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A&K Adaptive Combat Rifle Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black / DMR)

130 Customer Reviews

by ethan o. on 10/07/2023
"Had one of these for about ten years now the external body is the only thing still left from the original, gearbox cracked at about 8 years, hop up was upgraded to the Begadi rotary style hop, big improvement over the stock hop up. It's a gun that'll do fine for casual airsoft use, if you want you can push this thing to do more you can if you're tech savy or know a tech.

Get a tech or do it yourself, replace the stock hop up and nozzle with the rotary hop and nozzle from Begadi. My oldest and most reliable gun.
by Oliver S. on 03/11/2020
"PROS:great gun overall. most accurate gun you can buy on the market.

Cons: shoots harder on semi than full auto unless you modify the hop up chamber.
by eduardo t. on 03/12/2019
"This was my first airsoft gun that i have ever purchased for my first time arisofting, and im glad i chose this. A traditional m4 wasn’t bad but it was bland. This acr fixed that by remedying the flaws of a m4 and making it better. The ambidextrous fire selector, mag release, and bolt release was a big plus. Although a bit hard to fit the battery in the handguard it still performed good. The other minor complaint that i have is the weight might be a problem with some players. Another plus is the barrel, stock, and handguard interchangeability. You can turn this from a carbine to a dmr in a matter of minutes with those parts.I am still very glad i chose this as my first gun and ive bought multiple versions of this gun ever since. Highly recommend this gun as a second gun!
by Vincent R. on 07/13/2017
"Haven't had this gun long, but from what I can tell its pretty great right out of the box.

-Shoots 400+ fps. Perfect for outdoors where I play
-Looks amazing, great replica
-The unique ACR type high caps don't cost that much if you run high caps, and m4 style mid caps also fit.
-Throw a red dot sight on this and it's deadly accurate

-Battery is kind of hard to get in the hand guard if you have 9.6 nunchucks. Can be resolved just using a lipo
-Select fire switch is kind of sticky

Thats about it. Get this gun if you like Adaptive combat rifles.
by asheton R. on 06/19/2017
"Ive had this gun for over 3 years and its been terrific! It shoots pretty hot out of the box but I put a m120 spring in it and it shoots 420fps with .2g. Its my go to rifle and a lot bulkier and slicker than a m4.

Shoots hot and accurate
good range
accepts almsot any m4 magazine
easy to change barrels
great stock
lots of rail space
lots of upgrades available

the charging handle is nearly broke on mine so watch out for that
tapplet plate broke on mine after it was dropped
slow rate of fire (700rpm)
poor iron sights
some upgrades or replacement parts are hard to get ( stock, air nozzle, hand guard, reciever)
by Christian G. on 03/10/2017
"This Is very well rounded gun, It's good from short to long distance and very accurate. All around is very good, just one bad thing is battery. When you first put it on it may be difficult, but after a while It becomes simply. So a good gun and would recommend it.
by Trez R. on 02/09/2016
"Got this gun in a box of awesomeness and it's by far one of my favorite AEG's. Shoots great looks great feels great..only down side is the stock can pull to full extension without pressing the release but then locks in place..but I don't really care being that I use it at full extension. Only way it could be better is if it was a GBB! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Better if you can get it in a BOA though!
by Rob T. on 01/08/2016
"Fantastic gun. shoots perfectly even after 1.5 years.
WARNING: THIS GUN IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ALL M4 MAGS. You have to use either the Masada m4 mags like the one it comes with or a magazine with a very small top or else it wont fit. I learned by experience. It is a very expensive gun for a basic dmr however, so for a low budget airsofter I might not recommend it. I would recommend something more: jack of all trades like an m4 for a lower cost

by Drake D. on 01/04/2016
"This will be a lengthy review, but I have modified my gun, and I will tell you all that I have done, and give you advice as well. I have almost $600 in this gun, including mags, and excluding bb's. I have changed a bunch of things in this gun, and I am planning on changing more.

Things I have put in/on(Internals & Externals):
-A&K Replacement Hop-up and Nozzle(Would recommend a different bucking, buddy gave me one)
-Madbull Black Python 6.03 Inner Barrel
-APS Wiring & Trigger Switch Assembly(Which I am changing again to work for a LiPo)
-Guarder Enhanced Ver.2 Polycarbonate Tappet Plate
-Matrix Mercury Steel Teeth High Speed Lightened Piston
-AIM Real Steel 3-9x40 Tactical Scope
-Airsoft Stubby CQB QD Mock Silencer w/ 14mm Negative SCAR Type Flashhider(Orange tip is glued on)

Plan To Put In(Internals):
-Matrix Magnum High Torque Performance Airsoft AEG Motor
-Modify Low Resistance Wiring Switch Assembly(For LiPo)
-Wii Tech CNC Aluminum Hopup Set(Other one makes you use plastic parts, spend the extra money)
-Wii Tech Loading Nozzle/Chamber(Polycarb stock, just to make sure Hop-Up works in tangent)
-Matrix 11.1v 2000mAh 20C Airsoft Li-Poly Battery(Note: 7.4v was not enough to run the gun correctly)

What it came with/needed done(Internals):
-Garbage Polycarb Hop-Up and Nozzle
-Sort of Bad Bucking(Not the worst, but could be better)
-Slightly Higher Quality Motor
-Trigger Assembly was sort of bad(Could be better)
-What I Believe to be an M130 Spring
-Gearbox was shimmed mostly(Still some wobble, but nothing is perfect, better than nothing)
-Needed Greased
-Slightly Higher Quality Piston/Piston Head(Note: Piston head screws to piston, remember that when you buy a new piston)

