQB fields. Though it can shoot further it losses some of its hitting power
by Abel M. on 08/26/2015
"But two of these puppies, and tested them out on the field. And I'm really really happy with. Had fun running up on them polar stars and light them up before they had a chance to aim. Pros- PRICE AND THE QUALITY, if your a run and spray type of player push up quick off the bat then this one is for you, close quarter combat all the way. And I also like the weight of the gun it's not light and its not heavy. Cons- fps but I use.12 and I know the hardcore airsoft guys gonna be like not good for the gun, BUT, it's not a powerful gun so it won't damage the gun, and you get a higher fps around 290 300. And for a CQB gun that's good enough to get the job done. Battery lasts about 4 or 5 hours so buy extra. Well that's about it.
by Staci O. on 07/20/2022
"ok, i had to take it apart and turn around the hop up, but other then that it works great
by Kristof B. on 02/19/2022
"The gun is fine but the magazines are complete garbage. Get a Toyko Murai Mod M magazine and you will be very happy. Also get a smart charger for the battery.
by Connor I. on 06/30/2021
"Great gun don’t hold the trigger for a long time on full-auto and my gun had 270 FPS on chrono
by Jude T. on 05/10/2021
"great and very heavyweight, not extremely accurate but very fun could definitely recommend it
by Joseph R. on 04/22/2017
"Range is impressive for this, I am hitting out to 120-130 feet on .20's. It's an improvement over the JG version I had in the past. The 9 month warranty from ASG sold me on this. The drum is a must, really makes it easier than reloading every few seconds with $11 stick magazines, the $15 drum is the best value. Stock is useless just for show, the JG selector switch felt like it would break, this one feels better. I might buy another rather than paying $280 for the Tokyo Marui Vz 61... I am not sure how far the Marui one can reach out to, I am impressed with 120+ feet on this! Solid 250-255 fps at the range.

Battery cap was installed wrong, didn't know which way to put the battery in, the arrow on the battery goes _ toward the end of the muzzle and the cap goes likewise.

Throw the charger away and buy the $10 JG one here on evike with the light on the charger, the asg charger has no light its bad you can't tell when its done charging.

The battery that came with the gun is backwards from all my other 7.2v batteries, its actually backwards the cap is, on my jg chargers it faces the other way.

None of this matters if you already have 7.2v batteries if you previously owned a vz61 or a mp7.

If you hate big heavy guns and want something compact this is the way to go, its under $100 very affordable for the quality and range you get out of it. For $150 you can get the gun, a drum, a charger(I recommend two because they do take about 2-3 hours to charge each battery) and several batteries.
by Logan S. on 07/05/2023
"Overall very well made airsoft replica looks wise with some big drawbacks on the field

Features: non blowback aeg, bolt goes back about halfway to reveal hopup, full/safe/semi left to righr switch, 7.2 volt micro battery attaches in handle through bottom, folding wire stock, attachable underbarrel rail for accessories interchangable tip for muzzle devices

Pros: very well built almost all metal minus the grip and orange tip(which are made of a very high quality polymer), stock wasn’t as wobbly as expected, battery is very convenient and easy to switch out,

Cons: the reviews are all correct the magazine it comes with is only useful for 3 shots then you have to crank the magazine again, the stock is held on with a screw that somehow fell out after 5 or so small games and the stock fell off with it, the endcap that houses the battery under the grip can be a little annoying to put back on and is very easy to lose

Other notes: the underbarrel rail is a standard 20mm pictanny rail and depending on the attachment affixed to it the stock might be obstructed when attempting to fold, the threaded tip may require some disassembly to put on the gun, midcap magazines are a must have when using this gun because the hi cap that comes with it is barely usable unless the gun is upside down when fired