Things to note:
-The ambi-selector doesn't feel too great when using the left side, however the right side feels crisp.(Reminder: Your's may be different)
-The front/rear sights feel cheap, so get a scope or something fast.
-Glove Friendly!!!(I wear gloves all the time)
-Do not play with the bolt catch all day, feels like it could break.(Not the most solid thing in the world)
-The mag it comes with feels cheap.(To be expected, I bought Apple flash mags, they feed great, getting G&P short mags as well)
-Outer Barrel, at first, was a pain to get off.(Needed to change out Hop-Up)
-Quite long/heavy.(Durable though)
-No battery.(As expected with higher quality guns)

If I kept this gun stock, I would give it a 3.5/5, however since I have modified it, it has become a solid 5. Feels good to hold, you would have to buy rails to attach anything else other than a sight. I love this gun, and I'm probably gonna have it for a long time to come.
by zach c. on 01/04/2016
"so i bought this about 2 months ago and im very happy with it. its very accurate right out of the box and the hop up is very easy to adjust mid game. i did have one problem with it though, the fire selector can easily be pushed to far and put off track but other than that its almost perfect. i have played a decent amount of games and shot many rounds, combined with a scope this gun is great
by Josh B. on 12/26/2015
Tons of battery space
Feels good and sturdy
Has great accuracy
Is great with a scope

Sometimes misfeeds bbs (rarely)
The mag it comes with is hard to wind up (the wind up wheel is up too far up inside mag)

Overall great gun and all I recommend is getting good high quality mid cap mags
by Mitchell P. on 11/11/2015
"Got things gun 2 days a go and I'm very impressed.

Range Great hitting everything from very far

Battery system is confusing took me awhile to figure out
Mag is confusing

overall great dmr
by Courtney B. on 10/23/2015
"This gun is very well built. with its full medal upper and polymer lower its a very solid gun. I had it for quite a wile and it never let me down in a fight when others have.

pros good build, high fps,nice design

cons my guns barrel wobbles a little (can fix)
by Christopher A. on 10/19/2015
"Just received this last week. I'll say this... Never, in all my years of airsofting, have I ever ordered a stock gun, took it, out, used it in a game, and seriously considered not changing a thing internally about it. Used it, in an indoor game, an outdoor game, and a small 3v3 skirmish, accuracy is great, consistency is good. like most long-barrel guns there is some slight barrel wobble, due in no small part to the quick release barrel system. This was easily fixed with a rubber band I used as a make-shift barrel shim. No wobble, straight as an arrow. The FPS is about 350 or so with .3g ammo. (haven't crono'd with .25s, and don't have any .2s to try out, I'd imagine this gun is too powerful to use light rounds). For its size, its fairly light. Would have been nice if it came with at least a bottom rail for a bi-pod/fore-grip; Still for the price, can't beat it. If your arsenal is lacking a good DMR, ya have a surplus of M4 mags (who doesn't), would like a change from SR25/M16/M14 variants, and would like something highly adaptable in all manner of combat situations and applications (ACR like the true name states), Then look no further!

-Price, $200 for a great stock DMR, Masada no less
-Range/accuracy, sniped from end to end on a CQB field, roughly 175ft, Still able to pull off head shots
-Working bolt Catch, Stays back for quick hop-up adjustments, snaps forward with a solid, and satisfying metal on metal smack
-Ambidextrous everything but hop-up chamber, this is big for me, sometimes you get stuck behind cover that doesn't allow you to shoot from your right hand, long as you have some practice shooting with your off hand, this situation won't be a problem for you
-Weight, for its size, it doesn't weigh all that much.
-Uses M4 mags, if someone on your team has an M4/M16, running out of ammo should never be a problem
-Consistency, for a stock gun, consistency was better than I expected, have yet to do a grouping test on paper target, but 4/5 hit dead on the cross hairs after sighting my scopes today.
-Sturdy as hell, Normally I'd like at least a little metal on my receiver other than rails and outer-barrel, But I'll be damned if this isn't one of the toughest polymers I've ever seen, stays true to the real deal counter-part. A&K, you've really Surprised me!

*Trade-offs* (Con or pro, up to you)
-little bulky, Duh, its a DMR
-Fire's hard, crono'd at 350-360ish with .3s, so probably 420ish with .2s, 400 when the spring settles, you may not be able to use this in some indoor cqb games
-Barrel Wobble, Easily fixed impromptu or otherwise, hey ya get a quick release barrel system, given the right external mods, you can adapt this weapon for any battle field and any role!
-The pages suggests a butterfly/crane stock battery, this fits, but wit just barley any room, id suggest a small stick type, 9.6v or higher

*Cons* (I had to be stringent just to find any)
-Jams or double feeds with some polymer Midcap mags (only noticed after I ran out of .3 KWA perfects, and had to switch to infinity .25s, so bbs could be to blame)
by Mason P. on 09/22/2015
"this is an amazing rifle. if you add a x4 scope and a better hop up you will have the best range in the whole game. it is an amazing gun for any type of combat. the only down side is that the hop up isn't the best. but even with the poopy hop up you still will have an amazing gun